Destroying the Narrative: 40 Reasons Why a COVID-19 Pandemic Never Existed

Part I By Jesse Smith Global Research, September 30, 2021Truth Unmuted 19 September 2021 This is the crisis of my lifetime. Even before the pandemic hit, I realized that we were in a revolutionary moment where what would be impossible or even inconceivable in normal times had become not only possible, but probably absolutely necessary…We will not... Continue Reading →

Killing Off Humanity: How the Global Elite Is Using Eugenics and Transhumanism to Shape Our Future

By Robert J. Burrowes Global Research, September 30, 2021 Fully understanding significant world events as they happened yesterday and unfold today invariably requires an understanding of the long arc of history; that is, knowledge about how the human world really works. Moreover, without that understanding, it is impossible to devise and implement an effective response. This... Continue Reading →

Forced Vaccination Was Always the End Game. America’s Move Towards Authoritarianism

By Barbara Loe Fisher Global Research, September 30, 2021National Vaccine Information Center 22 September 2021 With the exception of Pearl Harbor and Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have not been attacked by an enemy on our own soil. Unlike countries in Europe during World War II, America has never been occupied by a military force or locked down... Continue Reading →

Study Shows Anti-mosquito Pesticide Pyriproxyfen Link with Microcephaly

Five years ago, GMWatch was correct to draw attention to dangers of the chemical. By Claire Robinson and Jonathan Matthews Global Research, September 30, 2021GMWatch 24 September 2021 A recently published study shows that the common pesticide pyriproxyfen could exacerbate the already severe effects that the Zika virus can have on brain development. The researchers found that pyriproxyfen impairs thyroid hormone... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Taking a Toll on Mental Health, Causing Brain Damage and Neurological Disease

By Joachim Hagopian Global Research, September 30, 2021 The appalling Covid-19 vaccine agenda that humanity is now facing is not the only time that vaccines have been linked to mental disorders. According to the February 2017 Yale Daily News, the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry had just reported that a joint Yale University-Penn State study found that: Patients diagnosed... Continue Reading →

Video: Cops for Covid Truth: Message from Alexander Cooney to All Police Officers in Australia

By Alexander Cooney Global Research, September 30, 2021Illya O'Shea 24 September 2021 Watch Alexander Cooney, an ex-Senior Constable NSW Police Force Highway Patrol, share his message to all police officers in Australia. Similarities Of Medical Abuse In 1930’s Germany With Todays Covid19 Policies Related Articles Journalists and Dissent Under Attack In The United States 26 January... Continue Reading →

The Living Dead Pax Americana. War Inc. Rules. Cold War 2.0 against China

Perth in Australia will be a forward base for nuclear-powered and nuclear weapon-carrying American subs, Pepe Escobar writes. By Pepe Escobar Global Research, September 30, 2021Strategic Culture Foundation 29 September 2021 Pax Americana was always a minor character in a zombie apocalypse flick. Pax Americana is actually The Eternal Return of the Living Dead. “Pax” was never... Continue Reading →

U.S Army Physician Warns About Toxic Ingredients in COVID Shots

'Use of mRNA vaccines in our fighting force presents a risk of undetermined magnitude in a population in which less than 20 active-duty personnel, out of 1.4 million, died of the underlying SARs- CoV-2.' By Joel S. Hirschhorn Global Research, September 29, 2021LifeSiteNews 27 September 2021 This article celebrates the amazing bravery of a physician and senior military... Continue Reading →

Over 7,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign “Rome Declaration” Accusing COVID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

By Debra Heine Global Research, September 29, 2021American Greatness 24 September 2021 A “Physicians’ Declaration” produced by an international alliance of physicians and medical scientists strongly condemns the global strategy to treat COVID, accusing policy-makers of potential “crimes against humanity” for preventing physicians from providing life-saving treatments for their patients and suppressing open scientific discussion. The document... Continue Reading →

Why Are Americans Being Coerced to Submit to Injection with a Dangerous Substance that Is Known Not to Protect Against COVID but to Cause Death and Serious Health Injuries?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, September 29, 2021 The Israelis Have Now Admitted the Impotence of the “vaccine” on TV news: see this. If the “Covid Pandemic” is real, why have Denmark, Norway, and Sweden abolished all Covid restrictions and declared an end to the crisis? See this.  What explains the Vaccine Mandates?  It is known that the... Continue Reading →

Video: Nurse Whistleblower: Vaccines & Remdesivir Are Killing and Maiming, Not Fake Variant

By The Liberty Beacon Global Research, September 29, 2021The Liberty Beacon 9 September 2021 An anonymous nurse whistleblower, ‘Sarah’, speaks to Stew Peters about what she’s seeing in the US hospital she works at regarding the injured patients coming in. Her general perception about who is injured and why confirms the impressions of UK funeral director John O’Looney that we reported on... Continue Reading →

Videos: Israelis Rise Up Against Vaccine Passports After Being Told More Shots Needed to be Considered ‘Fully Vaccinated’

It is now expected to be announced that at least FOUR vaccinations will be needed to be considered ‘fully vaccinated’ By Steve Watson Global Research, September 29, 2021Summit News 27 September 2021 Protests have finally erupted in Israel as it has slowly dawned on people there that the goalposts for vaccine passports keep being shifted by the... Continue Reading →

Top Tennis Player Forced to Stop Competing Due to COVID-19 Shot Side Effects – Other Top Tennis Stars Say “No” to Shots

By Brian Shilhavy Global Research, September 29, 2021Health Impact News 26 September 2021 Former 2017 Davis Cup winner tennis player Jeremy Chardy recently announced he could no longer compete in professional tennis this year due to the crippling effects of the Pfizer COVID-19 shot. reports: A tennis star has admitted he does not know when he will return to... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Detention Camps: Are Government Round-Ups of Resistors in Our Future?

