Video: “Never Again Is Now Global”. Here We Go Again on Steroids. Part 1

Never Again is Now Global – Five-part Docuseries

By Vera Sharav and Children’s Health Defense

Global Research, February 06, 2023

Children’s Health Defense 31 January 2023

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“Never Again Is Now Global,” a five-part docuseries highlighting the parallels between Nazi Germany and global pandemic policies.

Each one-hour episode focuses on recent testimonies by Holocaust survivors and their descendants who discuss comparisons between the early repressive stages under the Nazi regime that culminated in the Holocaust and global COVID-19 policies.

Watch the trailer of part 1 below. And click here to watch the full episode.


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The original source of this article is Children’s Health Defense

Copyright © Vera Sharav and Children’s Health DefenseChildren’s Health Defense, 2023

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