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Zionist Lunacy Taking World to Hell in Handbasket

By Prof. Rodney Shakespeare
April 11, 2013 “Information Clearing House” – Zionism. Of course, you can be forgiven for thinking it’s extreme lunacy. Extreme lunacy is beyond nightmares; beyond the ravings of perverted murderers; beyond grotesque, drug-induced hallucinations; beyond that which could be conceived by a drunken Nero; beyond something thought up for Caligula’s birthday party.
Or, put another way, it’s what the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, UK, the CIA, Mossad and a few others are up to in Syria. Yes, claiming that they are responsible and rational, these self-righteous, corrupt countries and organizations are engaged in financing, training and arming the very Wahhabis, Jihadists, Salafists and al-Qaeda rebels who wish to destroy not only Syria but them as well. 
Claiming they are promoting democracy (and if Saudi Arabia is a democracy then I am Caligula’s horse) they are financing, training and arming those who would destroy democracy as well as life, liberty, human rights, tolerance, decency, standard of living, female integrity – you name it. And, oh yes, the Wahhabis, Jihadists, Salafists and al-Qaeda want to kill all Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and, in particular, Shia Muslims. 
Of course, the West is claiming that it is only financing and arming the ‘good’ terrorists in Syria but the facts on the ground are that the ‘bad’ ones (e.g., the Jabhat al-Nusra [Victory Front] of throat-slitting, choking gas bent) are, one way or another, getting more and more weapons. 
Moreover, they are bragging about it. That is the significance of al-Qaeda in Iraq admitting that it is al-Qaeda; of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria merging with al-Qaeda in Iraq; and of the leader of Jabhatal-Nusra in Syria proclaiming his fealty to the global leader of al-Qaeda (Ayman al-Zawahiri). The whole lot of them – al Qaeda, Wahhabists, Jihadists and Salafists – are joining up to fight for the “Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham,” encompassing, for starters, Iraq, Syria and the Levant but going much wider in due course.
By financing and arming these gas ghouls and macabre murderers, the West, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Qatar are shooting themselves in the foot, leg, back and mouth because they are creating something that they cannot control.
Of course, the Arab League (run by a group of vicious plutocrats), has done the West’s bidding by giving Syria’s seat at the League meetings to the foreign-backed Syrian opposition. However, the time will come when League member states are going to find themselves face to face with those very same ‘bad’ rebels. This is because the League is making the mistake of arming its enemies whilst thinking, at the same time, that it can control them. 
What an error! The League, Saudi Arabia in particular, will find that it has made an egregious blunder in trying to destroy Syria. Give a gun to an enemy and he will use it on you. And it should never be forgotten that Osama bin Laden’s first enemy (and so al-Qaeda’s) was his homeland (Saudi Arabia) and not the USA. 
But why is the West creating something that will eventually destroy its allies like Saudi Arabia, and Qatar and could also come to threaten the West itself? 
The answer is that Western foreign policy in the Middle East is controlled by Zionist Israel which wants every Islamic society and every Arab state smashed into pieces. It is the intent of the Zionist entity to eliminate all resistance to the continual expansion of Israel into the lands of others from Syria in the north, to Egypt in the south across to the River Euphrates in the east. 
Small Islamic and Arab entities will then be controlled by airborne attacks and Israel’s ultimate threat of being able to blast them apart with two or three of its four hundred atomic and hydrogen bombs. 
The Saudis, for example, go along with Israel’s plan because the West backs the kleptomaniac, vicious Persian Gulf autocracies in suppressing the democratic desires of their populations. In exchange for that backing, the autocracies are only required, in practice, to allow the continual expansion of Israel. 
The expansion of Israel lies behind the arming of the Jihadist, Salafists, etc., in order to destroy Syria, because it is an ally of Iran. Iran is the strongest opponent of Israel’s Nazi creeping genocide in Palestine.
So the extreme lunacy of arming throat-slitters and gas ghouls who, apart from destroying democracy, want to kill everybody else, is really happening because it is a way to smash up the Middle East societies for the benefit of Zionist Israel and a way that the West and Israel think that they can control the world. 
But have a think for a minute. 
Would a Wahhabist/Salafist regime in Damascus really be to Israel’s benefit? 
Would the “Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” be a compliant friend whose only desire is to please? 
In life we have to be careful about what we wish. Israel is getting much too cocky for its own good and will one day get its comeuppance.
Prof. Rodney Shakespeare is a visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister, a co-founder of the Global Justice Movement , a member of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice. His main website is www.binaryeconomics.netV . Shakespeare is also Chair of the Committee Against Torture in Bahrain

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The Grand Prix, Western hypocrisy and the Gulf States

