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Global Research, August 13, 2021Freenations

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The COVID vaccines offered (and now increasingly and illegally under international law) forced on people are experimental, did not go through complete animal testing, are not vaccines but gene therapy, have not been licensed and in the USA, the UK and Europe there have been over 25,000 deaths and millions of adverse reactions.

But those taking the vaccines have not been told of these reactions prior to being injected and therefore cannot have given “informed consent” as is required under the law – and the Nuremberg Code.

There are those who have died after refusing vaccines – but there have been many thousands who have died after taking the vaccine. At least we know that 93% of the latter were perfectly healthy before they were vaccinated (only 7% of the UK population has been infected and the vast majority of them mildly).

The vaccines, according to official figures, have also given the vaccinated COVID – 1170 (so called breakthrough) cases in the UK. Of those who contracted COVID from the vaccine the fatality rate was (for the Pfizer and AZ vaccines) over 6%. But the overall fatality rate in the UK is only 2.2%.

Contrast these facts with the White House Pandemic Response Coordinator who said (Yahoo news 6/8/21) –

“The vaccines continue to be exceptionally effective in protecting against severe disease and death. On the rare occasions when the coronavirus does break through the protections the vaccines offer, the resulting bout of COVID-19 tends to be mild.”

These political and corporate lies are seducing millions into taking a killer vaccine, one which is far more dangerous statistically for anyone under 50 than the danger of the virus itself. And the average age of those who have died with COVID (not OF COVID) is over 80.

By all means make up your own mind after reading the facts – but do not believe those official, corrupted sources who are proven liars.

COVID Lies and Manipulation

Government and corporatist fascist “fact checkers” (has an expression ever taken on the exact opposite of its meaning so quickly!?) have become expert at lies and manipulation of the truth as regards vaccinations, COVID cases and COVID deaths.

As we expect from a corporatist fascist society the State has not legislated to dismiss employees for not being vaccinated – but is sitting back and allowing state institutions to bar the unvaccinated and private corporations to sack their employees. This is classic arbitrary law (selective and different rules depending on your situation/beliefs – the hallmark of fascism.)

Equally arbitrary are the so called “COVID cases” which are of course not “cases” at all but merely those who have tested positive in the completely useless “lateral flow tests” and the equally useless PCR test (developed when the COVID virus had not even been isolated or sequenced) and now to be phased out in the USA.Vaccine Passports Illegal, Infections and Deaths after Vaccines, Government and Media Lies, the “Booster” Myth

Deaths from COVID are no more than about 12% of the actual figure, the rest being death from another cause but with the patient having tested positive within 28 days of death – often having caught the infection in hospital.

So the fatuous “tested positive with 28 days of death” is used by the Government when they count “cases of COVID” but when deaths following the vaccine are counted the same way suddenly they say “there is no proof the vaccine was to blame”.

The arbitrary twisting of definitions to suit State power is another characteristic of Fascism.

Money Corrupts Doctors Giving Vaccines

Despite their symptoms, some of those who reacted to their first vaccine dose are under pressure from GPs to have the second. Maybe because GP practices receive £25.16 for each double-jabbed person. With an average of 9,000 patients for each practice (although under-16s are not yet eligible for the jab so subtract one 6th – 1500) that could be a £188,000 incentive. See this.

Like these doctors we know that virtually every member of the Government’s SAGE Committee taking decisions during this epidemic worked for institutions in receipt of millions from the Bill Gates Foundation so the UK Medical and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (taking decisions on vaccine safety) received donations from Gates Foundation when gates himself makes hundreds of millions from those vaccines. Gates and the corrupted British medical establishment make David Cameron and the corrupted Westminster Parliament look like amateurs! Freenations already reported the corrupting research effects of Gates’s money at Keele University: see this.

The Vaccinated Are Infectious and Die

As we know from the official VAERS reported on this website tens of thousands of deaths and serious injury and long term injury has been caused by these experimental, unlicensed vaccines. AND THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT ILL PRIOR TO BEING VACCINATED.

In Germany the director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, (who was already leading a State financed autopsy project on people who have died from Covid-19) also autopsied more than 40 deceased vaccinated people.

He concluded that 30 to 40 percent died from the vaccination itself. The pathologist cited “rare, severe side effects of the vaccination – such as cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases”. See this.

The Vaccination Farce Revealed

Although this matter is far too serious to describe as a farce the following conversation between a caller and the Centre for Disease Control in the USA shows how useless the vaccination pushers are:

The first thing the CDC tells the caller is that he “should be poked – vaccinated – regardless of whether you already had COVID-19” this is despite studies which show NATURAL long term immunity after COVID (and very long term immunity after other coronaviruses). See this.

Extracts from the conversation:

ME: Um, if I’m healthy and don’t want the poke, is there any reason I should get it?

CDC: Yes, for the collective.

ME: How does the collective benefit from me getting poked?

CDC: Because you could spread the virus to someone else who might get sick and die.

ME: Can a poked person spread the virus to someone else?

CDC: Yes.

ME: So if I get poked, I could still spread the virus to someone else?

CDC: Yes.

ME: But I thought you just said, the REASON I should get poked was to prevent me spreading the virus? How does that make sense if I can still catch Covid and spread it after getting the poke?

CDC: Never mind that.

ME:    Are there a lot of people in the U.S. catching Covid after getting the poke?

CDC: We stopped tracking breakthrough cases. We accept voluntary reports of breakthroughs but aren’t out there looking for them.

ME: Does that mean that if someone comes in the hospital with Covid, you don’t track them because they’ve been poked? You only track the UN-poked Covid cases?

CDC: That’s right



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Featured image is from Children’s Health Defense

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