The Sinister Social Agenda behind the Covid Crisis: Interview with Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

In the Serbian magazine “Geopolitika” (

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel and Geopolitika

Global Research, January 24, 2022

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Interview questions already answered on 16 June 2021, but interview appeared only in the January / February Geopolitika issue 2022.

“Rudolf Hänsel, renowned scientist in the field of education, graduate psychologist, in an interview with “Geopolitika” magazine ‘Serbs, follow the teachings of Archibald Reiss’”.

Geopolitika: Dear Mr. Hänsel, you are one of the most active German intellectuals dealing with the geopolitical situation in the world. You have been particularly active since the beginning of the so-called Corona pandemic. How do you see the emergence of the corona virus and what is the ultimate goal of the Covid-19 project?

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: First of all, I would like to thank you for the appreciation you have shown me. I am glad that the important magazine “Geopolitika” will appear again and that I will have the opportunity to express my personal opinion.

Then two things to clarify: a free thinker never claims to have the truth. For the free mind there is an unlimited number of truths to be discovered and subject to change. What is true is what is not a dogmatic shackle and does not separate people into believers and non-believers or those of other faiths, but rather benefits the coexistence of people and promotes their understanding. In this sense, I am only giving my personal opinion. And as a guest in your country, the dictates of decency forbid me to express criticism of your government’s policies.

Now to your questions: I feel it is my civic duty not to leave political and social developments to politicians alone, but, in the spirit of the Swiss poet and politician Gottfried Keller, to step outside the front door myself to see what’s what.

Despite the rising mood of fear and panic about a possibly deadly virus, I did not fall into an obedience reflex at the beginning of 2020, but discussed what was going on in the world with safe friends. We felt very quickly that something was rotten in the state of Denmark. Since I grew up free of fear, my parents did not demand absolute obedience from me and I was able to study psychology in adulthood with an excellent psychotherapist, a student of Alfred Adler, I retain my common sense even in difficult situations.

Since the civil societies of all countries were the leading victims of the state-imposed deprivation of liberty and other coercive measures, I felt that civil disobedience, vocal protest and genuine solidarity with the victims of state despotism were the order of the day. In countless comments and articles, which are clearly compiled in “Global Research” (, I have therefore tried to educate my fellow citizens and to encourage them to say no.

The emergence of an invisible and threatening “enemy” in the form of a virus was, according to independent scientists, planned and virtually acted out decades ago by an ultra-rich global “elite” and its institutions, which is why it can be assumed that the virus was deliberately brought among the people by a bio-lab.

The goal of the Covid 19 project should by now be well known to all alert and well-informed citizens. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos called it “The Great Reset” in his publications.

Geopolitika: Most people do not seem to see the real danger lurking behind the Covid 19 mask, which is the fulfilment of the UN Agenda 2030, whose goal is a monopoly on seeds, food, water, the depopulation of humanity, the abolition of cash, digital man and total control of life. Do you agree with my statement?

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: The majority of people who do not have access to alternative media cannot see the danger because of the sinister role of the mass media. These are entirely at the service of their governments, do not publish any dissenting expert opinions, and every day they fuel anew the citizens’ fears of a possibly agonising death by suffocation.

Therefore, as a rational, well-informed and self-thinking person, one can fully agree with your statement.

Geopolitika: As a professional psychologist, can you tell us what consequences the Corona crisis and the political measures taken have for people’s mental health? Are children more affected? Are there statistics on how many people have committed suicide?Depression, Fear of Life, Suicidal Thoughts: For Heaven’s Sake, Talk to the Youth and Listen to Them!

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: The consequences for the mental health of the people affected are catastrophic and irreparable. In the meantime, not only independent psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors and sociologists report on this, but also government institutions. Depression, exaggerated fears, insomnia, suicidal thoughts and completed suicides are mentioned unanimously.

Our children and young people are particularly hard hit by the inhumane political measures such as social distacing, bans on cultural and sporting leisure activities and digital lessons: Feelings of loneliness, fear of life, increase in computer game addiction and drug use, domestic (also sexual) violence as well as suicidal thoughts and completed suicides were and are the result. I wrote the well-received article “We are killing our children’s souls” on this subject, saying that parents, teachers and educators are complicit if they do not stand up against this lockdown madness.

I don’t know official statistics on this issue because they are not published. But I have read a lot of horror stories from heads of German youth psychiatries.

Geopolitika: From a professional point of view, can you tell us why people around the world are afraid of death because of the virus, even though all the relevant facts show that the mortality rate from the virus is much lower than from, for example, cardiovascular diseases and cancer? Does the mainstream media influence people’s awareness so strongly?

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: Yes, that is correct: the mainstream media play a sinister role worldwide. According to national and international agreements, they are obliged to provide truthful information to citizens and to promote peace. They could thus make an important contribution to educating and encouraging people. But the opposite is the case: they are tools and servants of heavy men behind the scene who pull the strings. On their behalf, they stir up irrational fears day after day. This leads to an obedience reflex and mind paralysis in most people. Stirring up irrational fears has been a tried and tested means of discipline and domination since time immemorial.

