Patient Betrayal: The Corruption of Healthcare, Informed Consent and the Physician-Patient Relationship

By James A. ThorpThomas Kenny, and et al.

Global Research, May 05, 2022

The Gazette of Medical Sciences 1 March 2022

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Background and Purpose

The purpose of this study is: first, to review disciplinary threats made to healthcare professionals by their governing bodies in the US; and second, to review medical literature for complications related to the COVID-19 vaccines and data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), particularly those related to pregnant women and women of reproductive age.

The authors also aim to bring attention to the populace, healthcare workers, and healthcare administrators that illegal and unconstitutional gag orders have been placed on all healthcare workers in the US, and to alert everyone that no healthcare worker can be trusted since they are under a gag order which renders informed consent null and void. It is our intent to put governing bodies of healthcare workers on notice that they will be held accountable and lay legal groundwork for possible Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) violations, collusion, and fraud. These potential criminal acts, exposed in a court of law, can pierce legal immunity of Big Pharma and others, and pierce any perceived immunity given to hospitals and organizations via the CARES ACT.


Communications from the regulatory bodies for healthcare workers were reviewed. We reviewed the medical literature for complications related to the experimental gene therapy injections since rollout of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. We analyzed the VAERS data specifically to gauge overall deaths, menstrual abnormalities, fetal malformations in pregnancy, and pregnancy loss using in the platform.


In a September 2021 Statement Regarding Dissemination of COVID-19 Misinformation, the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ABOG) threatened their 22,000+ constituents with disciplinary actions, including revocation of licensures and board certifications. In this statement, ABOG referenced the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), and the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). There are 1,013 peer-reviewed medical journal publications documenting morbidities and mortalities of the experimental COVID-19 nucleic acid therapy. VAERS data demonstrate a significant risk associated with this experimental gene therapy in women of reproductive age and pregnant women.


ABOG and other authoritative bodies regulating healthcare workers issued inappropriate gag orders on their constituents, thus preventing informed consent and destroying physician-patient relationships. Many reputable sources of data, medical literature and VAERS signal DANGER for the use of COVID-19 vaccines, especially during pregnancy and in women of reproductive age. ABOG must retract their inappropriate threats and recommend against the use of COVID-19 “vaccination” in pregnancy until long-term prospective trials are conducted.


A recent publication in the British Medical Journal cast concern about the impropriety of the Pfizer data. The author, Paul D Thacker reviews a litany of breaches of expected experimental integrity [1]. Many mainstream medical journals and professional organizations receive financial support from pharmaceutical advertising and thus have financial incentives to collude with Big Pharma. Despite the global rollout of COVID-19 “vaccines”, the de-identified participant level data underlying the trials for these new products remain inaccessible to doctors, researchers, and the public [2]. Big Pharma is the least trusted industry [3] and at least three of the many companies making COVID-19 vaccines have past criminal and civil settlements costing them billions of dollars, with one pleading guilty to fraud [4]. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many new pharmaceutical billionaires and vaccine manufacturers report tens of billions in profit [5]. Doshi and Healy maintain that physicians should not recommend vaccines when full transparent data are not publicly available [6]. Appropriate testing was not completed prior to the roll out of the COVID-19 “vaccines” in women of reproductive age, nor was Big Pharma’s data made available to public scrutiny.

The term “cartel” frequently conjures images of illegal drug activities engaged in by groups seeking to fix and control markets. However, a “cartel” is any group of independent corporations and/or entities who band together to control the production, distribution, and pricing of a market or commonly shared commodity [7]. Despite significant signs of danger about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, governing bodies of healthcare professionals have banded together in cartel- like fashion, issuing threats to destroy the livelihood of physicians and other health care providers for alleged dissemination of “misinformation” about COVID-19. A term of deception crafted by various cartel entities “misinformation” is used to label anything that would tend to create COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. In other words, “misinformation” is used to discredit alternative views and seeks to prevent honest and truthful communication with a patient about the experimental gene therapy’s known and very real dangers. This honest and truthful communication is necessary for a physician to provide informed consent.

Using the cartel example, these commonly shared commodities are the COVID-19 vaccines – which are not traditional, immunizing vaccines at all [8], but prophylactic treatments for COVID-19 which carry serious and significant risks. The cartel-like entities seek to collectively control the market by promoting COVID-19 vaccines as the only option for pregnant patients, despite other prophylactics and treatments which have a proven safety record in pregnancy. The cartel-like entities in this instance seek also to prevent pregnant patients from being able to make decisions related to these experimental vaccines which is informed by the emerging scientific data. In what can be likened to “fixing” the market in favor of administration of universal COVID-19 vaccines – thereby maintaining their monopoly on COVID-19 vaccines as the only treatment – the cartel-like entities have banded together to falsely assert that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary. However, this narrative is crumbling before the eyes of the entire world. There has been unprecedented corruption in mainstream medical journals including the completely fabricated article from The Lancet [9] impugning the safety of hydroxychloroquine despite its 85-year safety record with a known safety profile greater than that of aspirin or acetaminophen.

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