Canadian Elections: Conservative Leader O’Toole’s COVID Plan: “Vaccines on Steroids”

By William Walter Kay

Global Research, September 19, 2021

“I have no doubt that the scientific and public health officials monitoring this crisis have the best intentions.” Erin O’Toole (1)

Canada’s Recovery Plan, (2) the Conservative’s go-to 2021 campaign doc, devotes ten pages to Covid. Under “Beating Covid-19 through vaccinations and testing” we learn:

Canadians will likely need booster shots to protect against Covid-19. We need to be ready… Conservatives will implement a plan to ensure that Canada has faster and more consistent access to vaccines and that we have rapid access to booster shots to deal with future variants.

Beating Covid through testing requires designated testing teams at all border-points and airports. Under the Conservatives, all prospective entrants to Canada, citizen or not, will submit to one or more Covid tests. O’Toole would: mass distribute home-testing kits; ramp-up testing inside elementary schools; and, fast-track testing technology approval.

The chapter, A Detailed Plan to Protect Canada from Future Pandemics,leads with:

We know that we will face more Covid-19 variants in the years to come… Conservatives will ensure that our country is ready to face future pandemics…

O’Toole’s mission: “bolster our infectious disease and pandemic infrastructure.

O’Toole covets vaccine stockpiles. He wishes to overhaul federal infectious disease procedures with a view to improving early warning, and contract-tracing, capabilities. His Plan twice promises a national Covid/Vaccine data-base.

O’Toole commits to “making Canada one of the best jurisdictions globally for pharmaceutical research and development” by ending Liberal “hostility” toward the “global biomedical sector.”

Partnering with business will allow O’Toole to grow Canada’s biomaterials industries. Universities will also partner, thereby facilitating: “domestic vaccine (human) research testing.

O’Toole wants: a) increased pharmaceutical R&D spending; b) increased production of vaccines, and other “infectious control products and biomaterials”; and c) increased PPE production. He shamelessly pitches tax-breaks, subsidies and tariffs for Big Pharma.Was the Whole Pandemic About the Vaccine?

O’Toole schemed openly during several election-orientated Global, CBC and CTV news-pieces. (He protested no misquotes). Details in these articles and videos appear nowhere on the Party’s website.


I’ve been very clear – vaccines are the most critical tool in us fighting Covid-19. We encourage all Canadians to get vaccinated.” (3)

Prime Minister O’Toole would force Canada’s vaccination rate “beyond 90%” in two months. (4) He previously threatened “90%.” This upped the wager.

Fifteen to 20% of Canadians militantly oppose coercive vaccination. A third of this cohort will soon buckle, leaving a hardcore of at least 9% (3.3 million). By promising to press into 91-2% territory, O’Toole macho-signals, to key elites, a determination to combat hardcore resistance.

O’Toole proclaims ‘Beyond 90%’ achievable through: a) sick-leave for worker’s undergoing vaccination; b) free transportation too and from vaccination centres; and c) “appeals to patriotism.” Less overt are his primary stratagems; each designed to poke the bear.

O’Toole demands “accelerated authorization of vaccines for children under the age of 12” (5); i.e., vaccinating kids over the explicit protests of their parents.

O’Toole will implement a “national proof-of-vaccination system” (6); i.e., ensnaring the un-vaxxed with inter-provincial travel restrictions.

Early auditioning landed O’Toole the role of village scold. Erin breaks a sweat gossiping about the scandalous disregard of social distancing protocols at Justin’s soirees. Likewise, he denounces Covid Resistance protests at hospitals as “completely unacceptable.” (7)

A glimpse at O’Toole’s authoritarian planet came during an attack on Bernier, wherein Erin opined:

Let me be frank. The single worst thing I, or any other leader, could do is turn a question of public health into one of political division.” (8)

Doubting public health officials… – worst crime imaginable?


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Featured image is from Wikimedia Commons

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15 September 2021The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © William Walter Kay, Global Research, 2021

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