Selected Articles: The Collapse of Trust in Public Health

By Global Research News

Global Research, March 10, 2021

One Nurse Dead and Another One Injured as Austria Suspends AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Inoculations

By Brian Shilhavy, March 10 2021

Corporate news sources are reporting that Austria has suspended their roll-out of the experimental AstraZeneca COVID vaccines after a 49-year-old nurse has died “as a result of severe coagulation disorders,” and a 35-year-old nurse developed a pulmonary embolism following the COVID injections.

Israel’s ‘Green Passport’ Vaccination Program Has Created a ‘Medical Apartheid,’ Distraught Citizens Say

By Celeste McGovern, March 10 2021

Israel has rapidly deteriorated into a segregated culture that discriminates against people who have not received experimental COVID-19 vaccinations, say Israeli citizens who are reaching out for help on media platforms.

“TRUTH”: Discussion on “Abuse of Power” with RFK, Jr. and Naomi Wolf: Fighting for Our Constitutional Rights

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Naomi Wolf, March 10 2021

In the latest episode of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kennedy sat down with the iconic Naomi Wolf for a spirited discussion on abuse of power, standing up to tyranny and preserving our Constitution.

The Collapse of Trust in Public Health

By Jeffrey A. Tucker, March 10 2021

Maybe you have noticed the rise in public incredulity toward the coronavirus narrative that you hear all day from the mainstream media. More doubts. More opposition. More protests. And far less trust. You are hardly alone.

J & J’s “One Shot and You’re Done Vaccine”:” A New “Experimental” COVID Vaccine. “We Need to Challenge J&J’s Reputation”

By Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null, March 10 2021

people are eager for J&J’s “one shot and you’re done” Covid-19 vaccine despite health officials’ fears it may be less effective than Moderna’s and Pfizer’s mRNA competitors. Nevertheless, vaccination centers and pharmacies are racing to get their hands on the new adenovirus-based vaccine.

The Clash Between Central Bankers and Investors Over Inflation and Interest Rates

By Prof Rodrigue Tremblay, March 10 2021

Over the last few weeks, investors’ sentiment about future inflation and future interest rates has changed. It seems that complacency about inflationary pressures in some parts of the economy is coming to an end.

Washington DC, America’s Capital: To be Permanently Militarized?

By Stephen Lendman, March 10 2021

Will Washington be permanently militarized in the wake of what happened? Will something similar be ordered for New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major US cities — on the dubious pretext of protecting national security?

10 Years after Daraa: The Stalemate in Syria

By Steven Sahiounie, March 10 2021

The battlefields are silent, but the suffering continues from US-EU sanctions which deprive citizens of some medical supplies, and building materials to repair their homes and businesses. The economy is in freefall, while COVID-19 has added to the hopelessness many feel.

US Increases Violence in Syria in Response to Attack in Iraq

By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida, March 10 2021

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made statements saying that there is currently no American interest in carrying out operations and interventions that are too expensive. Meanwhile, the American escalation in northeastern Syria continues and creates uncertainty for the future.

Azerbaijan Preparing for New War Against Armenia

By Paul Antonopoulos, March 10 2021

Although Azerbaijan, with assistance from Syrian mercenaries and Turkish special forces, recaptured seven districts surrounding the former Soviet Union’s Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast from Armenian personnel, it appears that a new conflict is about to break out.

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One Nurse Dead and Another One Injured as Austria Suspends AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Inoculations

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