The US-NATO War of Aggression against Yugoslavia. An Apology to the Serbian People

Open Letter to the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Serbia, Mr. Thomas Schieb

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

Global Research, April 11, 2021


As a German citizen and long-time friend of the Serbs, it is an urgent matter for me to express to you my deeply felt indignation and disapproval because of your interview statement on the US-NATO war of aggression against the then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999, which was contrary to international law. An apology to the Serbian people for this extremely rude behaviour towards the host country is the least I expect from you.

I moved with my wife, a retired Serbian diplomat, from paradisiacal Lindau on Lake Constance to Belgrade one and a half years ago. As a German, I would no longer dare to join the community of my relatives, friends and acquaintances if I did not take a clear stand on your statement, which is difficult for me and probably for most Serbs to understand.

According to Serbian and German media, you said – even at a time when the Serbian people were commemorating the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Belgrade during World War II – that the bombing of the country was “necessary” to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and genocide in Kosovo. What a grotesque falsification of history!

Since I have already written several well-founded articles about this dark chapter of the Western community of values, and in particular about the bombardment of the country with highly toxic and radioactive uranium shells, which in addition to countless killed and wounded over the years have resulted in more and more multiple cancers in young and old, I would just like to say this:

I am appalled that a German diplomat is giving himself up without any need to engage in cheap NATO propaganda, and I wonder whether this man can be kept as ambassador. But that is for the Serbian government and the Serbian people to decide – even though Serbian President Alexandar Vucic has, astonishingly, come to your defence as a friend of the Serbs. In any case, I will also offer this Open Letter for publication in Germany and other countries.

Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

Educationalist and graduate psychologist

11040 Belgrade


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