We Must Awaken from “Corona Coma”, Reject “Great Reset” Robotic Technocracy and Assert Our Common Humanity

By Jack Dresser

Global Research, May 15, 2021

While imagining breakneck progress, we’ve been backing off a cliff.  This is no surprise to those whose historic knowledge is not limited to the stifling propaganda dispensaries called American History class, mainstream news and Hollywood blockbusters that animate the anodyne story lines of comic books.  The loudly heralded “Great Reset” to a “New Normal” and “Fourth Industrial Revolution” embracing artificial intelligence is not new at all, just a reification of every tyrant’s dream.  It’s a vision of global technocratic feudalism.

About a century ago as John D. Rockefeller envisioned agriculture and medicine wrenched away from nature and replaced with oil derivatives, artists and writers saw the prospective horror ahead.

Art is powerful and dangerous to imperial victims and rulers alike. It can both transmit and transcend propaganda. Film, when conceived as more than trivial or tendentious entertainment, has served as a brilliant art form providing prescient visions of inevitable trajectories rooted in the sensed essence and enduring zeitgeist of a culture.

One such film was Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent expressionist classic, Metropolis, which leaves indelible visual memory imprints. Lang’s images ominously anticipated the vast economic stratification and dehumanizing technocracy we see taking shape rapidly nearly a century later. Lang showed us the cartoon society we have become – the rulers living far above in towering penthouses with private “pleasure gardens” (think Jeffrey Epstein) while workers labor underground in coordinated robotic motion obliterating individuality. The film can be seen online with meticulously restored footage completed in 2010.

The written word has been similarly prescient.  George Orwell’s 1949 novel, 1984, describing a totalitarian society of inescapable mass surveillance and suffocating repression, echoes clearly today. And even earlier, Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel, Brave New World, envisioned a dehumanized technocratic society where government and citizen political participation had become superfluous and natural interpersonal sources of pleasure and comfort had been replaced by an ever-available drug, soma.  And even earlier yet, Franz Kafka’s unfinished 1926 novel, The Castle, provides a deeply disturbing metaphoric vision of society operating under arbitrary rules administered by impersonal bureaucrats on behalf of unknown and unseen rulers above.  In a striking parallel with covid-19 today, oppressed and ignored villagers invent endless justifications for their own oppression.

The forecasts have unfolded

Now, a century later, the Castle is called the Deep State.  With a massive society to control, an illusion of democracy maintained by smothering, multi-level propaganda is necessary.  One vilified figure after another is accused of  “threatening our democracy” but in fact the US has no democracy.  Late Princeton political theorist Sheldon Wolin identified our system as not a democracy but a system of “inverted totalitarianism” wherein finance and industry control government in upside-down comparison with 1930s Nazi and fascist regimes wherein government dictated the conduct of finance and agendas of industry.

Political scientists Martin Gillens and Benjamin Page of Princeton and Northwestern universities,  respectively, conducted a comprehensive study that validate this picture. Examining 1,779 federal policy decisions over 20 years covering three Republican and two Democratic administrations, they compared populist with special interest influences.

Policy decision preferences reflected in public opinion surveys were compared between ordinary citizens at the 50th income percentile with “the economic elite” at the 90thincome percentile.  Influential interest groups were chosen from Fortune magazine’s “Power 25” lists (AARP, AIPAC, NRA, etc.).  The “business community” was represented by the ten key industries reporting the highest lobbying expenditures.  Their findings documented significant influence by the economic elite and both business and special interest groups, but concluded that “ordinary citizens…have little or no independent influence on policy at all.”

In his book Democracy Inc.Dr. Sheldon Wolin described our inverted totalitarian state characterized by “a pervasive atmosphere of fear abetted by a corporate economy of ruthless downsizing.”

This unmistakably resonates today in our artificially manipulated “pandemic” panic used as cover for destruction of small independent “non-essential” business supplanted by massive multinationals that exploit and tyrannize employees made desperate by the economic collapse around them.  Need we look beyond our 664 billionaires who increased their wealth by over 35% ($1.2 trillion) in 2020?

Or beyond the multi-billion dollar Frankenstein-technology vaccines from Big Pharma for which simple, safe, inexpensive, effective covid prophylactics and treatments that obviate need for vaccines were recklessly and fraudulently suppressed, since absence of available treatments is a necessary precondition for Emergency Use Authorizations to release unproven vaccines upon the public?

Unfortunately yes, we do need to look even further. We must examine, deconstruct and dismember the “Great Reset,” “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “New Normal” toward which this is leading, ominously preached and pronounced inevitable by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, Joe Biden, and their automaton acolytes.

