Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Prizes and the Rohingyas

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark Global Research, September 10, 2017 Scratch the skin of a saint, claimed George Orwell, and you are bound to find a sinner with an extensive resume. Such resumes are evaluated in these modern times by accolades, awards, and summits. The Noble Peace Prize tends to be crowning affirmation that somewhere along the line,... Continue Reading →

Breaking: North Korea Supports Economic Cooperation with Russia and South Korea, but Not Until a Later Date

A great deal of hope and much work to do. By Adam Garrie Global Research, September 08, 2017 The Duran 7 September 2017 North Korea’s representative at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok has given his first public statement to journalists since President Vladimir Putin announced his plans for trilateral economic cooperation between Russia and... Continue Reading →

Myanmar: The Rohingya, Saudi Backed ISIS Militants, Aung San Suu Kyi is a US Proxy

The unfolding crisis in Southeast Asia’s state of Myanmar has confounded many geopolitical analysts due to its complex history and the intentionally deceptive and now contradictory coverage provided by the Western media. The current government of Myanmar is headed by Aung San Suu Kyiand her National League for Democracy (NLD). It has ascended into power after a... Continue Reading →

The Rohingya Of Myanmar – Pawns In An Anglo-Chinese Proxy War Fought By Saudi Jihadists

By Moon Of Alabama September 05, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  Media attention is directed to some minor ethnic violence in Myanmar, the former Burma. The story in the "western" press is of Muslim Rohingya unfairly vilified, chased out and killed by  Buddhist mobs and the army in the state of Rakhine near the border to... Continue Reading →

Beijing’s “Belt and Road” Initiative, Towards an Economy of Peace?

Why is Peace not breaking out, when the vast majority of the world’s populace does not want war? By Peter Koenig August 31, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  Why is the world one huge fireball of hostilities, conflicts, threats of economic sanctions, propaganda of lies and mind manipulations, fearmongering – killing – massive killing – 12-15... Continue Reading →

Borneo- Kalimantan: A Frontline For Survival of Our Planet

Investig’action Interview with Andre Vltchek By Andre Vltchek Global Research, August 12, 2017 Investig' Action Writer, journalist and filmmaker Andre Vltchek granted an interview to Investig’Action to talk about his latest project: a documentary about Borneo (or Kalimantan in Indonesian), a giant island shared by three countries. After witnessing the catastrophic environmental destruction brought upon... Continue Reading →

Nepal: Women’s Art and Politics

Part III By Barbara Nimri Aziz Global Research, August 12, 2017 Featured image: Nepal Limbu worker Aama disappears into the darkened house to light the fire. Flames ignite from hot coals stirred out of the ash and Aama eases a pot of kodo onto the rock grill. Neither an announcement nor a spoken invitation is... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Nuclear War: Why Kim Jong-Un’s Strategy Makes Sense

By Federico Pieraccini Global Research, August 11, 2017 Looking at the recent North Korean testing of two intercontinental missiles, it may seem that Pyongyang wishes to increase tensions in the region. A more careful analysis, however, shows how the DPRK is implementing a strategy that will likely succeed in averting a disastrous war on the peninsula.... Continue Reading →

North Korea Responds to Trump’s Fire and Fury Threat

By Stephen Lendman Global Research, August 10, 2017 VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at Heated rhetoric risks something much more serious. The problem lies in Washington, not Pyongyang. Throughout its post-WW II history, the DPRK never attacked another country. In June 1950, it responded to repeated South Korean cross-border provocations. Harry Truman’s devastating... Continue Reading →

Narmada Valley: Indian Authorities Accused of ‘Drowning the Homes of 40,000 Families’

The Sardar Sarovar Dam in India is already one of the world’s most controversial. With last month’s decision to forcibly displace another 40,000 families without proper relocation and compensation, Indian authorities seem eager to make it the worst dam ever. But an increasingly publicised hunger strike is putting pressure on India's prime minister, reports NICK... Continue Reading →

South Korea’s New Progressive ‘Candlelight Revolution’ Party

Interview, Part 2 By Kim Jong-hoon and Zoom in Korea Global Research, August 07, 2017 Part II of a two part interview Zoom in Korea asked Kim Jong-hoon–an independent member of the South Korean National Assembly and Standing Representative of the New People’s Party (tentative name)–to discuss the impetus behind the formation of a new progressive party in South... Continue Reading →

Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our Government Has Never Apologized

In observance of the 72nd Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings of Japan. An Open Letter to People of Japan from Concerned Peace Organizations and Citizens of the United States By Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World Global Research, August 05, 2017 We, the undersigned, represent a coalition of concerned peace organizations and citizens of the... Continue Reading →

South Korean Progressives Launch New Party to Complete ‘Candlelight Revolution’

Interview, Part 1 By Kim Jong-hoon and Zoom in Korea Global Research, August 05, 2017 “The people who were at the forefront of the candlelight revolution that ousted Park Geun-hye need to be the driving force of South Korean politics, and for that reason, we need a new party,” said Kim Jong-hoon, an independent South... Continue Reading →

Women’s Art and Other Work in Nepal’s Hill Country

Part II By Barbara Nimri Aziz Global Research, August 04, 2017 Chait Purnima morning. The essentials for our day’s work are assembled before guest workers arrive on our doormats. A five gallon pot of kodo (millet beer) is fermenting inside the house; we also have six bottles of raxsi, the clear gin-like drink distilled from... Continue Reading →

Historic Shift in Geopolitical Alignments: India and Pakistan Join Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, August 01, 2017 On June 9, both India and Pakistan became simultaneously members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a Eurasian economic, political and mutual security organization largely dominated China and Russia.  While the SCO with headquarters in Beijing is not officially a “military alliance”, it nonetheless serves as... Continue Reading →

Escalation of India-Pakistan Conflict ‘Threatens World with Nuclear Catastrophe’

By Sputnik Global Research, July 27, 2017 Sputnik 25 July 2017 Tensions are growing between India and Pakistan over the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir. So far this month, 11 people have been killed and another 18 injured amid violations of the ceasefire along the line of control. RIA Novosti contributor Ilya Plekhanov warns... Continue Reading →

On The Ground In Marawi Amid Duterte’s Battle Against ISIS

By Andre Vltchek July 16, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  Covering the recent battle for the city of Marawi on Mindanao Island in the Southern Philippines, the Western media has been grossly exaggerating unconfirmed reports, rumors, as well as twisted ‘facts.' At the beginning of July, I visited Mindanao as one of only a few... Continue Reading →

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