By John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead Global Research, September 29, 2021 “No doubt concentration camps were a means, a menace used to keep order.”—Albert Speer, Nuremberg Trials It’s no longer a question of whether the government will lock up Americans for defying its mandates but when. This is what we know: the government has the means, the muscle... Continue Reading →

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset” (link)

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset” Global Research E-Book, Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Updated September 2021 By Prof Michel ChossudovskyGlobal Research, September 28, 2021

The WEF and Davos Is “More than Just Forums”: A Strategy to Control the World

By Martin Armstrong Global Research, September 28, 2021Armstrong Economics 10 August 2021 Many people have asked if I attend DAVOS meetings. The answer is NO! I considered taking a booth there to display Socrates, but decided against it because the overall theme of Davos was the very opposite of my personal views and the forecast of Socrates which says... Continue Reading →

Covid in Saskatchewan. “Accidental drownings kill more kids than Covid”

By William Walter Kay Global Research, September 28, 2021 Covid-19 came to Saskatchewan (pop 1,179,906) on March 12, 2020. This highly infectious, deadly disease devastated 0.05% of the population; miraculously sparing 99.95%. Officially, Covid killed 658 Saskatchewanians. Persons aged 80-and-over account for 298 (45%) of fatalities. 60-and-over account for 85%. 304,000 Saskatchewanians are aged 19-and-under. Covid... Continue Reading →

New Study Warns Health Risks of COVID-19 Vaccines Are Too High in Children

By Cassie B. Global Research, September 28, 27 September 2021 A new report in the journal Toxicology Reports has warned that the health risks caused by COVID-19 vaccines are simply too high for children. Scientists from the United States and Europe reached this conclusion following a review of data showing that the risks related to vaccines outweigh... Continue Reading →

Scandinavian Governments Announce “COVID Is Over,” Israel Announces the Vaccine Doesn’t Protect

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, September 28, 2021 I have had confirmation of my report last Saturday that Norway has terminated all Covid restrictions (see this).  I am uncertain whether it is an immediate termination or the beginning of a phase out.  Norway’s equivalent to the CDC has downgraded Covid-19 to a strong flu. There will... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Federal Reserve Scandal

By Rep. Ron Paul Global Research, September 28, 2021The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity 27 September 2021 Following revelations that Federal Reserve officials made trades in financial assets while the Fed was taking extraordinary efforts to “stimulate” the economy, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell ordered a review of the Fed’s ethics rules. While these trades appear problematic,... Continue Reading →

Afghanistan: Where’s the Cash?

By Eric Margolis Global Research, September 28, 27 September 2021 Afghanistan’s US-run government was the world’s largest producer and exporter of opium, morphine, and the end-product, heroin. As it did after first seizing power in the mid-1990’s, Taliban, the Islamic anti-drug and anti-communist movement, is shutting down the Afghan drug trade. Billions worth of heroin, opium... Continue Reading →

Video: Radio Frequency Radiation and 5G Impacts on Health. Massive Scientific Evidence Ignored by FCC

Environmental Health Trust et al. v. The FCC. By Environmental Health Trust Global Research, September 27, 2021Environmental Health Trust 21 January 2021 “It was quite impressive to note how thoroughly the judges had read our brief in this complicated case. They asked pointed questions about what we have documented in our case to be the failure of... Continue Reading →

British Government Shocking Report on Side Effects of Corona Vaccines: Strokes, Blindness, Miscarriages

A report from the UK Medicines Agency reveals more side effects from the Corona vaccinations By Great Reject Global Research, September 27, 2021Great Reject 10 April 2021 In total, more than 30,000 vaccinees reported more than 100,000 adverse reactions to the vaccine by the end of January. Most notable are 13 people who went blind after the... Continue Reading →

The Great Chessboard: Will a Renewed U.S. ‘Operation Cyclone’ Threaten Afghanistan’s New Silk Road Future?

By Matthew Ehret-Kump Global Research, September 27, 2021Matthew Ehret's Insights 23 September 2021 With the recent pledge by China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan for renewed defense of Afghanistan’s sovereignty and right to develop, many have jumped the gun to celebrate a little prematurely. While watching a hegemonic wanna-be global overlord choke on humble pie is certainly satisfying, and while... Continue Reading →

More than 100 US Lawsuits Alleging Weed-killing Chemical Paraquat causes Parkinson’s Disease.