They follow a long line of ideological predecessors from John D. Rockefeller through Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations before which, confident of his patrician impunity, Biden proudly described his shakedown of Ukrainian President Poroshenko to fire the prosecutor investigating an energy company where his son enjoyed an obscenely generous sinecure. Such is their unbridled arrogance and contempt for laws and rules of conduct that govern commoners.

We commoners increasingly face suffocating surveillance, censorship and police state control – key characteristics of fascism – including informal deputizing of citizens to police each other to enforce senseless, degrading, identity-obliterating rules of mask wearing, touch avoidance and “social distancing” within an arbitrary 6-foot spacing – for none of which is there remotely persuasive scientific evidence for pathogen protection even were covid-19 the dreaded plague it has been cast to occupy in the public imagination.

Entering the 2020s and bewitched by the ever-proliferating magic of cyber-wizardry, we become increasingly spellbound within a web of its insidiously programmed mythology packaged as entertainment, games and invented “news” easily identified as fiction to those who search behind the mesmerizing screen. The wizards are as detached and inaccessible, as opaque, as those in Kafka’s Castle. Let us remember, however, that economic bludgeons wielded by the parasitic .001% are provided by taxpayer dollars and consumer spending feeding their limitless appetites.  Thus we hold the ultimate power and must learn how to use it. To do so, we must first decline the seductive bait and ask, since these arbitrary restrictions contributed no net benefit to public health, who and what are these really for?

Criminalizing human nature

Dogs, cats, monkeys and humans, inter alia, all seek and need comforting touch for ongoing autonomic regulation and normal socialization. Psychologist Harry Harlow demonstrated how young monkeys are able to progressively reduce anxiety in response to unfamiliar and unsettling stimuli by retreating to an ever-available mother figure providing tactile comfort.  Food provision alone was not enough.  With unavailability of anxiety modulation, monkeys raised without comforting touch fail to mature socially and sexually.

Most dogs and cats are born in litters and begin their lives piled together.  One of our cats was once killed on the road just as she was weaning four kittens.  Our old tom cat took over, cleaning and grooming the kittens and teaching them rough-and-tumble defense and hunting skills. TLC is not gender-specific and seems instinctively understood across most evolved species. Many animals are born already able to walk but require licking and maternal proximity to immediately launch into a maturation sequence toward full autonomy and integration into their collaborative social group.

Humans begin life snuggled with their mothers and gazing into her smiling face.  No mother should be masked at this moment, or later for many years as young children take cues from their parents in public and other uncertain situations. Children are closely attentive to both the facial expressions and voice intonations of their caretakers and surrounding adults. Deprivation or attenuation of these psychologically essential cues constitutes child neglect, which can affect brain development and be more psychologically damaging than overt abuse.  Every new developmental challenge from our first step to our first date to our first job application involves some degree of apprehension that must be soothed first by a parents hands, later a parent’s words and voice, and eventually the internalized experience of that support buried in our psyche.  Without that, human psychological growth is truncated, often irreversibly.

Psychologist James Prescott examined 49 of 400 pre-industrial societies comparing violence among cultures at the high and low end of a scale measuring physical affection to infants. He found that this and another developmental variable – permissiveness around adolescent sexuality – differentiated more from less violent societies.  Both involve generosity of touch during developmentally crucial periods and were the only cultural variables associated with prediction of societal violence. His paper, published in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists – a profession deeply concerned with human aggression following our bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – was titled “Body Pleasure and the Origin of Violence.”

Expanding beyond Prescott’s findings, anthropologist Ashley Montague comprehensively documented the central importance of touch in human development and ongoing social life.  The 6-foot distance (just beyond two outstretched arm-lengths) prescription – obviously irrelevant to aerosolized virons – appears diabolically designed to maintain unrelieved states of distress by keeping us literally “out of touch” with this natural source of distress reduction. Predictably, it’s been a good year for alcohol sales and psycho-pharmaceuticals treating depression.Hope Restored: My Life and Views on Canada, the U.S., the World & the Universe: Paul Hellyer

“Social distancing” and promotion of touch phobia is beyond absurd.  This is a targeted attack on our innate human sensibilities. Our psychological warfare developers cannot be unaware of this and have been free to secretly cultivate methods prohibited to ethical behavioral scientists due to our careful protection of human subjects in recent decades following the Milgram and Zimbardo research that exposed participants to unsettling truths about their predispositions to abuse authority or passively comply with abuse by others.

