New Book: The Fatal Species: From Warlike Primates to Planetary Mass Extinction

By Dr. Andrew Glikson

Global Research, August 09, 2021

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This book presents a history which is nearing its nadir, where a species of warlike primates is destroying the delicate web of life perceived by Charles Darwin in The Origin of Species, committing a war against nature and the fastest mass extinction in the history of of Earth since 65 million years ago, with global temperatures incinerating the biosphere by several degrees Celsius, within a lifetime. Despite of this knowledge, Homo “sapiens” is proceeding to transfer every accessible molecule of carbon from the Earth crust to the atmosphere and hydrosphere, an auto-da-fe ensues of the terrestrial biosphere. As amplifying feedbacks to global warming—including fires, methane release, ice melt, and warming oceans—are intensifying, at a pace exceeding any recorded in the geological past, societies are pouring their remaining resources into wars. These include likely nuclear wars triggered by arsenals many thousands of missiles strong, posing an equal threat to human existence and that of many other species. Humans, having mastered fire, which allowed them to survive the extreme ice ages, have emerged in the current interglacial as major civilizations coupled with major bloodsheds, called “war”, engulfing multitudes of innocent yet betrayed humans. Long suffering from illusions of omnipotence and omniscience, paranoid fears, a warlike mindset, aggression toward the animals and disrespect of females, coupled with artistic excellence and technical brilliance, humans have become victims of a tragic conflict between the mind and the heart, with fatal consequences.

The Fatal Species: From Warlike Primates to Planetary Mass Extinction

By Andrew Y. Glikson

Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2021 edition (June 25, 2021)

ISBN-10: 3030754677

ISBN-13: 978-3030754679

Purchase the book here.

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