Pfizer Lobbying Hits Decade High as Dozens of High-Profile Political Appointees Become Big Pharma Reps

Republicans and Democrats alike are now working for the Big Pharma lobby By Natalie Winters and Raheem Kassam Global Research, October 08, 2021The National Pulse 6 October 2021 Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent vaccine rollout, pharmaceutical giants including Pfizer and Moderna have substantially increased their lobbying efforts, a National Pulse investigation has revealed. The lobbying apparatuses at both... Continue Reading →

Examining the Methods and Means of COVID Propaganda Dissemination

By Gary Weglarz Global Research, October 08, 2021 It is useful to identify and examine the many facets and the all encompassing nature of American/Western propaganda systems in our efforts to better understand why so many people have great difficulty in sorting truth from fiction regarding the “covid pandemic” narratives.  The following outline and commentary are an... Continue Reading →

Defeat or Victory? The War on Afghanistan (2001-2021)

By Michael Welch, Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Prof. John Ryan, and Prof Rodrigue Tremblay Global Research, October 08, 2021 “But again, the thing to emphasize here is that we’re not eager to have the United States come in and become an occupying power in Afghanistan… At the same time, we want to see to it that what is left behind... Continue Reading →

The Glasgow Climate Agenda: Global Warming to 2⁰C and Beyond

By Dr. Andrew Glikson Global Research, October 08, 2021 “Burning all fossil fuels would create a different planet” (Hansen, 2016) While at present the world is necessarily investing in medical research in order to save the lives of millions, global warming is threatening the lives of billions over the century. Yet, authorities are hardly listening to what... Continue Reading →

Video: “Did We Ever Ask Granny?” Emergency Physician Dr. Rochagné Kilian Exposes Health Care Corruption

By Dr. Rochagné Kilian and Dr. Sam Dube Global Research, October 08, 2021The Fifth Doctor 27 September 2021 On August 23rd, 2021 during a town hall meeting, Dr. Rochagné Kilian resigned her clinical position at the five hospital Grey Bruce Health Services (G.B.H.S.) system, where she was employed as an emergency physician, IN PROTEST of the impending vaccine mandate. In this... Continue Reading →

COVID Vaccine Contents, What’s Inside the Vial? Scientific Findings Reveal Microscopy Images

By Makia Freeman Global Research, October 08, 2021 COVID vax contents are beginning to be exposed by various independent doctors around the world. In previous articles, I covered the evidence and/or analysis presented by Dr. Robert Young and Dr. Carrie Madej, which included the discovery that some of the COVID fake-vaccines included graphene, metallic nanoparticles, PEG and parasites such as... Continue Reading →

Bayer Wins Roundup Trial; Plaintiff Fails to Prove Exposure Caused Child’s Disease

By Carey Gillam Global Research, October 08, 2021US Right to Know 6 October 2021 The former Monsanto Co., now owned by Bayer AG, notched its first win in the mass tort U.S. Roundup litigation on Tuesday, defeating at trial a mother who alleged her use of Roundup exposed her child to the pesticide and caused him to... Continue Reading →

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