Application of other familiar psychological control mechanisms from behaviorism are obvious, however insidiously disguised, in this manufactured program of fear induction joined with fear relief prohibition including self-isolation.  Virus-terrorized citizens have been manipulated into administering punishment-by-shaming  to other citizens who resist or refuse compliance with their own dehumanization.

Those with displayed faces, unmuffled voices, and stubborn affinities for skin contact with other humans are physically avoided, treated with varying degrees of hostility, or reported to store managers or clerks informally deputized as enforcement agents of the state under threat of business sanctions.  Communications challenging formal authorities are subjected to the “cancel culture” by their media stooges.  Survivors of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, the Stalinist Soviet Union, and American Senator Joseph McCarthy quickly recognize these control mechanisms and are accordingly alarmed.

The distinct facial expressions characterizing emotional states that “amplify” cognition – and the emotional cost when suppressed – were investigated extensively in the Affect Theory of Princeton psychology professor Silvan Tomkins and his associates.  Each affect has “its innately programmed neurophysiological substrate, universally recognized facial expression, and motivational subjective experience.”  Masking disables this fundamental, innate mechanism of human communication, which inherently increases interpersonal discomfort. Since an extensive body of research discredits any value of masks in contagion prevention, it is reasonable to presume this social disabling and increased discomfort are weapons of psychological warfare against our own populations being primed to accept the “new normal” to get the imperial boots off our throats.

Tomkins came to focus intensive analysis on the core affect of shame at the base of personal identity, associated with internally and externally activated self-disapproval.  Ambivalence over masking certainly evokes this widely.  Those who compliantly mask up are signaling their fearfulness and blind submission to authority.  Those who don’t are stigmatized as socially irresponsible.  We risk social attack and self-esteem demotion with either choice.  We are being subjected to a diabolical psyops.

Sealing our vulnerabilities and restoring natural wisdom

These informal social control mechanisms work because humans are a highly sociable species and seek inclusion and acceptance into groups, from which personal identity is drawn along a continuum of self-differentiation.  In observational experiments of problem solving interactions by families with disturbed children, psychiatrist Murray Bowen reported greater problem severity in the IP (“identified patient” in a dysfunctional family system who is the primary symptom-bearer) within families with greater “ego fusion” – identifying as “we” – in contrast with “ego differentiation” where family members express and are validated by their individual identities.  Those who draw identity largely from collective sources (e.g., “I am an American, a Democrat/Republican, or Presbyterian/Catholic/Jewish”) are less likely to exercise independent judgment and values than those who identify themselves primarily as differentiated individuals.  The more ego fusion, the more easily we are manipulated by stereotypic targeted propaganda.

To maintain cohesion, stable groups become self-reinforcing echo chambers, exchanging transactional “strokes” (units of social recognition) in mutually familiar formats with predictable payoffs.  Two fundamental environments with differing stroke contingencies are work and family.  Both involve structured interactive agendas with self-imposed limitations to protect valued relationships.

A third environment is the informal, less structured and less stratified public space – cafes, taverns, and recreational settings – called “The Great Good Place” by sociologist Ray Oldenburg.  These provide a safety valve for the other two, both of which include duties, performance expectations, and responsibilities that must be met for positive recognition. Oldenburg writes, “daily life, in order to be relaxed and fulfilling, must find its balance in (those) three realms of experience.” Already weaker in the US than elsewhere, this third, freer, less conditional area of life with less influence of institutional hierarchy has been deeply attacked and damaged by the covid-19 psyops agenda.  Restoring and expanding that vital sector of our society is essential to recover from fraud-induced psychological conditions of fear and passive intimidation.  We must unmask, undistance, and uncensor ourselves.  We must dethrone the high priests of Science-by-Fiat who have lied and manipulated us out of our humanity.

Most importantly, the phobias induced within children must be undone. It is appalling how our young citizens are being trained to fear rather than understand our microbial environment, to fear infecting their families and teachers and peers, and to fear normal play with each other.  This is an unspeakable crime for which the perpetrators should be stripped of rank and riches and quarantined from human company until they make full confession and apology to the children of the world.

The remedy will require, at the very least, a thorough and carefully designed curriculum. The Year of Covid-19 provides a focused educational opportunity, first realistically addressing the ubiquity and functional importance of microbes. We must give due credit to our resident microbes evolved over countless millenia to protect us, their host organisms.  Children must learn that our 30 trillion cells are outnumbered and protected by some 39 trillion microbes located throughout each human body, highly concentrated at the entry points of  skin, mouth and gut.  Vaccines injected directly into the bloodstream recklessly bypass these natural defenses that are vastly more competent than our Frankenstein bioscientists. Almost all ambient microbes are benign protectors or simply bystanders minding their own business.

