Selected Articles: #KillerVaccine

By Global Research News

Global Research, July 31, 2021

#Yes, It’s a “Killer Vaccine”. They Are Killing Our Children

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, July 28, 2021

We call on our readers and all humanity to question this diabolical “vaccine consensus” imposed by our governments, Big Pharma, the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation. And the mainstream media is complicit.

Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming

By Gérard Delépine, July 28, 2021

This article demonstrates unequivocally that mortality and morbidity has increased dramatically as a result of the vaccine. The incidence of Covid positive cases has also increased.

The “Killer Vaccine” Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, July 26, 2021

Let us be under no illusions, it’s not only “experimental”, it’s a Big Pharma “killer vaccine” which modifies the human genome. The evidence of mortality and morbidity resulting from vaccine inoculation both present (official data) and future (e.g. undetected microscopic blood clots) is overwhelming.

Don’t Get Jabbed: Powerful Video on “Killer Vaccine” that Needs to be Watched by Everyone

By JRickey Productions, July 29, 2021

Here is a must-watch, totally-truthful, science-based, vaccinology-literate video for anyone who is considering getting a booster (or even an initial) dose of any of the still-experimental, still unproven for long-term safety or efficacy, mRNA Covid-19 inoculations.  and then quickly forwarded on to loved ones before one of the many powers-that-be finds a way to shut it down.

Deaths from COVID Vaccines Are 407% Higher than All Cumulative Previously Reported Deaths from Other Vaccines

By Will Jones, July 29, 2021

VAERS – the American version of the Yellow Card reporting system – released new data bringing the total to 463,457 reports of adverse events following Covid vaccines, including 10,991 deaths and 48,385 serious injuries between December 14th 2020 and July 9th 2021.

Video: Graphene Oxide, A Toxic Substance in the Vaccine Jabs: Karen Kingston, Former Consultant to Pfizer, with Stew Peters

By Karen Kingston and Stew Peters, July 29, 2021

We bring to the attention of Global Research readers this important interview of Stew Peters with Karen Kingston, which provides evidence of what’s inside the mRNA vaccine vial.

Video: Urgent Warning About Poisonous Jabs – “An Agonizing Situation”

By Dr. Peter McCullough and Stew Peters, July 29, 2021

Dr. McCullough has had one full-year of dedicated academic and clinical efforts in combating the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in doing so, has reviewed thousands of reports, participated in scientific congresses, group discussions, press releases, and has been considered among the world’s experts on COVID-19.

The WHO Recommends Genetic Manipulation and Gene Editing of Humans “To Promote Public Health”

By Jens Bernert, July 30, 2021

Those who warned that Corona “vaccinations“ were the first step towards the genetic manipulation of humans faced harsh attacks from quality media, politicians and activists who denied this and ridiculed the corresponding fears.

Study on Electromagnetism of Vaccinated Persons

By Mamer and Amar Goudjil, July 28, 2021

For the past few months, hundreds of amateur videos have been popping up all over social media featuring people who have visibly become electromagnetic following vaccination. After many questions were raised by a number of our members about this “supposed” electromagnetic effect in vaccinated subjects, our association decided to take a concrete interest in this intriguing subject.

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Selected Articles: #Yes, It’s a “Killer Vaccine”. They Are Killing Our Children

29 July 2021

Video: Graphene Oxide, A Toxic Substance in the Vaccine Jabs: Karen Kingston, Former Consultant to Pfizer, with Stew Peters

29 July 2021

Vaccine Choice Canada Webinar: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis

30 June 2021The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Global Research News, Global Research, 2021

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