Video: Joe Biden on Iraq War: “Taking this Son of a ****, Taking Saddam Down”

By Joe Biden

Global Research, March 02, 2021CSPAN 3 September 1998

Introductory note

As documented below in a September 1998 Senate hearing, Joe Biden was a firm supporter of the Invasion of Iraq on the grounds that Saddam Hussein “had weapons of mass destruction”.  

Foreign policy arrogance. In the second video, see the confrontation between Senator Joe Biden and Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter.

“The American People were deceived into this war”, said Senator Dick Durbin. Do not let yourself be deceived again by Joe Biden.

The Biden administration is committed to military escalation in the Middle East with the direct participation of Israel in US Central Command (USCENTCOM). 

Currently the US military is involved in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen. The illegal war of aggression against Syria is ongoing marked by direct US-Israeli bombing raids.

The US is threatening Iran. Biden has intimated that the (illegal) US strikes against Syria are a warning to Iran to “be careful”. 

Is Biden committed to waging so-called “forever wars” under a humanitarian label?

The Project for the New American Century –formulated by the Neocons in the late 1990s, was adopted by the GWB administration.

We will “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars”. (PNAC)

In 2006, under the Bush administration, The Pentagon launched The “Long War” against “Islamic Extremism”.Australia’s Naval Base in Papua New Guinea: Power Play in the South Pacific against China

America’s “Long War” was to replace the “War on Terrorism”.

And in 2014, the Obama-Biden adminstration launched its “counter terrorism” bombing campaign against Iraq and Syria.

The entire foreign policy discourse is based on a Lie, namely that so-called “Islamic Extremism” (a creation of US intelligence) was threatening the American homeland, requiring  the deployment of US sponsored covert, counter-terrorist forces (also consisting of private sector mercenaries). These covert special forces are now deployed throughout the Middle East, as well as in sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia.

Preemptive nuclear war was first put forward by the Bush administration as a “first strike” means of self defense.

And then under the Obama-Biden administration (2009-2017)  a 1 trillion dollar nuclear weapons program was launched with a means to defending the homeland…

Biden remains a firm supporter of the nuclear option.

We are at a dangerous crossroads. Biden is committed to the “globalization of war”.

The truth is a powerful and peaceful weapon.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, March 2, 2021


Selected quotations from Video

“The primary policy is to keep sanctions in place to deny Saddam the billions of dollars that would allow him to really crank up his program, which neither you nor I believe he’s ever going to abandon as long as he’s in place,”

“You [Scott Ritter] and I believe, and many of us believe here, as long as Saddam is at the helm, there is no reasonable prospect you or any other inspector is ever going to be able to guarantee that we have rooted out, root and branch, the entirety of Saddam’s program relative to weapons of mass destruction.

“You and I both know, and all of us here really know, and it’s a thing we have to face, that the only way, the only way we’re going to get rid of Saddam Hussein is we’re going to end up having to start it alone — start it alone — and it’s going to require guys like you in uniform to be back on foot in the desert”

“You know it and I know it.”

Scott Ritter was the chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq (1991- 1998).

Renowned author and distinguished foreign policy analyst, Scott Ritter is the author of “Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story of the Intelligence Conspiracy to Undermine the UN and Overthrow Saddam Hussein.” 


In this second video Senator Biden Admonishes Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter, September 3, 1998

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27 February 2005The original source of this article is CSPANCopyright © Joe Biden, CSPAN, 2021

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