Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Politics of COVID: Calling the Liberals to Account

By Carl Boggs

Global Research, September 13, 2022

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In his earlier pathbreaking book on the great “Covid Pandemic”, The Real Anthony Fauci, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took on and discredited the major centers of power in American society that were, from the outset, responsible for what has become an unprecedented assault on humanity: Big Pharma, the intelligence apparatus, medical bureaucrats, corporate media, even the Pentagon. 

Within this matrix of destructive power – the bearers of “higher immorality”, as C. Wright Mills once put it – Kennedy focused his bristling ire on such despicable public figures as Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Robert Kadlec, Peter Daszak, and Avril Haines.  These Strangelovian figures were, in Kennedy’s words, among those “laying the pipe for totalitarianism”.

As trial lawyer for decades, Kennedy took on powerful corporations, holding them accountable for crimes against the environment.  He set up the ecological Riverkeepers programs that, since the 1970s, have expanded across the U.S. and the world.  In The Real Anthony Fauci he holds accountable a different pack of criminals – those implicated in a global Covid tyranny that has yet to run its full course.  Kennedy is now chair of the Children’s Health Defense board, on the front lines of fighting Covid hysteria.

Those Covid targets, of course, richly deserve to be savaged for their wanton transgressions: the brutal lockdowns, unscientific vaccine mandates, masking requirements, school closings, myriad coercive edicts, ongoing propaganda campaigns filled with lies and myths, censorship of dissenting voices, severe punishment of those simply wanting to make their own health choices.   Kennedy’s powerful critique, however, did not extend to those at the summits of U. S. governmental power – that is, mainly liberal Democrats who after all orchestrated these horrors and indeed hired Fauci and his gang of medical despots.   Kennedy named some names but not all the names that needed to be named, starting with President Joe Biden himself.

In his more polemical new book, A Letter to Liberals, Kennedy moves to correct this problem that stemmed, understandably, from his deep relationship with probably the most iconic of all Democratic party families.  Kennedy’s greater eagerness to hold leading Democratic liberals accountable this time must reflect his growing anger over the Covid-fueled deterioration of American politics.  He seems to have given the liberalism at the core of his party something approaching a harsh (and much-deserved) farewell, at least for this cycle of Democrats.  Any belief-system that so fluidly coexists with corporate oligarchy, political authoritarianism, and policies of social destruction surely deserves an obituary.

Kennedy writes: “This letter is a challenge to my fellow liberals to reexamine the scientific assertions upon which rest the oppressive policies that have savaged the prescriptions of traditional liberalism and the U.S. Constitution”.   The litany of draconian (also counter-productive) Democratic responses to Covid have by now thoroughly undermined the most basic premises of liberalism – in this case sustained attacks on virtually every freedom contained in the Bill of Rights, not to mention many others in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  For the U.S. and elsewhere, liberalism today serves mainly as a façade behind which obscene levels of state power and corporate wealth flourish as never before.

In A Letter to Liberals Kennedy brilliantly counters all the fictional narratives used by ruling elites to perpetuate endless crisis and its supposed antidote, expanded governmental power grounded in “new emergencies” and “saving lives”.   He carefully documents the massive harms – political, economic, social, personal – with enough clarity to render the text accessible a wide range of readers.  Most crucially, Kennedy demonstrates in case after case how the unscientific Covid political regimen (above all its vaccine mandates) has caused far more destruction than any conceivable good that might be claimed by sanctimonious liberal ideologues.  Many of these conclusions will be familiar to Global Research readers, yet Kennedy has managed to assemble the most salient information and analysis in one concentrated text.

One sad casualty of the Covid disaster is the death of critical thought among the most highly-educated and seemingly enlightened liberals – a problem extending to the vast majority of progressives and leftists, suddenly bereft of anti-corporate consciousness.  One wonders: how could these folks so readily, so quickly, and so totally have fallen in line with all the crude Big Pharma propaganda?  How could what passes for a robust liberal intelligentsia have so ritually embraced the continuous flow lies, myths, and fairy-tales?

