Honor to the Palestinian Resistance Fighters!

By Bruno Guigue

Global Research, May 18, 2021

What is most revolting in the Palestinian conflict is, of course, the brutality of the occupier, its colonial arrogance, its contempt for the lives of others, its aplomb in the murder, its arrogance as a winner with an easy victory, his lack of conscience when he pulls the trigger, his cowardice when he murders civilians, his addiction to crime. But it is also this abysmal bad faith, this hypocrisy of the aggressor who claims to be the aggressed, this lie that comes out of his mouth when he claims to defend himself, when he condemns terrorism, when he dares to invoke self-defense, when he talks about anti-Semitism.

Are the Palestinian fighters terrorists?

No, they are resistance fighters, real people, those who fight for their homeland, for the land of their ancestors, to live in peace one day, in this Palestine from which the invader wants to plunder them, for this Palestine from which the colonial state believes itself to be the depositary, whereas he is only an illegitimate occupier, a usurper. Israel’s self-defense? Let’s be serious: the only legitimate self-defense is the one of the Palestinian people, not the one of the colonial army; the one of the occupied who resists, not the one of the occupier who oppresses. Resistance fighters who have the right to fight, and who know that do have the honor on their side, the dishonor is on the other side.More Dirty Dancing: “Donald of Arabia” and “Hillary, Queen of War”

We are told that the current clash is due to intransigence by extremists on both sides. But this back-to-back dismissal of the occupier and the occupied is ludicrous, it is a hoax. Since when has the resistance been extremist? It is the occupation which is extremist, with its constant violence, this permanent humiliation inflicted on the populations, this structural domination, this unbearable leaden cover which weighs on a bruised people, and whose bursts of revolt, fortunately, show that he is not defeated. No, the ultimate responsibility for the violence in Palestine is not shared, it is not 50/50, because this violence is the result of occupation and colonization, and the Palestinians are not responsible for the injustice, they are subjected to.

There are deaths on both sides, yes, and no civilian casualties are warranted. But when the casualty ratio is 1 to 30, it is outrageous to pretend it is a classic war between two armies in a pitched battle.

Because this war did not start today, it is an ethnocide, an attempt to erase the Palestinians who they want to park in the Bantustans of Zionist apartheid. This war is not an ordinary war, it is the struggle between an occupying power and an armed resistance, and calling for an end to the violence will not be enough to end it. What is both odious and ridiculous about the declamations of Western diplomacy is this implicit call for the disarmament of the Palestinians. They are asked to give up, to resign themselves, to accept the yoke, pretending to ignore the reasons why they will not do it, neither today nor tomorrow.

There remains, of course, this indefinitely renewed, Pavlovian accusation of anti-Semitism, pathetic stupidity and repugnant of hypocrisy, which is thrown in the face of all those who support the struggle of the Palestinians. And yet, if they knew, these impostors, how sufficient anti-Zionism is for us, how clearly it expresses what it is to defend. Anti-Semitism, when it is proven, is a stain on those who experience it. But when it is used to accuse anti-Zionism, it is a stain on whoever makes this false accusation. You can always brandish this slander, but beware, it may come back to you one day.

The unstoppable force of propaganda, when it provokes the insidious passage from one term to another, it generates the malignant reversal by which the executioner becomes victim, and anti-Zionism is called anti-Semitism. This accusation, as it is understood, is a weapon of massive intimidation, which allows servile governments, happy to serve imperialism and Zionism, to buy themselves a pseudo-good conscience. Pitiful diplomacy, complicity with the crime which is adorned with all the virtues, and which never ceases to hit rock bottom. The Palestinians have long understood that they have nothing to expect from these Europeans who will one day be stifle by their cowardice.


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Translation by Alexis Bertolino

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22 November 2008The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Bruno Guigue, Global Research, 2021


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