The Canadian Government Must Protect Hassan Diab!

By Hassan Diab Support Committee

Global Research, October 19, 2021Hassan Diab Support Committee

Open Letter from Legal Professionals in Canada Supporting Dr. Hassan Diab

118 members of the legal profession and legal scholars in Canada recently signed an open letter to Justice Minister David Lametti calling on the Minister to take immediate action to protect the rights of Dr. Hassan Diab by (1) giving immediate assurances that Canada will not accept nor accede to a second request for Hassan’s extradition; (2) urging France to put an immediate end to this continuing miscarriage of justice; and (3) suspending the extradition treaty with France.

Read the open letter and view the list of signatories here.

Neve, Aiken and Champ: Canada’s Next Justice Minister Must Defend Hassan Diab’s Rights

“Will France have the audacity to seek Diab’s extradition a second time? Will it instead opt to try him in absentia, itself a flagrant violation of fair trial rights? Either way, Diab and his family, who have been trapped in a Kafkaesque world of injustice for 14 years, currently face the prospect of several more years of the same. It is intolerable and it must end. That is why we recently joined more than 100 lawyers and legal academics in an open letter to Minister Lametti during the recent election, urging him to convey to French authorities that Canada will not in any way continue to participate in this profound miscarriage of justice.”Dr. Hassan Diab to Trial prolongs a 13-year Miscarriage of Justice

Read the full opinion piece by Alex Neve, Sharry Aiken, and Paul Champ in the Ottawa Citizen here.

Should We Really be Handing Them Over?

“Under the current law, a state requesting extradition need only shows up with a summary of the evidence it claims to have. But that summary cannot be challenged or tested, says Robert Currie, a Schulich School of Law professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax. ‘It’s an unfair process.’… Currie says that the Diab case is an egregious example of how the Supreme Court’s intention in Ferras has failed. ‘If Hassan Diab could be committed for extradition, then there’s no meaningful way to challenge it at all,’ he says. ‘The judge just becomes a rubber stamp on the whole thing.’”

Read the full article by Dale Smith in the Canadian Bar Association’s National Magazine here.

Please Send a Letter to Prime Minister Justice Trudeau

We need to keep the pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government to protect Hassan and end the Kafkaesque injustice he is facing.

Please send a letter to PM Trudeau and the Canadian government. You may write your own letter, or send the online letter at:

If you live in Canada: copy of the letter will be sent to your Member of Parliament)

If you live outside Canada:

Thank you for your continued support!


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Featured image: Hassan Diab, the Ottawa professor who was extradited to France by the Canadian government as a suspect in a decades-old terror bombing.  (THE CANADIAN PRESS)  The original source of this article is Hassan Diab Support CommitteeCopyright © Hassan Diab Support Committee, Hassan Diab Support Committee, 2021

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