Israel’s Genocide of Gaza, and New Precedent of United Regional Resistance

Discussion with Political Analyst Marwa Osman

By Marwa Osman and Eva Bartlett

Global Research, May 20, 2021Mark Taliano 19 May 2021

A very informative discussion with Beirut-based journalist and political analyst Marwa Osman, on the litany of Israeli crimes against Palestinians in Gaza during Israel’s horrifying bombardment of the besieged and densely inhabited Gaza Strip.

Marwa also speaks of the unity not only among Palestinian resistance groups, but also Resistance movements throughout the region.

“Myself as a Shia Muslim, I believe that when there are people who are oppressed, it’s not only my duty, but if I don’t help that people, then I’m complicit. This ideology has surpassed the Shi’ism ideology and has passed to a pan-Arabism ideology, the same ideology Gamal Abdel Nasser used to reiterate and emphasize when he was president of Egypt. That pan-Arabism is now being mirrored at the different factions, the different resistance, the allied forces of the resistance across west Asia, from Sana’a to Maghreb, up to Baghdad to Mosul, to the border between Iraq and Syria, to Damascus, Aleppo, to Daraa, down to Quneitra, down to south Lebanon, not forgetting the Islamic republic of Iran. This is very important, and historic. What we are seeing is the same people that the Imperial powers, starting from WW2 to today, tried to dismantle, disintegrate, and break apart, they are coming all together to stand in the face of this cancer that was prepared for us in the late 1800s….”

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Featured image is from Middle East EyeCrimes against Humanity: Israel Kills 58 Palestinian Children in 7 Days

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28 January 2006The original source of this article is Mark TalianoCopyright © Marwa Osman and Eva BartlettMark Taliano, 2021

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