By U.S. Right to Know Global Research, September 27, 2021USRTK Multiple lawsuits are pending in the United States against Syngenta alleging the weedkilling chemical paraquat causes Parkinson’s disease. A notice of settlement was filed June 18, 2021 for several paraquat cases. See this document. But more than 100 lawsuits remain pending. . . The lawsuits name Syngenta as... Continue Reading →

Vaccine Passports, “Medical Martial Law” and the “Stockholm Syndrome”

All of these draconian measures have served as social engineering tools to get people used to having “experts” and government officials tell them what to do By Jesse Smith Global Research, September 27, 2021 Incisive article first publish on March 18, 2021. The Setup In March 2020,  former President Trump declared a national emergency and the... Continue Reading →

Big Pharma Conglomerate with a Criminal Record: Pfizer “Takes Over” the EU Vaccine Market. 1.8 Billion Doses

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, September 27, 2021Global Research 18 April 2021 First published by Global Research on April 27, 2021 All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). “Hundreds of millions of people have taken an... Continue Reading →

Italy Orders Companies Not to Pay Unvaccinated Workers

Unjabbed employees face large fines if they show up to work. By Paul Joseph Watson Global Research, September 27, 2021Summit News The Italian government has passed a decree applying to both the private and public sector ordering companies to withhold pay from workers who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The decree mandates that all employees... Continue Reading →

Killer Vaccine: CDC Director Overrules Agency’s Own Vaccine Safety Committee, Sides With FDA to Approve Boosters for ‘High-Risk’ Workers

By Megan Redshaw Global Research, September 27, 2021Childrens Health Defense The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disregarded the advice of the agency’s vaccine advisory committee, clearing the way for healthcare workers, teachers, and residents of long-term care facilities, homeless shelters and prisons to get a third Pfizer COVID shot.In an “unusual move,”... Continue Reading →

Stop the Covid Holocaust! Open Letter

We call upon you to stop this ungodly medical experiment on humankind immediately By Rabbi Hillel Handler, Hagar Schafrir, and et al. Global Research, September 26, 2021 Sent to: European Medical Agency  (EMA), European Union The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), U.K. The Australian Health Regulation Agency, AHPRA, Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia Medsafe, New... Continue Reading →

Vegan Restaurant Denies Me Service for Not Taking COVID Shot Derived from Fetal Heart Tissue

By John C. A. Manley Global Research, September 26, 2021 In CBC’s Morning Brief, yesterday, they reported: In Hamilton, Ont., The Hearty Hooligan, a vegan restaurant, warned customers last week through its Instagram account about provincial vaccine certificate requirements that began Wednesday. Head chef Matthew Miles said they’ve faced an onslaught of angry comments from people accusing them of... Continue Reading →

J’Accuse! The Gene-based “Vaccines” Are Killing People. Governments Worldwide Are Lying to You the People, to the Populations They Purportedly Serve

By Doctors for COVID Ethics Global Research, September 26, 2021Doctors for COVID Ethics First published on 21 July 2021, updated on 2 August 2021, 30 August 2021 and 16 September 2021. Urgent Open Letter For The Information Of: All Citizens Of The European Union (EU), The European Economic Area (EEA) And Switzerland All Citizens Of The... Continue Reading →

Video: Towards Digital Tyranny. # Say No to the Covid Vaccine Passport

What is the Infamous Agenda ID2020? Analysis by Peter Koenig By Peter Koenig Global Research, September 26, 2021 What is Agenda ID2020? Behind its development is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – with support of the Rockefeller Foundation – and others belonging to the sinister all-digitization, depopulation and eugenics agenda.  It is an alliance of public-private... Continue Reading →

What Everybody Needs to Know About the Annual Flu Shots, Before Giving Fully-informed Consent

How Big Pharma, the CDC and Big Medicine Have Deceived Us by the Cunning Use of Statistics – and Propaganda By Dr. Gary G. Kohls Global Research, September 25, 2021 The CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was born, just like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), as an important regulatory agency of the... Continue Reading →

“Vigil”: The BBC’s Submarine Drama Is the Anti-Russian Propaganda Machine in Action

By Johanna Ross Global Research, September 25, 2021InfoBrics 22 September 2021 The scene: a British nuclear submarine. A detective has been sent to investigate the death of a sailor. When she asks the Naval Commander why there needs to be so much secrecy, as Britain is not at war, he responds ‘That is an illusion. We have... Continue Reading →

Afghanistan and Beyond: End U.S. War-Making Everywhere

We need a reinvigorated anti-war movement. By Azadeh Shahshahani Global Research, September 25, 2021In These Times 21 September 2021 The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, after 20 years of brutal occupation, should just be the beginning. The United States must also end the disastrous ​“War on Terror,” including the bombing campaigns targeting Somalia and Yemen. And it must also put... Continue Reading →

Wanted: A Palestinian Front for All Seasons

By Rima Najjar Global Research, September 25, 2021 The Palestinian political scene remains bleak. The status quo in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip continues to be backed by the international community at the behest of the the Zionist regime, which is comfortable with having its cake and eating it too, and why shouldn’t it be? In... Continue Reading →

Video: US-led Coalition Denies Responsibility for Drone Strikes against Syria

By South Front Global Research, September 25, 2021South Front 23 September 2021 The U.S.-led international coalition denied responsibility for a drone attack that allegedly targeted al-Qaeda affiliated Horas al-Din commanders. Sources in Greater Idlib said that the target of the drone strike was either sheikh Abu al-Bar’a al-Tunisi, a leader of al-Qaeda-linked Horas al-Din, or the terrorist... Continue Reading →

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset” (link)

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset”

