Nothing Is More Inexcusable Than War and the Call to Hatred of Nations. Albert Camus

The West fights against the East with all permissible and impermissible means

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

Global Research, September 28, 2022

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It is pointless to mention that we live in a world where violence, dictatorship, murder, manslaughter, wars and injustice are the order of the day. Let’s take the example of Ukraine: it is a fact that Russia feels threatened by the West – with good reason.

Russia is a thorn in the eye of the capitalist system and the capitalist system cannot exist without war. The West has not only been opposed to the East since the Ukraine war and calls for hatred of nations. It has been fighting against it for a long time with all permissible and impermissible means. The danger of nuclear war as an “ultima ratio” (last, extreme means) or as America’s plan to win the Third World War (1) is great.

People with traditional upbringings keep falling for the lure of the authorities

Actually, we have been living in the age of reason for several centuries. For a long time, mankind lived by faith and what the priest said applied. New thoughts were not allowed, they were punished. But what does the time of reason look like?

Most people, because of their upbringing, are not able or willing to imagine emotionally what is in store for humanity. Although the money is not there and people have to starve, enormous sums are spent on war armaments and murderous wars are waged.

Until today, people are educated by all social institutions – starting with education at home, by the church and by the state – so that they cannot say no and do everything that the others, the rulers, want them to do. That is the programme! That is conscious! And they are kept in this mood so that they fall for the lure of the authorities again and again.

This went so far in the last century that the German people of 100 million – the people of poets and thinkers – cheered Hitler and allowed themselves to be led to their deaths. All but about 100,000 opposition members whom he killed went along with him; starting with the Pope, the Catholic Church, the other churches, all the scholars, the philosophers and psychologists, all the workers, all the socialists.

Since the educational methods of the past have not changed fundamentally, people with traditional education also follow a new “Führer” as they once did a Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or Johnson.

And since there is no politics without psychology and no explanation of political opinion and human concerns without knowledge of psychology, humanity will not make any progress without psychology.

Russia could work for peace today – Russia does not need war

Politically oriented people know that Hitler’s whole enterprise was directed against the East, against Russia. “Mein Kampf”, that was the planned war against Russia, and Russia knew that. But Russia was in dire straits and could not defend itself against Germany and Hitler.

Therefore, Russia was negotiating how to deal with Hitler. Russia was ready to march against Hitler. But the other states said they did not want to. They were afraid of Russia. Russia was then in great embarrassment because they were not equipped. That’s why they made a pact with Hitler to buy themselves time.

If you take a look at the official daily newspapers today or watch the official TV programme for a few minutes, you get the impression that at least the younger generation, which has not yet experienced war, has no respect for this greatest evil of humanity, this mass murder that we call war. There is no other explanation for the permanent call for hatred of nations, the incessant warmongering or the indifference displayed by many contemporaries. Both leaders and led are fools.

Today, Russia could work for peace. Because of their own resources, they do not need war and could achieve a lot. But they still lack the skills: they do not yet know psychology. If people had been let free during the Russian Revolution, if they had been talked to and if the whole system had been more humane, the Second World War might not have broken out (2).


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Dr. Rudolf Lothar Hänsel is a teacher (retired headmaster), doctor of education (Dr. paed.) and graduate psychologist (Dipl.-Psych. with a focus on clinical, educational, media and individual psychology). He taught for many decades. As a retiree he worked as a psychotherapist in his own practice. In his books and educational-psychological articles he calls for a conscious ethical-moral education and an education for public spirit and peace. His motto according to Albert Camus: Give when you can. And not to hate, if that is possible.

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.


Quote from Camus mentioned at the beginning:

Marin, Lou (ed.). Albert Camus – Libertarian Writings (1948-1960). Hamburg 2013, p. 268



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The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Dr. Rudolf Hänsel, Global Research, 2022

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