No Corona Lockdown. Life in Serbia is Normal. Open Letter to Serbia’s President, Aleksandar Vučić

As a guest of Serbia, I have many questions regarding the corona pandemic

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

Global Research, March 02, 2021

Dear Mr. President!

Let me address you again, but first I would like to send you my heartfelt congratulations on your birthday.

Since you already know me from my previous letters, I do not have to introduce myself to you in more detail. I am a graduate psychologist, doctor of pedagogy and in recent decades I have worked as a professor in Germany in adult education.

I have been living in Serbia for more than a year together with my wife, a Serbian woman who is a retired diplomat. Since very disturbing news from my former homeland comes to me almost every day, I am addressing you now.

Unlike in Serbia, in Germany and the surrounding countries, all restaurants and bars have been closed for months and citizens complain about very restrictive political measures, which lead to extreme psychological, physical and economic consequences or damage. People are also complaining about the growing pressure to get vaccinated with vaccines, which, especially in old people’s homes, lead to severe side effects, and even more to death. Politicians claim that very unpopular measures such as the mentioned injections, wearing masks or social distance are taken solely to protect the health of the population. Citizens, however, no longer believe in it.

Since I intend to continue living here in Serbia, I would like to know from you what plans do you and your government have for Serbia? Will they soon stop wearing uncomfortable and problematic masks that distort the face? Will compulsory vaccination be introduced in Serbia for all citizens? In addition, I would be interested in whether only the opinions of scientific experts who like the government are listened to in Serbia as well? Or will other views be heard – and will the voice of the people be heard?

Mr. President, I would be very grateful if you could answer my questions and if you could calm me down.

In that anticipation, I remain with friendly greetings,

Rudolf Hansel


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5 October 2010The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Dr. Rudolf Hänsel, Global Research, 2021

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