For Some Nursing Students, Vaccine Mandate Is a Deal Breaker

By Annmarie Timmins Global Research, October 01, 2021New Hampshire Bulletin 27 September 2021 As the state prepares to hire a recruiting firm to bring desperately needed health care workers to New Hampshire, some nursing students with safety concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine are leaving their nursing programs over vaccine mandates. A new state law prohibits most of... Continue Reading →

Army Physician and Aerospace Medicine Specialist Calls on Pentagon to Order All Pilots Who Have Received COVID-19 Vaccine to be Grounded

By J. D. Heyes Global Research, October 01, 2021Dangerous Medicine 29 September 2021 All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). Visit and follow us on Instagram at @crg_globalresearch. *** A U.S. Army doctor who is also a specialist in... Continue Reading →

An Autonomous Robot May Have Already Killed People – Here’s How the Weapons Could be More Destabilizing than Nukes

By Prof. James Dawes Global Research, October 01, 2021The Conversation 29 September 2021 Autonomous weapon systems – commonly known as killer robots – may have killed human beings for the first time ever last year, according to a recent United Nations Security Council report on the Libyan civil war. History could well identify this as the starting point of the... Continue Reading →

Imperialist Tensions: AUKUS Makes Workers Pay for War with China

By Mick Armstrong Global Research, October 01, 2021Red Flag 23 September 2021 We are witnessing an aggressive build-up by the US and its allies for a confrontation with China. The Biden administration is making massive upgrades to the US’s military capacity, and sharply reorienting it to focus on China. At the same time, the US is waging... Continue Reading →

If There’s No Proof the Virus Exists, End All Lockdowns, Masks, Trax and Vax Actions

By Dr. Kevin Corbett Global Research, October 01, 2021GoPetition 31 July 2020 First published on July 31, 2020 Independent peer-reviewed scientific evidence proving the so-called virus ‘SARS-CoV-2’ is isolated and purified is required by 05 September 2020, otherwise measures against something which does not exist must end. We were REFUSED a Parliamentary Petition to enlist public support... Continue Reading →

General Mark Milley Strikes Out Demonstrating What Is Wrong with the American Military

There is no solid evidence, only innuendo, that Trump ever seriously contemplated war with China, Philip Giraldi writes. By Philip GiraldiGlobal Research, October 01, 2021Strategic Culture Foundation 30 September 2021 Most Americans do not know that in the United States currently there are approximately 900 Active-duty generals and flag officers to lead 1.3 million troops in the... Continue Reading →

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