Actions for Peace by Canadians: In Support of the People of Palestine

By Ed Lehman

Global Research, May 28, 2021

The Regina Peace Council condemns Israel’s attacks on Palestinians in the territories of Gaza and Sheikh Jarrah. We demand the Trudeau government stop supporting Israeli aggression and lend its support to a real ceasefire and peace negotiations.

The Regina Peace Council support the Palestinian people in Israel who have mobilized against the massacres and mob violence. We agree with the allies of the people of Palestine who state, “It’s unfair what is happening to the Palestinian people.”

We note too that these acts of war are occurring in the context of increased aggression and interference by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including Canada, in the Middle East.

We agree with the call of the New Democratic Party for the Government of Canada to immediately suspend all arms exports to Israel.

We call on the Canadian government to adopt a foreign policy based on peace, international cooperation, and solidarity. We demand that Canada act against Israeli apartheid.


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Ed Lehman is the President of Regina Peace Council.

Featured image is from OneWorldCrimes against Humanity: Israel Kills 58 Palestinian Children in 7 Days

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