World Economic Forum (WEF): Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Opening Speech, Money Weapons Advisors, — Standing Ovation

By Peter Koenig

Global Research, May 24, 2022

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The Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) opened officially its 51st Forum today, 23 May 2022. Klaus Schwab invited Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy to give the opening speech. The Key Note for the WEF, so to speak. Zelenskyy spoke on video from somewhere in Ukraine, in his traditional military green brown shirt. He spoke with his by now well-known demanding, rather than asking, in rather shrewd language.

First, the west received a little-bit of Zelenskyy’s praise for supporting Ukraine with money, weapons and NATO advisors to fight Russia, in most everybody’s Davos-mind, the aggressor. But that’s not enough. Then came the hammer, Zelenskyy asked for more. For much more, money, weapons – sophisticated weapons – billions and billions more. To fight Russia.

One wonders, how a country like Ukraine can absorb all the billions – they already received or will receive, say the US$ 40 billion additional Biden-allocated funds, plus all the billions and billions from others, from the European Union, and from individual EU members. Who keeps counting?

And what with the sophisticated weapons, for which Ukraine doesn’t even have trained military specialists who know how to use and operate them? No matter. Nobody asks, nobody counts. Nobody cares.

This man, Zelenskyy, after begging, no – requesting – more money and more killing instruments, he demanded more sanctions on Russia, total oil-gas embargoes, cutting off Russia totally from the international payment system.

Aside from the West’s starving and freezing and economically breaking down which is already in the cards with the current sanctions, if the West would comply with the SWIFT cut-off demand (SWIFT = international payment system) – they would forego payments of Russian debt and outstanding bills, more shooting themselves in their own feet, or worse.

Zelenskyy presented an aggressive wish-list, that only spoke of more violence, more death, more misery, more killing, not a single word of Peace, of mediation, of seeking an armistice agreement, of asking for WEF’s help with Peace Negotiations.

Nothing. Zilch. Zero wish reconciliation. Just more war, more destruction. More poverty and we know, more often than not behind the scene, or not even so much covered-up CORRUPTION. Sorry, it has to be said: Ukraine is known, has been known way before the war for corruption, as well as trading in children, women, organs and drugs.

Where do you think all the billions go?

The country has an economy so weak, so destroyed – even long before the war – that cannot even constructively absorb one billion – dollars or euros, doesn’t matter.

But now comes another hammer. Once Zelenskyy finished his “plaidoyer”, he got a standing ovation.

I repeat – a pure, open, totally undisguised war-monger receives from the WEF-elite crowd a standing ovation. It can’t be blindness by these luminaries. It must be political. It must be the underlaying tenets of political and physical destruction – of diving further into darkness to destroy life as we know it – to destroy our very civilization.

That’s the goal of the few, who believe they will live luxuriously, when everything is digitized, including the human brain of the surviving masses; they dream living in more luxury, in more abundance — no words are strong enough to describe this self-styled elite crowd’s arrogance, private-jet climate change fraudsters, so-called 4th Revolutionaries.

Wouldn’t you think, that the WEF’s wealth-celebrities, these enormous power brokers who control conservatively estimated some US$ 25 trillion of the world’s assets and literally about 90% of the world’s industry and food manufacturers, not to speak about weapons, both, in the form of guns and pharmaceuticals, would be interested in ending this war for the sake of preventing it becoming an all-destructive nuclear confrontation, a potential annihilation of civilization, as we know it?

If Zelenskyy wanted peace, peace and reconstruction of his country for the people of Ukraine, wouldn’t he ask the WEF and its illustrious attendants for help in establishing Peace?

Or, if Zelenskyy does not have a spirit of Peace, wouldn’t you expect that the inventor and eternal Chairman of the WEF, Professor Dr. Klaus Schwab, would have the inspiration to suggest Peace, to his scholar, Zelenskyy, as well as the WEF’s followers, the richest of the rich?

The WEF and its associates would have the power – the money power, the political power and the sheer lime-light power to achieve Peace, to help moderate between Russia and Ukraine, to recognize Russia’s worries, to admit to the west’s broken Minsk II Agreement, the promises vis-à-vis Russia, at least since 1991 – and even before, during the time of the Soviet Union – of no NATO expansion east of Berlin.

All with the foresight of PEACE. The WEF could do it.

Why does the WEF not lead such an initiative, bringing along all its wealthy and influential supporters to make the world a Place of Peace — to finish wars, this Ukraine war and all future wars?

This would be clearly in the power of influence of the WEF.

Instead, they give Zelenskyy, who seeks weapons instead of peace, a standing ovation.

What does that say for the WEF, for its members, for the entire western world – and for the WEF’s own stated objectives: To Make the World a Better Place?