Canadian Election 44: No Mice in the Field of Cats

Topics not discussed during the election. With Yves Engler, Ken Stone and Matthew Ehret By Michael Welch, Yves Engler, Ken Stone, and Matthew Ehret-Kump Global Research, September 25, 2021 “You see, my friends, the trouble wasn’t with the colour of the cat. The trouble was that they were cats. And because they were cats, they naturally looked after cats... Continue Reading →

Austria Denies Social Programs to Non-Vaccinated. “Loose All Benefits”. The Gates Agenda

By Martin Armstrong Global Research, September 24, 2021Armstrong Economics 22 September 2021 Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, who was inaugurated as the Federal President of the Republic of Austria on January 26, 2017, has taken another undemocratic, authoritarian position that anyone unemployed because of the state’s lockdowns who refuses the vaccine will lose ALL benefits. This is absolute tyranny and a... Continue Reading →

Biden Pushing for Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials for Troops Who Refuse Vaccines

By Steve Watson Global Research, September 24, 2021Summit News 23 September 2021 White House claims anything but dishonourable discharge for refusing vaccines would “detract from readiness and limit a commander’s options for enforcing good order and discipline.” The Biden administration is pushing for dishonourable discharges and even court martialing for troops who disobey orders to get COVID... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Cover-up! Nurse Whistleblowers Reveal How They Are Pressured to Not Report Deaths and Injuries to VAERS

By Brian Shilhavy Global Research, September 24, 2021Health Impact News 23 September 2021 As we have previously reported here at Health Impact News, the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) now lists twice as many deaths following COVID-19 shots for the past 9 months as deaths following ALL vaccines for the past 30 years! Not only... Continue Reading →

CEO of Moderna Says Even Young Will Need to Take Vaccine Booster Shots Indefinitely

Two tier society that punishes the unvaccinated could remain in place forever. By Paul Joseph Watson Global Research, September 24, 2021Summit News 23 September 2021 The CEO of pharmaceutical giant Moderna says that even younger people will have to get vaccine booster shots at least once every three years, meaning that a two-tier society which punishes the... Continue Reading →

Australian Government Shuts Down Melbourne Construction Sites Amid Protests over Vaccine Mandates

Following violent demonstrations this week, officials in the state of Victoria closed jobsites for at least two weeks. By Jennifer Goodman Asia-Pacific Research, September 24, 2021Construction Dive 22 September 2021 All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). Visit... Continue Reading →

Putin the Poisoner? More Doubts over Attempts to Delegitimize Russia’s Leader

Attempts to delegitimize President Putin by making him an international poisoner is tragedy elevated by its absurdity to the level of farce. By Philip Giraldi Global Research, September 24, 2021Strategic Culture Foundation 23 September 2021 It seems that ever since Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election of 2016 the western media and numerous politicians have been... Continue Reading →

A Parable of (All-American) Violence

By Kelly Denton-Borhaug Global Research, September 24, 2021TomDispatch 23 September 2021 As a religious studies professor, I know a parable when I see one. Consider the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and the final events in this country’s war in Afghanistan as just such a parable taken directly from the history of our moment. The heart-wrenching... Continue Reading →

30,000+ Women in UK Report Menstrual Problems after COVID Shots, but Menstrual Issues Not Listed as Side Effect

By Megan Redshaw Global Research, September 23, 2021Children's Health Defense 22 September 2021 “If we were to follow the scientific method, as it was taught in textbooks … we would immediately see this observation of menstrual cycle changes in tens of thousands of women as a signal, for which necessary questions would need to be asked,” Dr.... Continue Reading →

The Revenge of White Colonialism Motivates the AUKUS Alliance Against China

By Danny Haiphong Asia-Pacific Research, September 23, 2021Friends of Socialist China The United States, United Kingdom, and Australia have formed an alliance called “AUKUS” to create, in the words of Australia PM Scott Morrison, “a partnership where our technology, our scientists, our industry, our defense forces are all working together to deliver a safer and more secure... Continue Reading →

‘This Cannot Happen’: Biden DHS Seeks Contractor for Migrant Detention Center at Guantánamo Bay

By Jessica Corbett Global Research, September 23, 2021Common Dreams 22 September 2021 The solicitation for bids—which requires some guards who speak Spanish and Haitian Creole—comes as the administration is under fire for mass deportations of migrants, including thousands of Haitians. “This is an embarrassingly bad decision. Do better.” That’s how U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) responded Wednesday to reporting that the Biden administration, already... Continue Reading →

Chromothripsis: Bad News for Gene Editing

By Claire Robinson Global Research, September 23, 2021GMWatch 22 September 2021 CRISPR gene editing is often presented as a straightforward, precise, and safe procedure. But recent research findings on CRISPR gene editing for gene therapy applications show it can lead to massive damage to chromosomes. The phenomenon is known as chromothripsis. An article in Nature Biotechnology about the new findings describes... Continue Reading →

Video: Berlin Corona Investigation. Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity: “We Are Dealing with Psychopaths”. Reiner Fuellmich

