Video: US-NATO Proxy War in Ukraine Utilizes Space Technology

By The Global Network

Global Research, March 29, 2023

The Global Network 27 March 2023

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The Global Network monthly space video this time reviews how space satellites are used by the US-NATO to target Russian-ethnic regions of the Donbass in eastern Ukraine and Russian military forces.

Elon Musk’s Space X company is deploying tens of thousands of Starlink satellites in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO). The parking lots in LEO are getting dangerously crowded. Scientists fear cascading collisions as a result.

The Pentagon is using Musk’s Starlink satellites to provide surveillance and targeting information to the Ukrainian army.

Whichever nation(s) control LEO enables them to have considerable advantage on the battlefield.

China is responding by announcing it will launch 13,000 satellites into LEO [Low Earth Orbit] in order to prevent the US-NATO from totally filling up the scarce orbital parking spaces.

Danger exists as major powers compete for access and/or domination in space.

A new United Nations space weapons ban treaty is needed now more than ever.


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