Indeed, after Zelenskyy’s demands, already the EU, plus 20 countries have committed themselves to deliver more weapons, more money to Ukraine. In other words, to prolong the war, the misery the destruction, the floods of refugees. A lot of that money goes into private pockets.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that by now some 6.4 million Ukrainians fled their country. But not all to the West. Some actually to Russia. But they are not counted. Not by the west.


Back to the WEF – wouldn’t it be a reasonable appeal to the WEF, the self-proclaimed “good-doer” of the world, to do good for humanity, stop this war, stop all wars, stop digitizing the globe and people into humanoids, or transhumans?

With all the financial resources you control, Dr. Professor Klaus Schwab, and all your wealthy WEF supporters – not least your host country, Switzerland, a peace-loving country, that spends hundreds of millions in helping you organize and police-and-militarily protect your Davos events year-after-year-after-year – you could help make the world a peaceful place.

Something to think about, while your “partner-in-crime”, the World Health Organization (WHO), has started almost at the same time – on 22 May – there are no coincidences, its 75th World Health Assembly to debate making WHO the World Health Tyrant, overruling all 194 member countries national sovereignties, with a so-called “Pandemic Treaty” that would bestow WHO with absolute powers to decide over the definition of pandemics, on behalf of Big Pharma and Big Money.

WHO could literally declare wantonly pandemics when it suits the world elite. They would have the power to decide, where what type of pandemic has broken out, what measures need to be taken, and for how long.

They would have unilateral power to declare lockdowns, forced vaxxes, travel bans, mandatory vaxx certificates – the entire package.

This they could all do in close collaboration with GAVI, the Gates created Vaxx Alliance, housed just next door to WHO in Geneva.

And all based on total, absolute control, à la Bill Gates’ ID2020, using as instrument the infamous QR code (QR =Quick response), a Trojan horse, that has already infiltrated every corner of our lives for absolute control of each one of the surviving populations, today some 7.9 billion.

To expand on Henry Kissinger’s infamous statements: “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world;” you may add: “Who controls health, decides over Life and Death”. It perfectly fits the elite’s eugenist agenda.

More than 100 years ago, the visionary Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) has already hinted at what evil will beset the world, and our spirits.

The philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, had foreseen the “vaxx craze” that people would be subjected to, so as to demolish our soul, soon after we were born, so as to overrule our natural immune system, so that we will depend on a soulless pharma culture, so as to be unable to develop a conscience and “to make the etheric body loose in the physical body” – see insert.

After implementation of UN Agenda 2030, and / or the WEF’s Great Reset, and the 4th Industrial Revolution – all synonymous – committed to depopulation, We, the People, must crawl out from under our “cognitive dissonance”, wake up and stop it, stopping it in Solidarity is the only way.

Freedom doesn’t come for free.

We have to fight for it.

What does it take to get the WEF on the peoples’ side?

We the people have the power to abandon the world of the WEF, to develop alternative methods of living, outside of the Globalist Matrix.

We might jump forward into the past, when many of societies favored economic models according to “local production for local consumption, with local sovereign, economy-backed money, while trading according to the principles of comparative advantage – aiming at win-win situations for all partners.”

A vast majority of the populations around the globe would favor national political sovereignty and cultural and economic independence over a Globalist world, over a One World Governance, or what that may become a One World Tyranny.

This shall not happen.

Just believe in, and meditate:

We the People want Peace.

We the People, are of the Light.

We the People, shall overcome!


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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020).

Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also is a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.

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The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Peter Koenig, Global Research, 2022

One comment

  1. Henry Kissinger auf dem Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos

    Kissinger: Ukraine soll Gebiete an Russland abtreten, um den Frieden zu gewinnen

    Beim »World Economic Forum in Davos« hat Henry Kissinger vorgeschlagen, dass die Ukraine mit Russland in Verhandlungen tritt und Gebiete an Russland abgibt, um im Gegenzug den Frieden zu gewinnen und Eskalationen zu verhindern.

    Beim »World Economic Forum in Davos« hat der mittlerweile 98 Jahre alte Henry Kissinger den Westen davor gewarnt, Russland demütigen und militärisch besiegen zu wollen.

    Das würde nur eine schlimme Eskalation zur Folge haben. Stattdessen solle die Ukraine mit Russland in Verhandlungen treten und Gebiete im Osten an Russland abgeben [siehe Bericht »Daily Mail« und »Welt«].

    Damit kämmt Kissinger in Davos gegen den Strich, hält aber ein Nachgeben um den Friedens willen für sinnvoll.

    Damit widerspricht Kissinger den Vorstellungen von Selenskij, der als einer der Eröffnungsredner das Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos begrüßen durfte. …UNBEDINGT ALLES LESEN !!


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