By Reiner Fuellmich Global Research, September 23, 2021Mark Taliano Reiner Fuellmich presents the results of the investigations of the Berlin Corona Committee to date. Watch the video below.$/embed/1631839169328/ad57744fe7170b4d0867b12e3d093083be00c9f2?r=Di8W6FFN8PjNMTR4Fg5YxCdzT1gesg2USame Fear, Different Year Related Articles Whistleblower: 25% of Residents in German Nursing Home Died After Pfizer Vaccine 2 March 2021 Video: German Lawyer Sues the World Over... Continue Reading →

Eurasia Takes Shape: How the SCO Just Flipped the World Order

By Pepe EscobarGlobal Research, September 23, 2021 As a rudderless West watched on, the 20th anniversary meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was laser-focused on two key deliverables: shaping up Afghanistan and kicking off a full-spectrum Eurasian integration. The two defining moments of the historic 20th anniversary Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan had... Continue Reading →

Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine for 5- to 11-Year-Olds Is Safe and Shows ‘Robust’ Antibody Response, Experts Say Not So Fast

By Megan Redshaw Global Research, September 23, 2021Children's Health Defense 21 September 2021 Pfizer plans to request Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA based on data from its phase 2/3 trial for children ages 5 to 11, as experts question the company’s data and need for kids to be vaccinated against COVID. Pfizer said Monday a phase... Continue Reading →

Global Economic Chaos? BlackRock and Citi Get on Board the “Climate Train”

By Chris MacIntosh Global Research, September 22, 2021International Man There are some things that bring joy to my soul. My pleasures are simple ones. Peanut butter on toast (the food of gods), witnessing Macron getting a slap, and this… The awesome thing here is that what is taking place is that our competition on bidding for... Continue Reading →

Indisputable Science. Diabolical Crimes against Humanity: “I Refuse to be Silent”: Stephen Lendman

By Stephen Lendman Global Research, September 22, 2021 What US/Western dark forces — including their public health fraudsters — and supportive MSM press agents suppress about flu/covid is most crucial for everyone to know. A personal note: Well into my 9th decade, I refuse to be silent about the most important issue in world history. Nothing... Continue Reading →

Canada’s Elections: People’s Party of Canada (PPC) Took a Firm Stance on the “Covid Mandate” and Vaccine Passport

By John C. A. Manley Global Research, September 22, 2021 I was expecting at least twelve seats won by Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada in yesterday’s Federal Election. They were the only party talking any sense when it came to their COVID-19 policy. They were the only logical choice on the ballots. This morning I woke... Continue Reading →

Covid Cases Fall in the Least Vaccinated Countries

Most Vaccinated Countries Holding Back World COVID Fall. By Rodney Atkinson Global Research, September 22, 2021Freenations 20 September 2021 World wide COVID daily cases have been falling since 19th August. They fell 24% between 19th August and 15th September but they fell least in the most vaccinated countries and most in the least vaccinated countries. In Scotland most hospitalisations and deaths... Continue Reading →

Thousands of Fetal Deaths and Injuries Now Reported Following COVID-19 Injections of Pregnant Women

By Brian Shilhavy Global Research, September 22, 2021Health Impact News 21 September 2021 There have now been 1,614 recorded fetal deaths following COVID-19 injections of pregnant women in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) as of 9/10/2021. (Source.) Everyone acknowledges and agrees that VAERS is vastly under-reported, but now we have an expert analysis on just how under-reported... Continue Reading →

New Hampshire House Speaker Files Bill to Block Vaccine Mandate

Bill would blunt impact of President Biden's new federal vaccine requirements to "prevent federal overreach, protect our citizens and prevent worker shortages should this mandate take place." By The Center Square Global Research, September 22, 2021Just the News 21 September 2021 New Hampshire House Speaker Sherman Packard is working on legislation that would ban state or local enforcement of... Continue Reading →

80 Groups, 57 Doctors, 19 Scientists Join CHD in Urging Pennsylvania to Reject ‘Smart Meters’ Mandate

By Children’s Health Defense Global Research, September 22, 2021Children's Health Defense 21 September 2021 Children’s Health Defense on Sept. 15 filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in support of a lawsuit challenging the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s interpretation of the state’s 2008 law mandating smart meters. Eighty safe-technology and environmental organizations on Sept.... Continue Reading →

Samuel Moyn’s Unprincipled Attack on Human Rights Giant Michael Ratner Is Shameful

By Prof. Marjorie Cohn Global Research, September 21, 2021 Samuel Moyn’s vicious and unprincipled attack on Michael Ratner, one of the finest human rights attorneys of our time, was published in the New York Review of Books (NYRB) on September 1. Moyn singles out Ratner as a whipping boy to support his own bizarre theory that punishing war crimes prolongs war... Continue Reading →

The Great Reset: Population Control and the Plotting of a “Managerial Revolution”

The Strange Case and Many Faces of James Burnham By Cynthia Chung Global Research, September 21, 2021Strategic Culture Foundation 17 September 2021 The roots of the Great Reset agenda can very clearly be traced back to 80 years ago, when James Burnham, wrote a book on his vision for “The Managerial Revolution,” Cynthia Chung writes. Klaus Schwab,... Continue Reading →

Capitalism “Has Not Served the American Economy Well” says “Champagne Socialist” Nancy Pelosi

By Adeyinka Makinde Global Research, September 21, 2021 In a speech titled “State of American Democracy” at an event held at Chatham House, London on September 17, 2021, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that capitalism “has not served (the U.S.) economy as well as it should”. Yet Pelosi, who argued that “you cannot have a system where the success... Continue Reading →

