The Poison Peddlers: Doping the World for Fun and Profit

By S. M. Smyth

Global Research, October 28, 2021

Chemical warfare is nothing new. As early as 428 BC the Spartans were burning wood soaked in resin and sulfur for use against their enemies. — Matt Novak, Tripping Through the Cold War: Drug Warfare in the Retrofuture

There is no America.  There is no democracy. . . . The world is a college of corporations inexorably determined by the immutable by-laws of business. . . . [a] perfect world in which there is no war and famine, oppression and brutality — one vast and ecumenical holding company . . .  in which all men will hold a share of stock, all necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.  And I have chosen you to preach this evangel. — Network

The pharmaceutical companies are an amoral bunch. They’re not a benevolent association. . . Once one is dancing with the devil, you don’t always get to call the steps of the dance.  —A psychiatrist, quoted in the Boston Globe, 2002. [1]

The main reason we take so many drugs is that drug companies don’t sell drugs, they sell lies about drugs. — Dr. Peter Gotzsche. [2]

A Marriage Made in Hell: Drug Companies and War

War has long been one of the best ways to make money.  But now Big Pharma may be superseding the arms industry in profitability. And with money comes power. The vast profits in drug dealing by the world’s pharmaceutical companies stagger the imagination.

According to Bill Sardis, ‘Big Pharma has the world by the tail.

The profits are only exceeded by even vaster political influence. Political clout. You need a lot of clout to coerce nations into kowtowing to your demands. And, indeed, the kingpin of the pharmaceutical firmament, Pfizer, was ‘accused of “bullying” governments in COVID vaccine negotiations.’ [3]

Drugs have long been used as weapons of war, so what could be more fitting than arms dealers joining forces with drug dealers? Not of course, merely in a sordid and clandestine manner befitting adventures with intelligence agencies and criminal pushers, funding ‘black ops,’ while the politicians prate about ‘the war on drugs.’ 

No, no, we are long past that sort of titillating under-the-table footsie. Now we have the glorious, ecumenical, and ubiquitous combination of war, bioweapons, and lucrative corporate skullduggery delivered in a planet-encompassing press kit of theatrical excitement. Fun for the whole military-intelligence-industrial-congressional complex extended family.

Drugs as Weapons Against Enemy Populations The Evils of Big Pharma Exposed

States have a long history of making use of chemicals and disease agents to make war on their enemies. Wikipedia classifies drugs as an ‘incapacitating agent.’

States have also a long history of experimenting on their own populations with a callous disregard quite equal to the rapacity with which soulless corporate entities exploit their victims, a.k.a. customers, and lay waste to the environment, placing their faith in ‘externalities’ to pick up the slack. Why pay for damage to people and planet when you can get someone else to foot the bill? 

‘Ray Anderson . . . describes the corporation as a “present day instrument of destruction” because of its compulsion to “externalize any cost that its unwary or uncaring public will allow.”’ [4]

Peter Andreas notes: ‘We should recognize the many ways in which the centuries-old nexus between drugs and war has also been about statecraft and the pursuit of the state’s strategic objectives. . . In various ways and in various forms, drugs made war and war made drugs’

Now, many seemingly sovereign nations have taken it into their collective heads to march in lockstep to make war on the handiest enemy of all: their own people. And, as profiteers rub their hands with glee at the prospect of a new war, and arms dealers break out the champagne, so Big Pharma and their fellow biotechnology travellers have gotten into the act. 

They have gone the old-fashioned highwayman’s ‘Stand and deliver!’ one better. Not just your money or your life: they want both. Of course it may take a while to kill you, but in the meantime they will fleece you of all you possess.

Taking to heart the dictum of Thomas Hobbes that ‘the two cardinal virtues of war are force and fraud,’ drug companies are eager to help out state health bureaucrats, as they climb to new heights of mendacity and coercion.

From these breezy mountaintops, they can survey the world laid out before them, as a ten year old can gaze at his troops lined up in a video game. Heady indeed to play with the compliant, to perform experiments on them, to toy with them for their own pleasure and profit, making their victims pay for their own victimization—the cruelest cut of all.

‘As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport.’ William Shakespeare, King Lear, Act 4, Scene 

Pacification for the Nation 

The conqueror, whether of the military or corporate variety, needs to have his idea of himself reinforced. He needs to recruit the people he controls in order to successfully suppress and oppress them. He needs, not only to control the body, but also the mind of his subjects. He needs, as an occupying army, to “pacify them.”

Snake oil has long been a lucrative business and the sale of opium has featured in the diabolical dance of drugs and war for several centuries, as any historian can tell you. And many have stated that the opioid epidemic is largely the result of sweetheart deals for doctors and drug companies, as Dr. Gary Kohls has pointed out. in America’s Hidden Iatrogenic Epidemic of Drug and Vaccine-induced Disorders. [5]

Joel Bakan’s The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power quotes from commodities broker Carlton Brown: “there is always “opportunity in devastation.” And Chris Hooper, an ad director says: “I’m sucking Satan’s pecker.”

If the natives get restless under the yoke of oppression and exploitation, sick from food that has no nourishment, drugs that do not cure, and vaccines that provide no immunity, drug companies are only too ready to seize the opportunity to provide surcease from pain, whether of the mind or the body. After all, relief is only a prescription away, as full page magazine ads and television commercials will seductively tell you.

Such power must be intoxicating, even a kind of addiction, for the providers of such aid. And surely that sort of power cannot be corrupting, as motivated by the desire to do good. The billions involved must be merely incidental.

How impossible to believe such as they could be corrupted, putrified and petrified into stone idols, with hearts as hard as obsidian.


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S.M. Smyth was a founding member of the 2006 World Peace Forum in Vancouver, and organized a debate about TILMA at the Maple Ridge City Council chambers between Ellen Gould and a representative of the Fraser Institute.


[1] As quoted by Dr. Gary Kohls in Big Pharma: How They Manipulate American Medical Doctors, Global Research, June 24, 2015

[2] Dr. Peter Goetzsche, as quoted in Prescription Drugs Are Killing Us – Meet One Doctor (Out of Many) Who Published a Paper About It, by Arjun Walia of Collective Evolution. 

[3] Source: Madlen Davies, Rosa Furneaux , Iván Ruiz, Jill Langlois, ‘Held to Ransom’: Pfizer Demands Governments Gamble with State Assets to Secure Vaccine Deal, Bureau of Investigative Journalism (Feb 23 2021

[4] The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, by Joel Bakan, Viking Canada, 2004. 

[5] Drug-Induced “Iatrogenic” Disorders: The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US and Britain, By Dr. Gary G. Kohls, Global Research, January 17, 2018The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © S. M. Smyth, Global Research, 2021

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