Biden to Confront Putin with Human Rights Issue

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Global Research, June 04, 2021

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The American media with a straight face reports that Biden intends to confront Putin at their meeting with “the human rights issue.”  One can only marval at the audacity of this intention.  The US government is the leading abuser of human rights.  Think Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the overthrown Latin American democratic governments, and Washington’s protection of Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians. 

On an individual basis think Julian Assange who Washington has managed to keep imprisoned for a decade without charges presented in court and conviction.  Even Stalin gave his victims performa due process.

Washington gets away with accusing others of its own crimes because the Western presstitutes cover up for Washington and only the Chinese point out Washington’s hypocrisy.

What human rights issue is Biden planning to lay on Putin?  Most likely it is Navalny’s imprisonment that Navalny himself brought about.  He had been released on condition that he keep his parole agreement, which he refused to do.  His Washington masters wanted him in prison where Washington could turn him into a propaganda weapon against Putin.  Ask yourself, would you rather be in Assange’s shoes or Navalny’s?

Or perhaps the issue will be Putin’s support of Assad who Washington and its whore media continue to call a dictator despite having won reelection in a free democratic vote with a 95% majority.  In contrast Biden stole his “election.” Assad and Russia’s support of him are in the way of Israel and Washington’s plans for the Middle East.  Thus Assad’s demonization.

One wonders what Putin is going to do when presented with Biden’s human rights accusation. Is Putin going to sit there politely and take the abuse or is he going to point out that unlike Navalny who was convicted of violating the law, Washington has kept Assange imprisoned for a decade without even giving him a show trial? 

Will Putin follow up with mentioning the millions of people murdered and dispossessed by Washington’s war crimes against Muslim countries?  Why hasn’t there been a resolution introduced in the UN by Russia to condemn the US for its unambigious war crimes?

At some point Putin will have to stand up for himself and his country or lose credibility with the Russian people and his friends abroad.


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This article was originally published on the author’s blog site, PCR Institute for Political Economy.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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