Kennedy comments that such “blind faith in authority” is a feature of religion and autocracy, not science and democracy even as liberals prattle on about “saving our democracy”.  Not only is “blind faith” arbitrarily yielded to those at the highest levels of power, it is yielded to the very worst sectors of that power apparatus, whether Big Pharma, the medical establishment, deep state (CIA, FBI), and corporate media that progressives only yesterday deemed a conduit of corrupt ruling interests.   Liberals once upon a time seemed to know about Big Pharma colonization of medicine, government, and social policy, but the arrival of Covid apparently instilled bouts of dementia.

Worse yet, the liberals in charge – from President Joe Biden, the Fauci cabal, and CDC bureaucrats to the phalanx of Democratic governors and local public-health autocrats – have refused to openly discuss any key issues, instead opting to close down, shame, and punish alternative views.  Kennedy writes: “Unable to defend the scientific underpinnings of their ideology in debate, liberals rely on book bans and an arsenal of coercive muzzling strategies including deplatforming, delicensing, doxing, gaslighting, defunding, restricting, marginalizing, and vilifying physicians, journalists, and vaccine-injured Americans who complied but now refuse to toe the line.”   In American society, Kennedy himself has been among the most vilified targets.

While the ruling Democrats, corporate media, and tech giants regurgitate lie after lie about the efficacy and safety of poorly-tested vaccines, Kennedy brings forth abundant data from many countries – Ireland, Portugal, the UK, South Korea, Vietnam, Tunisia, Nigeria, many others – revealing a sharp rise in Covid deaths immediately after mass vaccination programs.  Such information is largely ignored within the corporate media or, when briefly acknowledged, is badly distorted or relegated to the realm of “conspiracy theory”.

Kennedy shows that many nations with extremely low vaccination rates – some more heavily reliant on such medications as HCQ and ivermectin, both demonized in the U.S. – have far lower death rates than such excessively-vaxxed countries as Israel and the U.S.  Thus Nigeria has just 1.5 percent of its population vaccinated, yet its Covid death rate is reported at 15 per million.  For the U.S., beholden to Dr. Fauci’s goal of maximum jab totals, the Covid death rate stood at 2,995 deaths per million, a staggering 200 times greater than much lesser-developed Nigeria.

In his earlier book, Kennedy demonstrated in great detail how sectors of the ruling elite – Big Pharma, the deep state, Silicon Valley, media outlets, the Pentagon – have been looking to  take advantage of global pandemic episodes for years if not decades.   Dark Winter 2001 represented one of the first such “events”, referred to by Kennedy as “the spooks and the simulations” that now dominate the mammoth biosecurity complex.  Three historical factors are at work here: dramatic increase in the role of Big Pharma within governmental agencies, the media, and medical establishment; steady corporatization of the Democratic Party and resulting decay of liberalism; expanded corporate globalization leading to prospects for a worldwide tyrannical “great reset”.

Kennedy argues that American liberals – and their kindred true-believers around the world – have followed a disastrous path of “orchestrated fear” and “blind trust”, suggesting not only that his Democratic Party has lost its way but easily could, in the wake of Covid, descend further into a cesspool of techno-authoritarianism.  Perhaps Kennedy is not ready to concede this prospect, but the Covid outrage has done more than anything to unveil Beltway liberals as representing little more than the high-minded pursuit of wealth and power.  They have also taken on the character of a modern War Party.  Meanwhile, in looking to silence dissent and crush opposition, the current stratum of liberal Democrats appears to seek something akin to a one-party state – a dictatorial system thriving on permanent crisis.

Modern-day liberals (with plenty of conservative help) have brought to the world one of the worst crimes ever inflicted on humanity – all in the name of “our democracy”, efforts to “protect human lives”, and (for many) to “save the planet”.   Protagonists of this barbarism include some of the “best” and most cultivated among Western populations – well-educated, enlightened, progressive liberals, the very same groups cheerleading the Ukraine proxy war against Russia that has brought the world ever closer to nuclear catastrophe.  The main culprits ought to be arrested and jailed, their futures scuttled — but alas, in a morally-corrupt order they wind up the beneficiaries of exalted governmental power, corporate privilege, generous incomes, even humanitarian and journalistic awards.


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Carl Boggs is the author of 25 books on topics ranging from social theory, popular movements, ecological politics, and U.S. foreign/military interventions.  One of his most recent books is Drugs, Power, and Politics (Paradigm, 2016).

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