“Is this Infant Your Target, Netanyahu”: Gaza Father Asks in this Viral Video

The bereaved father also questioned the silence of the world over what he called Israeli “brutality”, “oppression” and “injustice”

By ummid.com

Global Research, May 20, 2021ummid.com 15 May 2021

Giving a heart-breaking appeal to the world to take note of the “Israeli brutality”, a grieving Palestinian father while holding his little son killed in Gaza bombing posed some chilling questions to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Netanyahu and the Minister of Defense, is this child your target?” the bereaved father asked, holding his dead son, Ibrahim Al-Rantisi, who has been killed in Israeli airstrike in Rafah.

“What did my child do to bomb our house over our heads without even warning us? Why are you violently bombing our homes and destroying them completely?” he asked in the video shared by Safa – Palestinian press agency.

“Iron Dome”

Israel is pounding Gaza with bombs, allegedly having deadly chemicals, since last five days in response to what it called “Hamas barrage of rockets” and to “save its citizens.”

However, according to Israel Defense Forces (IDF), most of over 1,750 rockets so far fired by Hamas into Israeli territory have been either intercepted by “Iron Dome” – the much talked about Israeli defense system or fallen in open grounds without causing any major damage.

Yet as many as 10 Israelis have been killed as a result of the rockets fired by Hamas which rules Gaza, as per Israeli media reports.

Along with aerial attacks, Israel has also moved its ground troops near Gaza. Witnesses and Palestinian security sources told Xinhua that Israeli army artillery on Friday struck the eastern area of Gaza city with tanks, killing at least two.

Tanks hit the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahia, killing a mother and her four children, according to medical sources.

“Our message to the whole world”

The bereaved Palestinian father asked the world to wake-up and take note of the brutal and continued bombing over Gaza that has so far killed over 137 Palestinians including 36 children and at least 20 women.

“This innocent child killed in Israeli bombing is our message to the whole world”, he said in the video.

“What sin has this infant committed to be killed with such brutality?” he asked.

“Israel is an oppressive, unjust and a killer country founded on injustice, persecution”, he said.

“How long will you remain silent”

The bereaved father also questioned the silence of the world over what he called Israeli “brutality”, “oppression” and “injustice”.

“O world! O free people all over the world, why is this injustice? I am just asking the world how long will you keep silent about our pain, oppression, and injustice?” he asked.

The fighting between Israel and Hamas was triggered by days of escalating clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police at Al-Aqsa compound in East Jerusalem. The site is revered by both Muslims, who call it the Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary), and Jews, for whom it is known as the Temple Mount.

Hamas demanded Israel remove police from there and the nearby predominantly Arab district of Sheikh Jarrah, where Palestinian families face eviction by Jewish settlers. Hamas launched rockets when its ultimatum went unheeded.


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