Mind Control and Neurotechnology: Will People Allow Themselves to be Deprived of Their “Freedom of Thought”?

By Mojmir Babacek

Global Research, March 14, 2021

“We are on a path to a world in which it will be possible to decode people’s mental processes and directly manipulate the brain mechanisms underlying their intentions, emotions and decisions; where individuals could communicate with others simply by thinking“.

Those lines were written by 25 scientists in the article entitled “Four Ethical Priorities for Neurotechnologies and AI“ in the scientific magazine Natur in November 2017.

The scientists noted as well that “powerful computational systems linked directly to people’s brains“ will “aid their interactions with the world such that their mental and physical abilities“ will be “greatly enhanced“.

According to their estimates this situation could materialize already within years, since some of the biggest world investors, “including Elon Musk’s and Kernel start-up firm Neuralink“, launched in 2017, “are investing in the creation of devices that can both ‘read’ human brain activity and ‘write’ neural information into the brain” (it can be done rather easily, since the information in the brain is transmitted by number and frequency of nerve impulses and thus is in principle digital).

According to the scientists current spending on neurotechnology by for-profit industry in 2017 was “already US$100 million per year, and growing fast“ and the U.S. government has spent “500 millions dollars“ on development of neurotechnology since 2013. The companies Apple and Samsung had in 2017 already neuro gadgets connected to their Iphones, which could read brain activity via brain-computer interfaces based on EEG readings, and they expected that direct connection of brains and computers will gradually replace the use of keyboards, mouses and voice instructions (see this). Scientists from the University of California in 2018 developed a device which can collect the peoples brainwaves, analyze them to find among them vowels and consonants and then put people’ thoughts on display. A para lyzed man could in this way type without using the keyboard. The accuracy of this device in 2018 was 90% and the scientists believed that within the next five years they will develop a smart phone to which this device could be connected. Of course it would display hidden thoughts as well (see this and this).

To transmit thoughts into the brain you only need to transmit there electrical signals in the frequencies of the activity of targeted neurons, which will absorb this energy and thus the new neuronal activity produced from outside will appear in the brain. In this way human emotions, thoughts and decisions can be produced from the outside.

In August 2020 Rafael Yuste, the scientist, who collected the signatures for the article in the magazine Nature, told a journalist from The New York Times that “once the manipulation goes directly into the brain… you will not be able to tell you are being manipulated“ (see this) (Italian scientists in 2013 interconnected two brains of volunteers via electrodes and internet and they achieved extrasensorial communication among several pairs of them, when their brain frequencies synchronized depending on sound stimuli perceived by only one of them.

The scientists believed that in the future it will be possible to connect two brains with the use of the quantum physic’s principle of non local electron and photon connection Brain-to-Brain (Mind-to-Mind) Interaction at Distance: A Pilot Study by Patrizio E. Tressoldi, Luciano Pederzoli, Marco Bilucaglia, Patrizio Caini, Pasquale Fedele, Alessandro Ferrini, Simone Melloni, Agostino Accardo :: SSRN. See this. In such a case it would not be necessary to use any transmitter or energy passing through outside media to connect two brains or brain and computer.).

Connecting his brain to the internet will become a necessity for anybody, who will wish to be recognized for his intellectual activity, since without it he will not be able to compete with others on the labour market. According to scientists this submission to machines will produce the bypassing of the normal sensorimotor function of brains and bodies. The human being will no longer be in natural contact with its immediate environment and derive from this interaction its thoughts, deeds and decisions.New “Brain Science” Specialization, “Neuroetics”: Remote Control of Human Thinking, Neuroweapons, “Personality Simulations”, Nanobotes

At least during the working hours people will resign on their independence in their decision making and thinking and at least during the working hours they will be losing their identity. But if there are no appropriate legislations they will keep losing their identities even at their leisure time, because the advertising companies will easily find ways how to manipulate their nervous systems and brains to make them buy products, for the marketing of which they are paid. Companies like Google, Disney, CBS and Frito-Lay used already in 2017 services of neuromarketing companies for measurements of customer preferences and impact of their advertisement on customers. Neuromarketing companies EmSense, Neurosense, MindLab International a Nielsen regularly use technics of nervous activity analysis to analyse and predict the customer’s behavior and even to influence it (see this).

If neuromarketing companies are allowed to manipulate the minds of customers, the governments would feel silly to not use it to “convince“ their citizens about the usefulness of their projects. Of course those projects will reflect the needs and opinions of the richest national and international corporations and bankers. If mankind will advance in this direction, it will basically accept the Chinese model of the governing of society and inevitably will abandon democracy, since it will be governed by principles that “someone“ will download on the internet. It is a question of how much the loss of identity, caused in this way, will cause people serious psychological problems resulting in rebellions and in case of their failures to suicides.

