Student Sues University of Lethbridge, Alberta Over Vaccine Mandate

Hayley Nassichuck-Dean applied for a religious exemption with both the U of L and her soccer team but was denied. She inquired about taking online classes but was also refused. By Melanie Risdon Global Research, December 13, 2021The Western Standard 10 December 2021 A student at the University of Lethbridge (U of L) is suing the institution... Continue Reading →

‘Truth, Justice and the American Way.’

By Lynne McTaggart Global Research, December 13, 2021Lynne McTaggart 10 December 2021 That was the motto given to Superman, of all people, in comic books. It started out as just ‘truth and justice’ when the DC Comics’ superhero first appeared in 1938, but then the originators added the last bit about the ‘American way’ as an... Continue Reading →

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns the U.S. National Guard Deployment to Horn of Africa

On International Human Rights Day, BAP calls for the U.S. to end its military occupation of the African continent By Black Alliance for Peace Global Research, December 13, 2021Black Alliance for Peace 10 December 2021 The US Africa Command, AFRICOM, has launched “Task Force Red Dragon,” which includes more than 2,000 Virginia National Guard (VNG) personnel (by... Continue Reading →

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