Get Jabbed for COVID in Israel or “Face Unspecified Punitive Measures”

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, March 14, 2021

Is Israel heading for mandatory covid jabbing or the equivalent through draconian policies?

Last month, energy minister Yuval Steinitz called for legislation to require Israelis to be jabbed for covid or face unspecified punitive measures.

Israeli health minister Yuri Edelstein warned that “(w)hoever does not get (jabbed for covid) will be left behind.”

While not mandated so far, refusniks may be denied access to workplaces, schools, air travel, retail shops and other public places.

Guidelines under consideration suggest that policies will be instituted to punish individuals who refuse to jeopardize their health on the phony pretext of public health protection.

Some employers said unjabbed workers will be denied access to their office, but allowed to work at home if their jobs permit operating this way.

In late February, Knesset lawmakers approved legislation to collect information on individuals unwilling to be jabbed for seasonal flu-renamed covid.

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I) denounced what it called passing “a draconian law which crushes medical ethics and patient rights.”

Collected information will be shared with national and local authorities, the equivalent of a yellow Star of David mandated for Jews by Nazi Germany.

Is this where things are heading in Israel, perhaps to be followed by the US and other Western countries?

Is the Nuremberg Code heading for what GW Bush once called the US Constitution: “Just a goddamned piece of paper.”

Medical ethicist Ezelyne Shuster earlier stressed the “significance of the Nuremberg Code,” as follows, saying:

Voluntary consent to all things medical “is absolutely essential…without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.”

Consent “is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.”

If mass-jabbing is mandated (directly or indirectly) by any nations for any reasons, the policy will be an unparalleled threat to health and well-being of their people.

If inoculation passports are required for unrestricted access to public places ahead, refusniks unwilling to jeopardize their health will be ostracized from society.

Individuals will be damned if they do or don’t go along with being jabbed by experimental, unapproved, high-risk, DNA altering drugs — what no one valuing their health should permit being jabbed into their bodies.

The Association for Civil Rights (ACRI) in Israel addressed the issue as follows, saying:

“Israel is not, and should not, enforce vaccinations.”

“We are following the situation closely, with an eye to the populations who cannot (or will not) get (jabbed).”

This includes individuals “16 years old and under, people with allergies or certain health conditions – as well as populations which, for institutional lack of trust in the government or lack of access to information and resources, are generally less likely to get the vaccination, mainly the Ultra-Orthodox and Arab communities.”

Along with PHR-I, ACRI “petitioned (Israel’s) High Court of Justice against the (now adopted Knesset) law (discussed above) on March 1, 2021.

“The law is dangerous and constitutes a violation of citizens’ privacy and a precedent of violating medical confidentiality,” said ACRI.

“We fear the likely misuse of information by local authorities.”

“The violation of privacy and medical confidentiality is grave, and the precedent of transferring medical information without consent to other authorities is a dangerous one.”

Israel’s largest labor union Histadrut proposed a way around the Knesset law.

It suggested that inoculation refusniks who cannot or won’t be allowed to work at home present negative PCR tests to employers every 72 hours.

Ignored was that nearly always when these tests are positive, they’re false.

Member of Israel’s Rappeh human rights group transformed into a political movement Ilana Rachel Daniel denounced the new reality in the country, saying:

Get jabbed for covid or “your life is basically over,” adding:

“No entrance to shopping malls. No more theater visits.”

“Children about 16 who did not take the injection are not allowed to take their exams.”

“Protesting parties in the Knesset are brought to silence and threatened by the military.”

“City council receives medical dossiers to check if you” were jabbed.

“Israel became the hell on earth because of the covid lie.”

“The rest of the world will follow if we do nothing.”

Is that where things are heading? Will Western and other nations go the draconian way of Israel?

Will our choice ahead be between risking our health and well-being or being ostracized from society?

What amounts to no choice at all requires mass resistance as the only viable alternative, pushing back against what no one should tolerate.


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18 January 2021The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Stephen Lendman, Global Research, 2021

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