Experts Tell FDA Vaccines ‘Harm More People Than They Save,’ but NIH Director Believes Boosters Will be Approved in Coming Weeks

By Megan Redshaw Global Research, September 21, 2021Children's Health Defense 20 September 2021 During the Sept. 17 meeting of the FDA advisory panel to recommend whether to approve a third dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, physicians pointed to data they said confirm the risks of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine don’t outweigh the benefits. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director... Continue Reading →

Joe Biden: Nuclear Sorcerer’s Apprentice

By Manlio Dinucci Global Research, September 21, 2021 President Biden announced the birth of AUKUS, a strategic-military partnership between the United States, Great Britain and Australia, with “the imperative of ensuring long-term peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific”, the region that in Washington’s geopolitics extends from the West coast of the United States to the coast... Continue Reading →

COVID: The Movie, the Sequel to 9/11. “Virus, Virus, Fear, Fear …”

COVID is not about a virus. 9/11 was not about Al Qaeda terrorists. This is about control. You are being controlled. By John Shuck Global Research, September 21, 2021John Shuck Official Website 28 March 2020 Something is terribly, terribly wrong. I know you can sense it. I know there is a part of you that knows something... Continue Reading →

Worldwide Blood Trail of “Good Business”: The Trillion Dollar COVID-19 “Vaccine” Market

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel Global Research, September 21, 2021 Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and founder of the “Alliance for Human Research Protection”, said in an interview that the whole attraction of the COVID 19 vaccine empire is the expected trillion-dollar market. Profiteers are Big Pharma and all the politicians, scientists, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and corporate media... Continue Reading →

COVID Vaccines Bloody Travesty: From Shots to Clots

By Joel S. Hirschhorn Global Research, September 20, 2021 People face a difficult decision on whether or not to take an experimental or even approved COVID vaccine for the first time or as a booster shot. So much information tells the ugly story of people who have suffered illness or death because they were not vaccinated.... Continue Reading →

Patriarch Bartholomew Is a Proxy of US Interests Against Russia

By Paul Antonopoulos Global Research, September 20, 2021InfoBrics At the “World Orthodoxy: Primacy and Sobornost in the Light of the Orthodox Doctrine” conference on September 16, a joint presentation was made by Metropolitan Nikifor of Kykkos and Tylliria and Metropolitan Isaiah of Tamassos and Orini of the Church of Cyprus. The joint presentation given at the... Continue Reading →

9/11 and Afghanistan Post-Mortems: Lessons in Safe Logic

By Edward Curtin Global Research, September 20, 2021 In the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the 20th anniversary of the mass murders of September 11, 2001, the corporate mainstream and alternative media have been replete with articles analyzing the consequences of 9/11 that resulted in the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and its alleged withdrawal... Continue Reading →

Why Is Southeast Asia So Concerned About AUKUS and Australia’s Plans for Nuclear Submarines?

By Prof. James Chin Asia-Pacific Research, September 20, 2021The Conversation 20 September 2021 The announcement of a new strategic alliance between Australia, the US and UK (AUKUS) has caught many by surprise. Besides France, which reacted with fury over Australia’s scrapping of a major submarine deal with a French company, few countries were as surprised as Australia’s neighbours to... Continue Reading →

India State of 241 Million People Declared COVID-free after Government Promotes Ivermectin

By Global Research, September 20, 18 September 2021 The state of Uttar Pradesh in India, which has the equivalent of two-thirds of the United States population, has been declared COVID-free, the state government announced last week. There are no more active cases of coronavirus in the 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh, which has a population... Continue Reading →

The Case Against Vaccine Passports

By David Cayley Global Research, September 20, 2021First Things 16 September 2021 I was alerted to what was coming at the end of July. Under the headline “The time for debating vaccines passports is over,” Globe and Mail health columnist André Picard wrote that “it would be irresponsible, not to mention politically and economically self-defeating, to not try limiting the... Continue Reading →

Selected Articles: Canadian Elections: Conservative Leader O’Toole’s COVID Plan: “Vaccines on Steroids”

By Global Research News Global Research, September 20, 2021 Bluetooth Vaccine? Does the Injected COVID “Non-Vaccine” Connect with Devices? By Makia Freeman, September 18, 2021 Is a bluetooth vaccine the next phase of weirdness associated with the rollout of the experimental COVID non-vaccines? Is bluetooth connectivity or compatability another effect of the vaccine? The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It... Continue Reading →

Escaping the Brave New World: Transhumanism, Utopias and Eugenics

By Matthew Ehret-KumpGlobal Research, September 19, 2021 First published by Global Research on May 18, 2021 *** What are the roots of the transhumanist movement that is currently shaping so much of today’s Zeitgeist under such themes as Elon Musk’s Neuralink, Ray Kurzweil’s “singularity point”, and Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revolution? In this Escaping the Brave New... Continue Reading →

The “Secret Agenda” of the So-called Elite and the COVID mRNA Vaccine. “Reducing World Population”?