Those that aren’t are ID checked at the door by our own microbial bodyguards, and are summarily dispatched if necessary.  This is essential to collective (“herd”) immunity against widespread microbial invasions.  Attempting to prevent “infection” simply delays this natural process and provides a pathogen time to adapt and modify its strategies.  We share our environment with billions of micro-organisms, which are the origins and building blocks of life.  The microbiomes in soil produce the nutrients needed by the microbiomes within us. Rather than receiving appreciation and thoughtful nutritional support, viruses have become the latest “other” to fear, hate and destroy. If we continue along our current path and eliminate ourselves and much of life on earth, the microbes will rebuild –  hopefully toward a better-grounded intelligence than ours.

Our fellow citizens who self-righteously clamor for dehumanization to save humanity claim the sacred ground of “Science.”  To correct this, our children must learn that “science” is functionally not a noun but a verb – empirically based methods of thinking, investigation and evidence evaluation. The entire lockdown/masking/touch-me-not/self-isolation ritual has no basis in scientific findings, as I and many others have widely documented elsewhere. The word “science” has been hijacked into the realm of metaphysics, no longer a widely applicable method of rigorous inquiry and hypothesis-testing, but a word deformed and sanctified into a secular religion.

A virus with a now-legendary name has become satanic, evil incarnate, a grim reaper as invisible and ubiquitous and mysterious as the mythic Satan figure of religious mythologies.  It has passed into the realm of faith and thereby become impervious to facts and rationality.  Anthony Fauci is its High Priest, his every formal declaration a holy writ, issuing  secret knowledge and prescribing ritual protection.  No matter that over 56,000 infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists repudiate the Faucian prescription.  Priestly dogma now prevails over rational functioning and much of human society.

This plays – not accidentally I suspect – into a deep, irrational force in the collective human psyche that anthropologist Mary Douglas explored in her book, Purity and Danger.  Impurity or pollution represents dangerous power outside our control, existentially threatening both society and its individual members, who must conform in purification rituals (e.g., masking, 6-foot distancing and obsessive-compulsive disinfectant wiping) for group survival.  Those of us outside the faith are shunned and shamed as heretics, apostates, archetypical infectious lepers. Thus, a “pandemic virus” is not unlike “communism” or “Islamic terrorism” to be identified and rooted out for individual and group survival.  PCR testing – however meaningless and unreliable – becomes a magical unmasking instrument, and vaccines – however experimental, woefully untested, unapproved, unnecessary, and already producing alarming harms while immunized from ordinary legal liability – become an exorcism ritual and its growing list of victims ritual sacrifices to the new 3-letter gods CDC, WHO and NIH.

We are a primitive society that needs to grow up, and quickly before the power-insulated priesthood including Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the technocratic clergy takes over everything.  Once better choices are recognized, opportunities emerge for revolution of political consciousness and systemic transformation. But we have no time to waste.

How about considering real democracy?  This would require a wholly novel plan rather than simply reciting a self-congratulatory word without substance upon examination.

Democracy is for psychologically mature adults. Citizen responsibility for self-governance must involve knowledge acquisition, sober reflection, evidence examination and reasoned discussion built into everyday public life.  It must require sound collective judgment and moral responsibility for all local, regional and national decisions.  To create a grown-up nation retrieved from the grip of ruling-class psychopaths who have long disempowered, neglected, exploited and abused us along with much of the world, we must mature into political grown-ups.


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Jack Dresser, Ph.D.is a retired psychologist and NIH-funded research scientist associated with Oregon Research Institute, where he served as Principal Investigator on projects developing and evaluating high-risk behavior prevention and early intervention programs.  Before these studies he directed several projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education developing drug and alcohol abuse prevention and early intervention programs for school districts in northern and southern California and Oregon.  He began his professional career as a U.S. Army psychologist during the Vietnam War, and is national vice-chair of the Veterans for Peace working group on Palestine and the Middle East.  For several years he has co-hosted a weekly radio show titled “Racism, Empire and Survival” on www.kepw.org in Eugene, Oregon that focuses on the propaganda fueling and maintaining violent U.S./NATO/Israeli imperialism and the false histories packaged as education that provide the framing into which government and media propaganda is seamlessly fitted. For the past year he has focused intensively on the covid-19 debacle, which displays the characteristic earmarks of imperial psyops.

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15 May 2021The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Jack Dresser, Global Research, 2021


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