Video: The Corona Lockdowns, The Vaccine and the Global Debt

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Caroline Mailloux

Global Research, January 28, 2023

Lux Media and Global Research

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In this interview, Prof Michel Chossudovsky reviews the history of the corona crisis starting in January 2020, through several phases: lockdowns, stock market collapse, vaccine mandates, leading three years later in early 2023 to an unprecedented global debt and the most serious economic and social crisis in World History.

This engineered crisis which from the outset was based on lies and “fake science” has contributed via the lockdowns and the mRNA vaccine to destabilizing the economic and social fabric of entire countries. 


Click Here to Access the Lux Media  version of the Interview with Michel Chossudovsky


To download Michel Chossudovsky’s E book (15 chapters), see below

The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup d’Etat Against Humanity

by Michel Chossudovsky

Michel Chossudovsky reviews in detail how this insidious project “destroys people’s lives”. He provides a comprehensive analysis of everything you need to know about the “pandemic” — from the medical dimensions to the economic and social repercussions, political underpinnings, and mental and psychological impacts.

“My objective as an author is to inform people worldwide and refute the official narrative which has been used as a justification to destabilize the economic and social fabric of entire countries, followed by the imposition of the “deadly” COVID-19 “vaccine”. This crisis affects humanity in its entirety: almost 8 billion people. We stand in solidarity with our fellow human beings and our children worldwide. Truth is a powerful instrument.”

ISBN: 978-0-9879389-3-0,  Year: 2022,  PDF Ebook,  Pages: 164, 15 Chapters

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