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A month-long Campaign for Truth, Peace and Solidarity

By The Global Research Team

Global Research, November 25, 2021

We are into the second year of this whole COVID-19 pandemic and instead of normalcy, “democratic governments” are  sleep-walking into tyranny. People are stripped of their rights and freedoms. Those who resist the globalist agenda of mass vaccination suffer from discrimination and unemployment.

And while there is significant data on vaccine injuries and deaths, governments and the corporate media report in chorus that “the benefits outweigh the risks”. If this is the kind of “democracy” we live in today, what will be the future of our children and their children?

Global Research has strived to report daily on the true nature of the COVID-19 crisis amid waves of censorship and smear campaigns. Fortunately, we managed to get past them, thanks to our readers.

Dear Readers,  This holiday season, would you be our own Santa and “make our wish come true”?

By doing any of the following, you will contribute to Truth in Media, while extending the readership of Global Research Worldwide:

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The Global Research TeamThe original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © The Global Research Team, Global Research, 2021

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