Selected Articles: March 11, 2011: Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War

By Global Research News

Global Research, March 11, 2021

Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns

By Doctors for COVID Ethics, March 11 2021

We note that a wide range of side effects is being reported following vaccination of previously healthy younger individuals with the gene-based COVID-19 vaccines. Moreover, there have been numerous media reports from around the world of care homes being struck by COVID-19 within days of vaccination of residents.

Digital Health Pass: IBM and Moderna Hook Up to Capitalize on COVID Reset

By Raul Diego, March 11 2021

Using what have already become clichéd industry buzzwords like “transparency,” “trust,” and even “privacy,” IBM’s Digital Health Pass marketing describes the mass tracking app as a “smart way to return to society” that allows people to “return to the activities and things they love.”

More Countries Adopt Vaccine Passports to ‘Boost Tourism’

By Zero Hedge, March 11 2021

Airlines in the US are already in the process of leveraging apps and smartphones to allow travelers to offer proof that they have been vaccinated, or recently tested negative for COVID-19, and they’re not alone.

Denmark Suspends Use of AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine. “Serious Cases of Blood Clots”

By DW, March 11 2021

The Danish Health Authority on Thursday halted the use of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for 14 days. It follows reports of “serious cases of blood clots among vaccinated people,” a statement read.

US Nuclear Testing and Its Devastating Impacts: After 75 Years, It’s Time to Clean Bikini

By Hart Rapaport and Ivana Nikolić Hughes, March 11 2021

The Marshall Islands–and Bikini specifically–ended up the site of most of the tests of US hydrogen bombs, weapons up to a thousand times more powerful than atomic bombs used in attacks on Japan in 1945.

Fukushima: Nuclear War without a War

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, March 10 2021Unimaginable” levels of radiation still prevail. In the words of Dr. Helen Caldicott, “one millionth of a gram of plutonium, if inhaled can cause cancer”. If not duly addressed, the continued dumping of highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean constitutes a potential trigger to a process of global radioactive contamination.

“The Real Nuclear Danger”: What Is Israel Building at Its Dimona Nuclear Site?

By Richard Silverstein, March 11 2021

An international NGO devoted to halting the proliferation of nuclear weapons recently released satellite imagery showing that Israel, for the first time in decades, was engaged in new construction at its Dimona nuclear site.

Iraq in the American Imagination Today

By Barbara Nimri Aziz, March 11 2021

If that ancient place produced the world’s earliest known written novel, the first inscribed legal code, those items don’t fit the allotted page entry. In the imagination of Americans, the name Iraq is not really a country or a desert, not a democracy or a multi-ethnic nation, not a theater-of-war or a cemetery of past patriots.

Garneau and Blinken Meet to Subvert Haitian Democracy

By Yves Engler, March 11 2021

Since Jovenel Moïse extended his mandate extra-constitutionally on February 7 there has been a wave of criticism against US and Canadian policy in Haiti. The country’s heterogenous opposition have vociferously condemned the foreign powers.

The Struggle For Civil Rights: Black Women and the Fight for Access to Public Transportation

By Abayomi Azikiwe, March 11 2021

The antecedents for the Montgomery Bus Boycott can be traced back as far as July 1854, when African American teacher and musician, Elizabeth Jennings, attempted to board a horse-driven streetcar in New York City. Jennings, only 24 at the time, was told she could not ride on the car because she was Black.

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