To the Final Battle! By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel Global Research, September 19, 2021Global Research 10 April 2020 Important and timely article, first published on April 10, 2020 “The International” is the world-renowned battle song of the socialist labor movement. The English version of the original French text reads: “Wake up, damned of this earth, who are... Continue Reading →

The Covid Outbreak: “Biggest Health Scam of the 21st Century.” Report by 1500 Health Professionals

United Health Professionals (UHP) Report By United Health Professionals Global Research, September 19, 2021 First published by Global Research on February 25, 2021 “We are health professionals of the international collective : United Health Professionals, composed of more than 1,500 members (including professors of medicine, intensive care physicians and infectious disease specialists) from different countries of... Continue Reading →

The European Union’s New Security Policy

By Andrew Korybko Global Research, September 19, 2021 The overall trend is that the EU is taking the formulation of a comparatively more independent security policy a lot more seriously than before after this month’s series of interconnected events involving the US. It’ll remain a work in progress and one which will likely take a lot... Continue Reading →

George Grant and the Subversion of Canadian Nationalism

By Matthew Ehret-Kump Global Research, September 19, 2021 “Canada originally was put together by two groups of people who didn’t have much in Common, but did not want to be Americans” The above words taken from a 1973 interview of George Grant present a remarkable irony: One of the most influential founding fathers of the “new nationalism’ which... Continue Reading →

Where Is the Virus? Dr. Janet Menage, BMJ

By Janet Menage Global Research, September 19, 2021BMJ 4 September 2020 This article was first published in September 2020. We are told that the virus is everywhere – in the air, in our breath, on fomites, trapped in masks – yet public health authorities seem not to be in possession of any cultivable clinical samples of the... Continue Reading →

Canadian Elections: Conservative Leader O’Toole’s COVID Plan: “Vaccines on Steroids”

By William Walter Kay Global Research, September 19, 2021 “I have no doubt that the scientific and public health officials monitoring this crisis have the best intentions.” Erin O’Toole (1) Canada’s Recovery Plan, (2) the Conservative’s go-to 2021 campaign doc, devotes ten pages to Covid. Under “Beating Covid-19 through vaccinations and testing” we learn: “Canadians will... Continue Reading →

Video: Dr. Zelenko’s Perspective on Treating Covid-19 Patients. Keeping Them Out of Hospitals

Dr. Zelenko Schools Israeli Rabbinic Court By Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Global Research, September 19, 2021tenfingeredsword 24 August 2021 Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and his team has successfully treated 6,000 patients and trained hundreds of physicians. He has attended to public officials from the US, Israel and Brazil.  Dr. Zelenko’s experience has given him a unique perspective in approaching COVID-19, basically to... Continue Reading →

Bluetooth Vaccine? Does the Injected COVID “Non-Vaccine” Connect with Devices?

By Makia Freeman Global Research, September 18, 2021The Freedom Articles 25 May 2021 Is a bluetooth vaccine the next phase of weirdness associated with the rollout of the experimental COVID non-vaccines? Is bluetooth connectivity or compatability another effect of the vaccine? It’s been a string of bizarre events, and the high strangeness shows no signs of ending. First, we discovered the COVID... Continue Reading →

Europe’s U.S. Lackey Parliament in Unhinged Attack on Russia

SCF Editorial September 17, 2021 -- "Information Clearing House - "Strategic Culture Foundation " -  Just as the Russian Federation goes to the polls in legislative elections this weekend, the European parliament launched an unprecedented attack on Russia’s sovereignty. Some 74 percent of Europe’s 669 members of parliament (MEPs) voted on Thursday to approve a report calling for a staggering array... Continue Reading →

Hello, China? This is the Pentagon Calling…

By Tom Clifford September 17, 2021 -- "Information Clearing House - " Counterpunch " - Chinese hardliners just had their stance justified by the erratic, verging on unhinged, behavior in the United States and by its military. First the storming of the capitol on Jan 6. Seen from Beijing it looked like a failed coup, a botched but serious attempt... Continue Reading →

How US police mine Google for your location and search history

By Johana Bhuiyan September 17, 2021 -- "Information Clearing House - "The Guardian" -  It was a routine bike ride around the neighborhood that landed Zachary McCoy in the crosshairs of the Gainesville, Florida, police department. In January 2020, an alarming email from Google landed in McCoy’s inbox. Police were requesting his user data, the company told him, and McCoy had seven... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Basics of 21st-Century Democracy, Autocracy, and Capitalism

By Richard D. Wolff September 17, 2021 -- "Information Clearing House -  Democracy exists if and when a community organises its self-governance around the full participation, on an equal basis, of all the members of the community. Its other, autocracy, exists when a community organizes (or allows) its governance by an individual or subgroup of that community,... Continue Reading →

Experts Accuse CDC of ‘Cherry-Picking’ Data on Vaccine Immunity to Support Political Narrative

By Megan Redshaw Global Research, September 17, 2021Children's Health Defense 16 September 2021 Mounting evidence shows natural immunity to COVID trumps vaccine immunity, but experts say the CDC is ignoring the long-standing science of natural immunity and manipulating data to support “what they’ve already decided.” There is now a growing body of literature showing natural immunity not only confers... Continue Reading →

Are These Findings the Death Blow for Vaccine Passports?

