Free Speech for Peace not Supported by “Stand With Ukraine”

By Michael WelchProf. John Ryan, and Glenn Michalchuk

Global Research, March 17, 2023

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“One year ago the world finally recognized true horror Putin and the Russian Federation planned for #Ukraine and the Ukrainian people – a complete genocide of the people and culture. However, he miscalculated. Ukraine fought back. Ukraine will triumph.” [1]

 – Heather McPherson, Member of Parliament and NDP Foreign Affairs critic

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As it stands right now, not a single member of the House of Commons, in government or in opposition, objects to major support by Canada to the Ukrainian government in its war with Russia. Not one![2]

The elected party in opposition historically most likely to oppose the war drive especially as it diverts resources from health care, education, climate policy, housing and other social policies is the left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP). Yet today, as indicated by their Foreign affairs critic Heather McPherson, the reigning party, the Liberals, are not hawkish enough![3]

Enter Ethnorama News Winnipeg, a community newspaper in the city of Winnipeg at the centre of Canada. It claims to highlight the views of the new voices from various ethnic groups that is not heard or reflected in the mainline press. In August and September of last year, it ran a two part article entitled Long History of US-Russia Confrontation. Analysis of Ukraine-Russia Relations. It was a reprint of the story written for Global Research about two months after the invasion took place.

Somehow, the story got the attention of the NDP, both provincially and federally in Ottawa. NDP officials or some other authority spoke to two NDP MPs in the city, Leah Gazan and Daniel Blaikie, people who generally support progressive community projects such as this one. After their meeting, they were either coerced, cajoled or outright ordered to remove advertisements from the newspaper, denying them hundreds of dollars for production purposes. The reason was based on them publishing the above article, which they refer to as “disinformation.”

What’s more, the author of the article is a former Geography Professor and Senior Scholar at the University of Winnipeg by the name of John Ryan. He and his work were smeared without actually going over his material point by point. (You think this was war by NATO? You are nuts!)

Since this view tries to expand the picture of the war and get some context which is missing in mainstream media discourse, attacks of this nature are a warning not only to Ethnorama but to any journalistic organ daring to ask daring questions and scrutinize details of a war, expensive in financing and Ukrainian lives!

It seems as if any deviation from the position that “Ukraine is good, Russia is evil” is harmful propaganda!

Can Ethnorama manage to survive and hold up their journalistic principles and be able to survive financially as two members of Parliament, and perhaps other influential people, withdraw sponsorship? Answering these questions goes to the heart of this chapter of the Global Research News Hour.

In the first half hour we speak to the author of the article, Dr John Ryan, about the factual content on which it was based and the problems from his point of view with the NDP for appearing to convince the two individuals to wash their hands of the magazine based on one article.

Then we speak with Ethnorama editorial collective members Marianne Cerilli and Glenn Michalchuk about their defence of the article and their critical view of US-NATO’s role in the war, and also of the fund-raising event scheduled for the 31st of March at the Ukrainian Labour Temple. (Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased by emailing

John Ryan, Ph.D. is a Retired Professor of Geography and Senior Scholar, University of Winnipeg. His two Ukraine war related articles for Ethnorama can be found here and here. Professor Ryan has also written about his journey to Afghanistan in 1978. His write-up in 2006 got.the respectful attention of investigative journalist Seymour Hersh!

Marianne Cerilli is a parent, educator, former member of the Legislative Assembly and community development aficionado. She sits on Ethnorama’s editorial board.

Glenn Michalchuk is chair of Peace Alliance Winnipeg and the president of the Winnipeg branch of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians.

Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

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The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Michael WelchProf. John Ryan, and Glenn Michalchuk, Global Research, 2023

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