33 Million Canadian Devices Monitored, 87% of Canadians Movements Spied On. This is Covid 19, (1984)?

By Press For Truth

Global Research, January 15, 2022Press for Truth

On Parliament Hill, John Brassard, the Conservative critic for ethics and accountable government discussed the Public Health Agency of Canada’s decision to collect data from millions of mobile devices to understand travel patterns during the COVID-19(84) pandemic.

This is being done without parliamentary approval and also unbeknownst to the Canadian people.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth proves that this agenda to track trace and database everyone during Covid-19(84) is nothing new and that the big brother surveillance control grid has been the plan all along while also most importantly explaining what you can do right now to help mitigate the presence of big brother in your life.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/eDLZvIR3RSIVideo: Dr. Charles Hoffe Delivers A Dose Of Reality on mRNA Vaccine You Can’t Afford To Miss!!!The original source of this article is Press for TruthCopyright © Press For TruthPress for Truth, 2022


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