Three Questions to Ask About America Not Fighting a War with China

China has no reason to and many reasons not to attack Taiwan By Peter Van Buren Global Research, December 07, 2021Hooper's War 1 December 2021 Before you read another story claiming war among China, Taiwan and the U.S. is getting closer, or relations are entering dangerous territory, or long-standing issues may soon be settled by any means necessary, ask yourself these... Continue Reading →

The Russia-India Defense Cooperation Pact. India’s Purchase of the S-400 Missile Defense System

By Paul Antonopoulos Global Research, December 07, 2021InfoBrics Russian President Vladimir Putin visited India on December 6. Cooperation on COVID-19, climate change, and military deals were topics of discussion. A 10-year defense cooperation pact and 28 agreements were signed. Highly placed Russian defense sources speculated that the final deal for the Kamov Ka-226T light utility helicopters would be one of the... Continue Reading →

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