By Emanuel Pastreich

Global Research, June 07,

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The commercial media is full of reports about the possibility that the COVID19 virus was released from a laboratory in Wuhan, China and the Republican Party is using this unfounded accusation as a means to further its anti-China agenda.

Donald Trump claimed credit recently for having identified China as the source of the virus and he demanded of 10 trillion dollars in compensation.

The Biden administration has demanded an investigation of the Wuhan labs so as to fend off this Republican assault, but since he has put opaque pay-to-play intelligence organizations in charge, and not established accountable international research teams, he guarantees that we will receive a politicized and meaningless report.

The entire circus is intended to distract the population as long as possible from the true origins of this crisis: the bid of a handful of the super-rich to employ a hyped up “virus” pandemic as a means to gut the government, the medical establishment, research institutes and the media permanently and to create a brave new world in which the “facts” that serve as the basis for policy decisions are decided in secret by them with no accountability to anyone. They now can make up figures for how many suffer from COVID19 at will and no one can prove them wrong in any media source that most citizens know about.

They dictate policy, whether lockdowns, quarantine, masks, or vaccines, in secret and then order the Congress, the White House, or research institutes and prestigious newspapers, to follow their mandate. This radical alteration of the landscape of decision making in the United States is the deadly outcome of the COVID19. It is a shift that, if citizens cannot apprehend its nature, will be fatal for the nation.

Although it is entirely possible that some of the deaths attributed to COVID19 were the result of the use of bioweapons (whether those of America, China or other countries). But the media is not trying to investigate that question at all. Rather the reporting about COVID19, and the Wuhan Lab, is deeply flawed and aimed primarily at creating hysteria and confusion, and at dumbing down the population as a whole.

The super-rich have been largely successful in this gambit and they currently they are paying off approved “experts” to stir up all sorts of pointless debates regarding the source of the outbreak, the nature of transmission and the proper treatment—anything that points away from the rich, and the investment banks they control, having played any role in this scam.

Although COVID19 is treated in many academic journals, this virus itself has never been subject to a rigorous scientific investigation and there is much doubt among scholars that the illnesses attributed to COVID19 are a result of that specific virus, or any number of other viruses, or even other diseases.

The confusion about COVID19 is real. It is not the result of a virus, but rather of deep corruption in the entire scientific community (globally) so much so that we cannot even determine the facts. Most all medical research today is funded by corporations tied into Wall Street at one level at another—whether direct funding of research, or support for the endowments of research institutions.

The flagrant acceptance by law makers of deeply flawed science, and the criminal manner in which they facilitate, even encourage, the destruction of the precious lives of children by unwarranted lockdowns, mask wearing, and social distancing is more than enough reason to demand that every politician involved in pushing, or repeating, the tale of a COVID19 pandemic resign and face criminal prosecution.

I do not wish to suggest that China was not involved in this bogus pandemic. The Chinese government, like every other government, has bought into this entirely implausible tale from the start. Most likely Beijing did so because multinational investment banks and the super-rich have as great a stranglehold on China as they do on the United States, or France, or Russia or Japan.

We live in a world unlike what existed three years ago, and unprecedented in human history. Our first task is to wrap our minds around this fact. The corrupt media and political culture of the United States cannot possibly help us to understand how our world works.

The point of the recent media coverage in the United States is to set up China as a target, as the evil one, so as to make this conflict seem to be between nations.

For the super-rich leading this project, sometimes referred to as “the Great Reset” that is exactly what they want. For their plans, nation states are irrelevant. But they are a create way to inhibit global cooperation.

The primary conflict behind COVID19 is between classes: between a tiny handful of global elites and the rest of humanity.

Although the move to pin everything on China is a slight-of-hand trick intended to distract, and no doubt to secure big classified intelligence budgets, Chinese have also been intimately involved in the promotion of this COVID19 operation, what we refer to as “the controlled demolition of the global economy.” There are Chinese super-rich as well who support the “Great Reset” agenda. Moreover, China has grown its own corrupt military-industrial complex over the last twenty years that purposely distorts security issues to increase its budgets.

There is only one way out of the COVID19 hall of mirrors. We must recognize, as painful as it may be to do so, that the entire system of governance in the United States, and most countries in the world, is now so thoroughly corrupt that it is incapable of assessing the facts and pursuing a positive, scientific response.

We cannot address the disgusting willingness with which hundreds of medical experts (not just Bill Gates’ favorite acolyte Anthony Fauci) have stepped forward to back social distancing, lockdowns, masks and vaccines without the slightest scientific evidence, unless we confront another similar tragedy.

We must first go back to the original assault on science in America that took place twenty years ago and that made this COVID19 pandemic possible.

COVID19 would not have been possible if we had not been subject to an intensive anti-science campaign after the 9.11 incident.

After the September 11, 2001 “attacks” on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, hundreds of scientists stepped forward to assert that it was possible for two skyscrapers, constructed of steel and reinforced concrete, to collapse into dust simultaneously, after being hit by two planes.

That argument would not pass in a high school physics class, but Harvard professors, and the vast majority of public intellectuals, were happy to swallow that tale hook, line and sinker.

It was a moral bankruptcy in America, and a deep corruption of education and science, that made it possible for millions to accept a ridiculous conspiracy theory as the mainstream explanation for the 9.11 incident. Should it should surprise us, then, that, twenty years later, so many are ready to accept an even more ridiculous tale?

When will we start to make progress? When can we move beyond this COVID19 nightmare?

We will only do so when we recognize that the entire system is corrupt to the core and that we must engage in a revolutionary rebuilding of institutions, of culture and of habits that will make us ultimately more human, more intellectually rigorous, and also will lead us back to the values of our Constitution.


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