Modern Prophet in the Age of US Empire: A Tribute to David Ray Griffin

By Michael WelchRichard GageCarol BrouilletBarrie Zwicker, and Elizabeth Woodworth

Global Research, December 17, 2022

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“I close with the observation that, insofar as Americans participate in this anti-imperialist movement, their activities will be deeply patriotic, because they will be seeking to call our nation back to its moral ideals, which stand diametrically opposed to the values implicit in the global domination project.”

– David Ray Griffin [1]

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Near the end of last month, the last fading breaths of a special person with extraordinary intellect offset by almost a humble and unassuming personality finally petered out, and left much of the public diminished in a fundamental way. [2]

A friend. A mentor. A prophet. A conspiracy theorist. David Ray Griffin was considered all of these things and more.

His philosophical journey which started in academia found a sideline into investigating and communicating about the truth about the problems with the official story of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. And it was not a diversionary track. For him, it was consistent with his commitment as a theologian and one who follows the truth no matter where it leads and no matter the cost to his reputation and life.

He may not have been the first voice out of the gate spreading the word, but with his background as an academic and his skills as a teacher, he was definitely a giant in the field of 9/11 investigation. He exposed the evidence that officials within the U.S. military, political and intelligence apparatus had full knowledge of the terrorist attacks in advance and either allowed or made them happen on purpose. People came to him by the hundreds, and tuned into radio by the thousands to hear about his understanding of what really happened on that horrible day.

The Global Research News Hour, and Global Research itself remain committed to similarly getting to the bottom of the vicious event which propelled the U.S. and the world into a new venture of war-making abroad and diminished rights at home. We recognize the particular importance of Dr Griffin on the roster of champions who would not be forced into silence when the growling hounds of conformity try to coerce a more “respectable” opinion out of him.

For the entire hour, we will get the perspectives of people who have been in contact with him and value his work, to share perspectives not only about his 9/11 work, but also in his other pursuits from theological studies to his role in revealing the U.S. empire in all its horrible glory. We coax them to reveal more about him on a personal level – both his strentgths and his Persian flaws. Our guests include Carol BrouilletKen JenningsRichard Gage AIA, Barrie Zwicker and Elizabeth Woodworth.

David Ray Griffin may have shuffled off his mortal coil, but his memory and legacy will live on!

Carol Brouillet is Co-Founder of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, and organizer of many, many, conferences, film festivals, rallies, marches. Mother, Congressional candidate, radio-show host for many years, concerned and active on many different issues, especially global economics. Her website is

Ken Jenkins helped co-found The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. HE has a degree in electrical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University, and has done extensive postgraduate study in psychology. He has produced dozens of 9/11 DVDs – nine with leading 9/11 Truth author David Ray Griffin. His website is

Richard Gage, AIA is a 30-year San Francisco Bay Area architect and member of the American Institute of Architects. He is the founder and former  CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. He now leads the charge for a new WTC investigation.His current site is

Barrie Zwicker is a former journalist and media critic. He wrote for the Globe and Mail, Toronto StarVancouver ProvinceSudbury StarDetroit News, and Lansing State Journal. He is the author of the 2006 book, Towers of deception: The Media Coverup of 9/11.

Elizabeth Woodworth, a career medical librarian and author/co-author of five books, worked with David Ray Griffin in various capacities from 2006-2022.  She did proof-reading/editing on about 12 of his books and many of his essays, co-authored two books with him directly, and has also written in-depth reviews of most of his books from the 2006-2022 period on Amazon.

(Global Research News Hour Episode 373)

Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

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  1. David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott (2007), 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out’, Olive Branch Press, a division of Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.

The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Michael WelchRichard GageCarol BrouilletBarrie Zwicker, and Elizabeth Woodworth, Global Research, 2022

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