CDC’s Own Stats Show a “Pandemic of the Vaccinated” with Vaccine Injuries – 2,604,121 Injuries from 571,831 People Reported

By Brian Shilhavy

Global Research, August 20, 2021Health Impact News 19 August 2021

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Last month we reported on how the CDC’s proclamation that the U.S. is now facing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was a lie, with no stats to back up this assertion.

They claimed that “99%” of those being hospitalized with COVID were “unvaccinated,” even though reports and other stats proved just the opposite.

Even Republican Governors are perpetuating this lie to the American people. See: Republican Governors Join Biden and CDC in Blaming “Unvaccinated” for Alleged New COVID Hospitalizations

As regular readers of Health Impact News know, the U.S. Government has a tracking system to track reported injuries following vaccines, called “VAERS,” the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Here is what they say about the Government vaccine reporting system, which is on the website:


The CDC and FDA typically add new cases of injuries and deaths following COVID-19 vaccines every week, and you can read about the latest data dump into VAERS from this past weekend here.CDC: 11,940 Dead 618,648 Injuries and 1,175 Unborn Babies Dead Following COVID-19 Shots

As the U.S. Government admits above in the “About Us” section of VAERS, it is a “passive reporting system,” and “relies on individuals to send in reports of their experiences to CDC and FDA.”

So the big question has always been, just what percentage of actual vaccine injuries and deaths are represented in VAERS?

According to a report in 2011 that was prepared for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, less than 1%. See: Less Than 1% of Vaccine Injuries Reported in the Government National Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

The last VAERS report from this past weekend listed:

  • 12,791 deaths
  • 16,044 permanent disabilities
  • 70,667 emergency room visits
  • 51,242 hospitalizations
  • 13,139 life threatening events

following COVID-19 shots.

But what about total injuries reported following these shots? They are listed as “symptoms” in the VAERS database, and I had never done a search on total symptoms reported following COVID-19 shots.

So I did one today, and the search result returned 2,604,121 reported symptoms from 571,831 cases. You can see the results of the search here.

There are over 10,500 kinds of symptoms reported, and I copied that table into an Excel spreadsheet and sorted them from most reported symptoms to least, and the results are below.

To be fair, not all of the symptoms are injuries. They list some benign things such as lab tests, for example. But they are mostly injuries, because this is the purpose of the VAERS system, as the government admits. The purpose is to track injuries and deaths to see if there are any concerns.

The CDC says there are no concerns. The few concerns they do admit, they brush aside as “rare.” They claim blood clots, for example, are rare. (Source.)

They come up with very low numbers for a serious adverse event by narrowly defining the symptom, and ignore all others.

For example, if you search the table below for “thrombosis,” the most common “symptom” for blood clots, you will find 80 different kinds of thrombosis, with around 10,000 reports, in a passive system that may only represent 1% of the population of COVID-19 vaccinated.

Does that sound “rare”?

When all these COVID-19 vaccinated people start suffering from blood clots, where do you think they go?

To the hospitals.

And yet the CDC, FDA, and politicians want us to believe that there is a “pandemic of unvaccinated” and that “99% of hospitalizations” right now are unvaccinated?

Their own stats prove they are all LIARS!

I don’t know if this article, or another one that reports something similar to this will go viral enough to attract the attention of the corporate media or Big Tech “fact checkers” who will come in and try to cherry pick something in the stats that they will claim “proves” this is false, but there is one thing that nobody can refute:

From these 571,831 cases and 2,604,121 reported symptoms, NOT A SINGLE ONE IS FROM SOMEONE WHO IS UNVACCINATED WITH COVID-19.



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14 August 2021The original source of this article is Health Impact NewsCopyright © Brian ShilhavyHealth Impact News, 2021

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