By Dr. Joseph Mercola Global Research, September 17, 2021Mercola More than 15 studies now show the natural immunity you get after recovering from COVID-19 is far superior and more long-lasting than what you get from the COVID shot Lawsuits challenge vaccine requirements that fail to accept natural immunity as an alternative to the COVID injection Todd... Continue Reading →

Judge in New York Temporarily Halts State’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

By Arsenio Toledo Global Research, September 17, 2021A Final Warning 15 September 2021 All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). Visit and follow us on Instagram at @crg_globalresearch. *** Healthcare workers in New York have been given a reprieve... Continue Reading →

‘AUKUS’ Military Alliance Is Another Western Attempt to Isolate China

The ever-denser web of military interconnections that Washington is weaving is going to lead straight to Cold War. By Sarang Shidore Global Research, September 17, 2021Responsible Statecraft The announcement that the United States and the United Kingdom will help Australia build nuclear submarines, enhance U.S. troop presence, and jointly collaborate on cyber, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies has been... Continue Reading →

Video: Gulag Fencing Goes Back Up Around Capitol; Trump Warns ‘It’s a Setup’

Complete with a motion sensing watchtower By Steve Watson Global Research, September 17, 2021Summit News The black prison-like fencing that was a mainstay around Capitol Hill during the first half of the year has gone back up ahead of a protest scheduled this weekend, which President Trump has warned is a “setup”. The fencing has been... Continue Reading →

Canadian Philosophy Professor Julie Ponesse Fired for Refusing to Get Vaccinated

By Bright Light News Global Research, September 17, 2021Bright Light News 16 September 2021 * Note to readers: Please click the share buttons above or below. Follow us on Instagram, @crg_globalresearch. Forward this article to your email lists. Crosspost on your blog site, internet forums. etc. Our thanks to Mark Taliano for bringing this to our... Continue Reading →

Selected Articles: Stop the COVID Holocaust! Open Letter

By Global Research News Global Research, September 17, 2021 Stop the Covid Holocaust! Open Letter By Rabbi Hillel Handler, Hagar Schafrir, and et al., September 16, 2021 It is obvious to us that another holocaust of greater magnitude is taking place before our eyes. The majority of the world’s populace do not yet realize what is happening, for magnitude... Continue Reading →

Another Look at 9/11: Ask Not ‘What Happened?’ but ‘Who Did It?’

By Philip Giraldi Global Research, September 16, 2021Strategic Culture Foundation All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). Visit and follow us on Instagram at @crg_globalresearch. *** The twentieth anniversary of 9/11 last Saturday has raised many of the... Continue Reading →

Workers Are Being Put in “The Line of Fire”: Organized Labour and Mandatory Vaccines

By Prof. Anthony J. Hall Global Research, September 16, 2021 Throughout the previous year, governments and corporations have crushed the exercise of our human rights, constitutional rights, and civil liberties on a massive scale.  The scope of the violations integral to the assault on people’s rights is now being rapidly extended into the imposition of government-sanctioned... Continue Reading →

Local Detroit TV Asks for Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from COVID – Gets over 180K Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead Instead

By Brian Shilhavy Global Research, September 16, 2021Health Impact News 15 September 2021 The corporate media narrative that unvaccinated people are filling up the hospitals and dying from COVID is quickly falling apart, perhaps faster than they even expected. WXYZ TV Channel 7 in Detroit asked their viewers on their Facebook Page last Friday to direct message them if... Continue Reading →

Twilight’s Last Gleaming. Biden’s So-called Vaccine Mandates. Judge Napolitano

By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano Global Research, September 16, 2021Creators Syndicate “This is not about freedom or personal choice.” — President Joseph R. Biden, Sept. 9, 2021 It was scandalous and infuriating to hear President Joseph R. Biden argue last week that his so-called vaccine mandates somehow have nothing to do with freedom or personal choice. In saying that,... Continue Reading →

US Plans to Support and Finance the Afghan Mujahideen from Early 1979

By Shane Quinn Global Research, September 16, 2021 It was surely no coincidence, as the Jimmy Carter administration was looking on in horror at “the loss of Iran” in early 1979, that Washington rapidly moved to increase its presence in the Middle East and surrounding regions. A principal area of focus for the Americans was Afghanistan,... Continue Reading →

J’Accuse! The Gene-based “Vaccines” Are Killing People. Governments Worldwide Are Lying to You the People, to the Populations They Purportedly Serve

By Doctors for COVID Ethics Global Research, September 16, 2021Doctors for COVID Ethics First published on 21 July 2021, updated on 2 August 2021, 30 August 2021 and 16 September 2021. Urgent Open Letter For The Information Of: All Citizens Of The European Union (EU), The European Economic Area (EEA) And Switzerland All Citizens Of The... Continue Reading →

Fake US Covid-19 Statistics: CDC Counts Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated Deaths

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, September 16, 2021 This is the way the corrupt agency blames Covid deaths on the unvaccinated. So far most deaths from the vaccine occur during the first two weeks.  To blame these deaths on the lack of vaccination instead of on the vaccine, the CDC rules that you are not... Continue Reading →

Restricting US Military Aid to Israel

By Nadya Tannous September 16, 2021 -- "Information Clearing House - "Al-Shabaka" -  The Unity Intifada, which erupted following the Israeli regime’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, its attack on worshipers in the Aqsa mosque complex, and its vicious assault on Gaza in May, garnered Palestinians unprecedented support from activists and policymakers across the world, and even in the halls of Capitol... Continue Reading →