It is the business of journalists in the mainstream media to distort the truth, bluntly lie, pervert, vilify, grovel at the feet of mammon and sell their own country and people for their daily bread. These journalists are, in a sense, “intellectual prostitutes” (John Swinton). This is why alternative media and independent magazines are crucial in raising the consciousness of the people.

Geopolitika: How do you think the story will end with the Corona pandemic? While the “world’s legal team” led by lawyer Dr. Reiner Füllmich filed lawsuits against the WHO, Bill Gates and all governments involved in the Corona genocide, the “creators of human destiny” announce a new, even more deadly virus wave. So a game without borders?

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: The worldwide class action lawsuit of the German lawyer Reiner Füllmich and his qualified team is a great hope for the peoples, because the situation is very serious. But who can predict whether it will succeed in view of the worldwide corruption in all professions.

Furthermore, renowned medical experts report that the gene therapy experiments that have been carried out for some months now with the so-called vaccinations will have a very disastrous effect on the vaccinated people in the following years. As we know, the all-knowing eugenicists are planning to reduce the world’s population.

Also disturbing are press reports in alternative media that the present health dictatorship will be followed by a climate dictatorship – after the Corona lockdown a climate lockdown. The current Corona measures and “newly discovered” virus variants would only be a prelude to what would soon follow. It would indeed be a satanic game without limits. Let us hope for the best.

Geopolitika: You are closely following the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. How do you see this conflict and is it being manipulated by NATO and America to get as close as possible to the borders of the Russian Federation?

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: I think that you don’t have to be a historian to see the role that the US-NATO and many European governments have played in the conflict you mentioned since the Ukraine coup in 2014. It is a game of fire. One can only hope (and pray) that this conflict does not degenerate into open war. At any rate, the US-NATO is doing everything it can at the moment to provoke Russia and is crossing “red lines” in the process. How long will Russian President Putin put up with this?

The peoples of Europe do not want a war against Russia. See a “Public Declaration” initiated by me and a friend in the “Neue Rheinische Zeitung” (NRhZ) of 8/9 May 2018 in five languages with the possibility to sign: “We Europeans say NO to a war against Russia!”

Geopolitika: Why does the Western world not understand the Slavs, especially the Serbs and Russians? Slavs are even seen as a low race.

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: This is an important question. It would be the task of historians, sociologists, cultural scientists and other experts to scientifically clarify when and why these prejudices against Slavic people and peoples arose. What I can contribute to this question is modest: I believe that it is geopolitical reasons that led to the inhuman prejudices and why they continue to be upheld. The Vatican plays a decisive role in this. Christians within Slavic peoples are in fact viewed and treated quite differently from Orthodox fellow citizens.

As I said, these are prejudices that have nothing to do with reality. But these prejudices have existed for generations and it is high time to erase them from the minds of arrogant Western rulers. The “ordinary” people, in my opinion, do not have them.

Geopolitika: In intellectual circles you are considered to be a person who is very familiar with the political situation in the Balkans, especially in Serbia. How do you see the current geopolitical situation in Serbia? What advice would you give to the Serbian leadership?

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: Although I am a friend of the Serbs and have lived here for over a year and a half, I doubt I am familiar with the political situation in your country. Moreover, as a German who was very kindly received in Serbia, it is not for me to give advice to the political leadership. The only thing I can contribute to your question comes from the political testament “Ecoutez, Serbes!” / “Uyjte me, Spbi!” by the Swiss criminologist and university professor Rudolf Archibald Reiss, a great friend of Serbia.

In his appeal of 1 June 1928, Reiss denounced both the politics and the society of Yugoslavia and Serbia because they seemed to him thoroughly corrupt. But he implored the Serbian people: “Do not allow the nation (…) to be enslaved by a handful of criminal profiteers and usurers. (…) Remember your glorious past, the ‘true’ democracy of the peasant community, morality, hospitality and patriotism.”

Geopolitika: How would you evaluate the Serbian people? What are the good and what are the bad sides of the Serbian people?

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: I cannot and do not want to evaluate the Serbian people. They are a people like many other peoples. Courageous, full of life and capable of suffering. But one quality stands out: the Serbian people do not moan about their fate – and that distinguishes them very pleasantly from my pampered compatriots and the other Westerners.

Geopolitika: At the end of the interview I would like to ask you how you see the future of the world? Will the satanic agenda of the New World Order and the resetting of the old civilisation continue, or will good prevail as 95% of the world’s population wants – as opposed to the minority who rule from their shadows?

Dr. Rudolf Hansel: As a psychologist and because of my research work as an educationalist, I am convinced that human beings are good and social. The striving for violence and the sick lust for power of a few is the result of their upbringing and the capitalist system. I therefore hope that good will eventually triumph. But this will not happen automatically, that is, without our courageous action.

The greed for power and the desire for violence in society must be reduced and instead community feelings must be cultivated and strengthened. If we muster the courage to give up the fear of authority and the accompanying obedience reflex and make use of our own intellect, then we will associate with our fellow human beings in freedom and build a humane future together with them – for ourselves and our children.


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Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a graduate psychologist and educationalist. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is from CODEPINKThe original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Dr. Rudolf Hänsel and Geopolitika, Global Research, 2022

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