“We Citizens are being Psychologically Attacked with the Aim that we Obediently March towards the Abyss”

Resist the Beginnings! “Medicine Is Prepared Too Late, When the Evils Have Grown Stronger Through Long Hesitation”.

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

Global Research, December 08, 2021

The saying “Wehret den Anfängen!” [Resist the Beginnings] does not come from the time of German fascism, but today it is associated with National Socialism and is meant to warn against pernicious developments.

It says that we have probably learned too little from the past to prevent something similar to the Holocaust in the future.

Historically, the winged word comes from the Roman poet Ovid (43 BCE to circa 18 CE) in his writing “Remedia amoris” (Remedy for Love). Using the expression “Principiis obsta” he described that an unhappy love should be discarded from the beginning and then continues: “Sero medicina parata, cum mala per longas convaluere moras.” That is, “Medicine is prepared too late, when the evils have grown stronger through long hesitation.”

“Corona fates – Shocking report from an Australian quarantine facility”

When I read the report by Australian Hayley Hodgson in “RT.DE” today, I thought on the one hand of the depressing interviews of Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav and her fellow sufferers, and on the other hand as the famous quote by the German Protestant theologian and leading representative of the Confessing Church Martin Niemöller: “When the Nazis took the Communists…” Pastor Niemöller developed into a resistance fighter against Nazism in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.Video: What’s Going On? Athletes Dropping Like Flies. Heart Disease Endemic in Young Athletes.

Mrs Hodgson spent 14 days continuously healthy and tested negative at the Howard Springs Quarantine Camp near Darwin in the Australian federal territory of Northern Territory. In an interview, she reported that she felt like a criminal and was not allowed to leave the camp early. As she could not go to work for 14 days, she also lost her job. (1)

After reading the harrowing report, as a post-war born German I asked myself only one thing:

What are we waiting for? We citizens are being psychologically attacked en masse with the aim that we obediently march towards the abyss.

The central question for me is still: Why are we letting this happen? Enough words have been exchanged.

“When the Nazis took the communists…”

“When the Nazis took the communists,
I kept silent,
I wasn’t a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I kept silent,
I wasn’t a Social Democrat.

When they took the trade unionists,
I kept quiet,
I wasn’t a trade unionist.

When they came for me,
there was no one left
who could protest. (2)


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Dr Rudolf Lothar Hänsel is a retired rector, educationalist and graduate psychologist. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.


1. https://de.rt.com/international/127979-schockierender-einblick-in-australische-covid-19-quarantaeneeinrichtung/

2. http://martin-niemoeller-stiftung.de

Featured image is from AAP: Glenn CampbellThe original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Dr. Rudolf Hänsel, Global Research, 2021


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