UK Health Secretary Suggests Critics of Vaccine Passports Are “Crazies”

Matt Hancock retweets post celebrating surveillance aspects of new system.

By Paul Joseph Watson

Global Research, May 25, 2021Summit News 24 May 2021

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock suggested critics of the vaccine passport policy were “crazies” after he retweeted a post which disparaged those who have security and privacy concerns about the program.

Mail on Sunday commentator Dan Hodges urged people to “ignore the crazies” as he effusively praised the NHS tracking app for being a centralized surveillance hub.

“OK, ignore the crazies. Just downloaded the NHS App,” tweeted Hodges. “It’s amazing! You take a photo of your drivers licence, do a cool face scan, and everything’s there. Covid records, medical records, everything. I now want Covid passports just so I can use it…”

Hodges subsequently suggested that the app was a “fantastic” way of avoiding anti-vaxxers.

His tweet was subsequently retweeted by Matt Hancock, who over the last year has become the face of the UK’s coronavirus response.

“Why did @MattHancock RT a contrarian, ratioed tweet disparaging “crazies”?” asked Big Brother Watch director Silkie Carlo.

“He shows profound disrespect to the MPs, many from his own party, who reject Covid passes & want a serious debate; & the anti-ID British public. His attitude will fall down on him like a ton of bricks,” she added.

As we document in the video below, attempts have been made to discredit opposition to the vaccine passport by demonizing critics as anti-vaxxer extremists.

However, the program would serve to introduce a Chinese Communist-style social credit score system with potentially horrendous implications for basic liberties and freedoms.

The British government lied for months in claiming that no vaccine passport was being developed for domestic events, despite that being the plan all along.


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