The Role of QR Codes: Russia’s Planned Regulation of the Unvaccinated. Australia Leads the Way for “Quarantine Camps”

By Gino Edwards

Global Research, October 27, 2021

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When you read the Russian State controlled media, TASS, you begin to see the truth accidentally (yet on purpose) creep / leak out. The Russian fake media Tass reports… See this.     

“The system of QR codes for vaccination against coronavirus, introduced in a number of regions of Russia to improve the epidemiological situation, should stay in place until the level of herd immunity in the country reaches at least 80%, Alexander Gintsburg, head of the Gamaleya Center (developer of Sputnik V vaccine), told TASS.

“Until at least 80% are vaccinated, we should keep this tight distance between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated by means of QR codes. This approach has already shown its effectiveness in many countries, where they have kept restrictions for the unvaccinated to visit certain places, use the infrastructure,” he said.

“Until at least 80% are vaccinated, we should keep this tight distance between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated by means of QR codes. This approach has already shown its effectiveness in many countries, where they have kept restrictions for the unvaccinated to visit certain places, use the infrastructure,” he said.

So it is revealed now that they will use QR codes to regulate the unvaccinated in Russia yet the QR code is being rolled out in every country (to use infrastructure).

Because every government regardless of politics is untrustworthy and will always ‘creep’ towards authoritarian control, we see that in Russia they will use the QR code to regulate human access and freedom of movement until vaccinated.

It is now openly revealed that the Russian government which pretends to be free is still authoritarian and we in the so called ‘free west’ can expect the same policies.

“…..the authorities ensure strict control over the availability of QR codes. But if it is not done properly and there is no strict divide between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated…….”

The availability of QR codes means access and the freedom /restriction of movement.

How do you divide the vaccinated / compliant from the noncompliant / unvaccinated?


Australia is building possible quarantine / concentration camps such as ‘Wellcamp’, the camp that comes with its own airport and defence facility! Does this sound normal? YES! Australia’s ‘Wellcamp’ comes with its own defence precinct. See this.

This article gave some statistics. Queensland had 6 deaths yet it had conducted 2,042,714 tests. The statistic does not mention if those deaths include other infections or causes of deaths (or age).

See this.

It does mention people can be taken to ‘Wellcamp” and not have any interaction with the public whatsoever.

The nazi’s tattooed a version of the QR code onto their concentration camp residents.

The Final Solution. Full Digitization. “The QR Codification of the World”

Source: Alamy

The following map shows the nazi locations of their ‘Wellcamps”,

This article expresses how you can have a QR code which can be used to monitor how much you consume from a public water fountain.

When you press “pour,” the screen tells you what percentage of your daily goal you’ve met, and reminds you that you’re “making an impact.”

This is certainly ‘Orwellian’. Because today it can count how many times you refill your water bottle and tomorrow it can restrict how many times you refill your water bottle.

In the link below you can use the public water fountain to obtain free water or be a really good person and donate money via a QR code to underprivileged communities in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Tanzania or Uganda.

Also note the first of these charity-free water fountains was released at  NORTHWOOD MILITARY BASE in North West London.

See this.

Yet at the end of the article promoting ‘free water’ it clearly states “The scheme has been designed to make it very simple for consumers to contribute, with the QR code allowing payment via Paypal, Apple Pay, Credit or Debit card.”

The sign shows how to use ‘double speak’ it promotes ‘Free Water when you Buy A Bottle.’ If you are an idiot you will agree with this.

So let’s do some maths. It’s possible to get your own personal QRcode when you get vaccinated and the QR code can be used to obtain free water but also to stop you obtaining free water because you buy the bottle. 1 + 1 + 1 = our future.

Below is a picture of a sign that was made at the Colorado School of Mines. It was worth going through the effort to make the sign promoting a QR code bottle filler but not to fix the free water fountain.

Here is a public water fountain where you can see the introduction of modern technology and the QR code for access.

The way you can access this water source is to scan your phone, in the future it will be your embedded microchip and personal QR code.

Your unborn children will be allocated their QR code at their birth. Your birthed children will be allocated their QR codes sometime in the near future. Keep checking your renewed ID’s, drivers license and passports for a QR code. It’s coming! Globally. Especially as it is being unleashed in Australia today.

See this.

“Minister for Digital and Customer Service, Victor Dominello….There is no excuse not to check-in everywhere you can – businesses and customers all have a part to play to keep NSW safe,”

“In the same way customers routinely check into cafes, restaurants and bars, we need them to adopt the same approach when visiting a supermarket, retail store and workplace. Inspectors have been asked to monitor the situation alongside the NSW Police.”

Its coming for you and your family members.

Mandatory QR codes for access and freedom!?! Just trust Ronald Mcdonald.

At McDonalds a QR code campaign is being introduced. See this.

“I took a scan of the QR code on my cup to find out where McDonalds wants to lead customers.”

I made the effort to read the article and commentary. I noticed every comment was entered twice word for word. The lazy programmer only used a photo once per double comment to pretend they were public comments.

We are entering a dark period in our so-called free societies. Our societies are Orwellian and totalitarian. We were given apparent free choice and with fake Coronavirus and modern technology being used against us it is going to be a dark period with the imaginary Coronavirus ending our freedoms on a global scale.

Yet that isn’t the scary information.

Are we entering a deliberate depopulation period? Also known as genocide? Remember Rwanda.

We will all require a Health passport soon!


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