Selected Articles: COVID Measures: Biggest “Social Conformity Event” in History. Corona Policy Was Aimed at “Changing Behavior”, Not at Improving Health.

By Global Research News

Global Research, September 22, 2022

COVID Measures: Biggest “Social Conformity Event” in History. Corona Policy Was Aimed at “Changing Behavior”, Not at Improving Health.

By Elze van Hamelen, September 21, 2022

Corona policy was primarily focused on directing citizen behavior such as wearing mouth masks, keeping a distance, staying home, and test and vaccination readiness – experimental measures with no scientific basis. This is evidenced by the large-scale use of behavioral scientists in implementation and communication of corona policy.

Offence by Another Name: Suppressing Anti-Royal Protest in Britain

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, September 22, 2022

The right to protest, fragile and meekly protected by the judiciary in Britain’s common law tradition, did not really hold much force till European law confirmed it.  In the UK, condemning other countries for suppressing rights to protest is standard fare.

Staking Out Strands of the Web. “Who Is Offering the Bribes and Enforcing the Threats?”

By Nowick Gray, September 21, 2022

It’s distressing to find, in the cause of championing human freedom, infighting among the freedom fighters. Naturally this conflict sabotages the common cause. Factions and prominent advocates accuse each other of being “controlled opposition,” agents provocateurs, dupes, or self-serving egotists advancing platforms of personal gain.

Our Final Stand Against the Globalist Powerbrokers

By Dr. Emanuel Garcia, September 21, 2022

In a recent essay on the nature of Power, I posited that the most pressing philosophical and practical question of the day – and, as I now further reflect upon it, the most moral – is what might transpire if no further scientific advances could be made.  If, in fact, humankind would have to make do with only the currently available technology, what would happen? What would happen if we put a halt to the never-ending quest for material control of the natural world?

How Billionaires Become Billionaires

By Prof. James Petras, September 21, 2022

America has the greatest inequalities, highest mortality rate, most regressive taxes, and largest public subsidies for bankers and billionaires of any developed capitalist country. In this essay we will discuss the socio-economic roots of inequalities and the relation between the concentration of wealth and the downward mobility of the working and salaried classes.

Could Armenia Really Ditch the CSTO Sometime Soon?

By Andrew Korybko, September 21, 2022

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Armenia and the very warm welcome that she received while in that country prompted speculation among some that America is attempting to “poach” this Russian ally from the CSTO mutual defense pact.

Europe’s Energy Armageddon from Berlin and Brussels, Not Moscow

By F. William Engdahl, September 21, 2022

On August 22 the exchange-traded market price for natural gas in the German THE (Trading Hub Europe) gas hub was trading more than 1000% higher than a year ago. Most citizens are told by the Scholz regime that the reason is Putin and Russia’s war in Ukraine. The truth is quite otherwise.

Video: The Corona Crisis and the Criminalization of Justice. Reiner Fuellmich and Michael Swinwood

By Reiner FuellmichMichael Swinwood, and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, September 18, 2022

Two outstanding guests on GRTV: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Dr. Michael Swinwood on the Corona Crisis and the Criminalization of Justice, interviewed by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky.

Beware of the QR Code, Remember Agenda ID2020?

By Peter Koenig, September 18, 2022

What we are confronted with now is much worse. It’s Agenda ID2020 on steroids. It’s the worldwide invasion of the QR code – QR coding of everything, including Agenda ID2020 – and all of your most intimate data, health, personal behaviors, habits – track records of where we have been and even where we may be planning to go. Nothing will escape the QR code.

Ukraine, It Was All Written in the Rand Corp Plan. “The U.S. Plan Against Russia Was Formulated Three Years Ago”

By Manlio Dinucci, September 18, 2022

The strategic plan of the United States against Russia was elaborated three years ago by the Rand Corporation (the manifesto, Rand Corp: how to bring down Russia, May 21, 2019). The Rand Corporation, headquartered in Washington, DC, is “a global research organization developing solutions to policy challenges”: it has an army of 1,800 researchers and other specialists recruited from 50 countries, speaking 75 languages, spread across offices and other locations in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Persian Gulf. Rand’s U.S. personnel live and work in more than 25 countries.

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