There is no doubt that the governments should start to solve this issues in the nearest possible future. But it is good to note, that the same effects as by sending electrical currents into the brain can be achieved by transmission of microwaves, pulsed in brain frequencies, or extra long electromagnetic waves in brain frequencies into the brain, or by any other energy devised by quantum physics transmitted into the brain, which will be converted there into electric currents in brain frequencies.

These technologies were developed by Russian and American and scientists from their allied nations since the fifties of the past century. Last news about the work of those researchers was published in 1974 by accident, when an American scientist published the research of a military scientist, who told him about it in a phone conversation. Ron Justesen wrote in the magazine Psychology Today that Joseph Sharp was transmitting by means of pulsed microwaves into his brain words that he could understand. (see this and this).

In 2007 The Washington Post wrote: “In response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed for this article, the Air Force released unclassified documents“ concerning patent for microwave transmission of the sound into the brain and that those documents contained “records that note that the patent was based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects, albeit with marginal intelligibility.

Research appeared to continue at least through 2002“ (see this). If those transmitted phrases were converted into ultrasound, people would not hear them and for that matter would not realize them, but the brain would accept them and in this way they would become the “thoughts“ of the targeted person. In 2020 the American Academy of Sciences wrote in the report on attacks on American diplomats in Cuba and China that the most probable cause of their problems were pulsed microwaves (see this). In October, 2020 the CIA employees complained that they were targets of the same attacks in Australia (see this).

Russian politician Vladimir Lopatin, who at the turn of the millenium, strived for the world wide ban of those weapons, wrote a book “Psychotronic War and the Security of Russia“, where he wrote, that “psychotronic war“ is “actually taking place without declaration of war”. In other words those technologies are already being used at the present time, but due to their classification people can not demand their ban. In case that they were used globally in the contest to gain control of the whole mankind, it would most probably provoke a world war with the use of nuclear weapons which would result in the destruction of civilisation and the extinction of mankind.

In 2018 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where every year world politicians and managers of international corporations meet, Israelian historian Juval Noah Harari warned in his speech against the rise of  new totality based on the access to the human brain. He said:

“Once we have algorithms that can understand you better than you understand yourself, they could predict my desires, manipulate my feelings and even take decisions on my behalf. And if we are not careful the outcome can be the rise of digital dictatorships. In the 21st century we may be enslaved under digital dictatorships“ (see this).

The founder of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab wrote a book “Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution“, where he said  that looming technological changes will allow governments to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.” (see this) Since Klaus Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum, it is evident that his ideas are widely discussed among top world entrepreneurs and politicians.

At the present time there exists no legislations banning the use of mind control technologies and  for that matter scientists feel free to work on the development of “nanobots”,- nanoparticles which can penetrate into the blood and connect the brain to internet, where it could collect information without being obliged to learn. Professor of mechanical engineering at the University in San Diego James Friend believed in 2017  that effective use of nanbotes could start in two to five years (see this). In 2018 James Giordano, working for The American Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency,  said in a lecture for military cadets that several weeks ago his agency succeeded in producing nanoparticles which can be aerosolised and when breathed in will penetrate into the brain and control its activity. Watch the video below 00:38.

Since the world media do not inform the populations in their countries about the growing danger that people will be deprived of their freeedom of thought, it is obvious that the governments are at least hesitating whether they prefer this kind of future.   One way to remind them that people care about their freedom of thought would be to form new parties or movements or at least Facebook groups, whose goal would be to defend the freedom of thought of people.

To  guarantee the freedom of human thinking it is necessatry to enact legislations which woudl ban (using harsh sentences) the transmissions in the air or into the  brain of any energy in frequencies corresponding to frequencies of the activity of the human  brain. The only way to connect the human brain to internet or other communication channels could be by voluntary decision of a person to connect  to to them with a cable.

The governments will have to provide for detection of banned transmissions and search for their sources. It must be established in the legislations that the representatives of  human rights organisations will participate in the detection of those transmissions.  Governments should also establish teams, with the particitapation of representatives of human rights organisations, capable of verifying the claims of their citizens about their exposure to energetic attacks at their nervous systems or bodies.

In the international politics the governments should work toward the international agreement banning manipulation of human minds or causing harm to bodies of citizens of foreign states by means of energies corresponding to frequencies of the activity of the human brain or body. It would also be useful if they made an effort to replace, in the world politics, the diluvial struggle for power by politics of good neighborhood.

Mojmir Babacek is the founder of the International Movement for the Ban of the Manipulation of the Human Nervous System by Technical Means,  He is the author of numerous articles on the issue of mind manipulation.

He is a frequent contributor to Global Research


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New “Brain Science” Specialization, “Neuroetics”: Remote Control of Human Thinking, Neuroweapons, “Personality Simulations”, Nanobotes

28 July 2020The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Mojmir Babacek, Global Research, 2021

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