The Grand Prix, Western hypocrisy and the Gulf States. 47135.jpeg 
Let us be perfectly clear. Qatar has emerged as the main western puppet State in the Gulf, while Bahrain receives favoured treatment despite a despotic crackdown on activists and Saudi Arabia, despite having a deplorable human rights record, is treated as “one of the boys”. Could it be because these three Gulf States do what the west tells them to do?
As Gaddafi said, certain Gulf States have allowed themselves to be donkeys, ridden by foreigners. Interesting. Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi was set to receive a humanitarian prize from the UNO for his tremendous work in developmental projects in Africa, for his work in women’s rights, for his work in religious and ethnic tolerance, for his e-learning and telemedicine programmes which were starting to benefit hundreds of millions of Africans…
Where have Bahrain, Qatar or Saudi Arabia been in terms of human rights? Let us have a look and let us hold the western powers, particularly the FUKUS-Axis (France, UK, US and Israel) to account in their international relations.
Bahrain, the Grand Prix and back-slapping
Let us be honest. The “crackdown” which sparked the backlash by the FUKUS-Axis in Libya pales into insignificance when compared with the ongoing policies of repression and murder ongoing in Bahrain. But then again, the Libya debacle was planned way before the FUKUS-Axis’ terrorists were let loose to murder, rape, pillage, slice the breasts off women, loot, torture and so on, without one single word of criticism by their masters, France, the UK and the USA.
Ahead of the Formula One race this weekend, arrests and cases of torture by the authorities have been rife, the use of shotguns against civilians has been widespread. Where is the criticism by the FUKUS-Axis? Illegally detained citizens protesting against the murderous regime in Bahrain are denied access to lawyers and due legal process. Where is the criticism by the FUKUX-Axis?
Pre-dawn raids, discharging of firearms, detention in medieval conditions, torture chambers…never mind. Bahrain is cool. Let us be honest. The FUKUS-Axis believes that if the Bahraini monarchy is shored up, then the same sort of unrest will not spread to the rest of the Gulf and the oil supplies will be safe for them to control.
Compared with the Bahrain authorities, Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya Government seemed like fairy godmothers.
Qatar, the bum boy
Qatar is the western bum boy of the Middle East. Qatari terrorists have been found perpetrating shocking acts of violence and depravity in Libya, raping girls, impaling boys with iron stakes, decapitating people, torturing, murdering and looting. What wonderful behaviour from an ex-British colony, what?
Qatar, feted by the FUKUS-Axis, assimilated as easily as its Al-Jazeera network was neutered, is a prime example of spinelessness, subservience and servility. After becoming an example of the exportation of terrorism in Libya, this oil-rich oligarchy implements draconian laws which leave hundreds of thousands of migrant workers open to exploitation by Qatari slave-masters.
Under the kafala system (sponsorship) a migrant worker can be detained or deported for “absconding” even if he or she is fleeing physical abuse, torture or rape. To leave the country, a migrant worker has to get permission from his/her sponsor and if this is not given, he/she is virtually a prisoner in this Middle Eastern hellhole.
 Saudi Arabia – cynical and cosmetic changes
FUKUS-Axis leaders and politicians queue up to shake the hands of the sheikhs and the closer they can get to the Al-Saud family, the better. Yet what about Saudi Arabia’s deplorable human rights record?
Women cannot stand for office, women cannot show their faces in public, women cannot vote, women can be stoned to death for adultery for having been raped, women can be whipped in public for driving offences, women must have a male chaperone to travel.
Yet the FUKUS-Axis courts these three pariahs, these three insults to the international community, insults to human rights and in the case of Qatar, an exporter of terrorism. And what do they do? They arm terrorists to destroy the Libyan Jamahiriya government and then do the same to gain a foothold in Syria, while turning a blind eye to the Satanic Gulf States which they exploit.
So, where is the invasion? Where are the special forces? Where is the demonology in the media? Nowhere, of course. And what have Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia done for anyone, except themselves?
Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Syria and Bahrain

18 April 2012

The US and its allies have wasted no time in declaring the ceasefire in Syria a failure and preparing stepped up intervention aimed at regime change in the strategically pivotal Middle Eastern country.
After 13 months of armed violence, the failure of the plan brokered by former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to fully resolve the conflict within 48 hours proved more than enough time for the so-called “Friends of Syria” to opt for the alternative: the promotion of a full-scale sectarian conflict that could spread throughout the region.
The US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, spelled out Washington’s position on Tuesday, announcing that “we are by no means limiting our efforts to the good diplomatic work that we are supporting here at the UN.” On the contrary, she continued, the US will continue providing the so-called “rebels” in Syria with “non-lethal support,” including such items as night vision goggles, sophisticated communications equipment, and US intelligence, all of which are meant to assist armed attacks on the regime’s security forces.
Qatar’s ruling emir, one of Washington’s closest allies in the region and a key partner in the US-NATO war for regime change in Libya, told a press conference in Rome that he considered the UN ceasefire deal “immoral” and gave it “no more than a 3 percent” chance of succeeding. Qatar and Saudi Arabia announced their support for arming the opposition in a bid to topple the Assad regime.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the ceasefire a lost cause. “Syrian President Bahsar al-Assad is trying to buy time,” said Erdogan. “It is the reason why Turkey does not believe in a ceasefire in the country.”
The Turkish government is hosting armed groups inside its territory that carry out terrorist attacks on Syrian security forces on a regular basis, provoking cross-border skirmishes. Such clashes could provide the pretext for Turkey invoking NATO’s mutual defense pact to clear the way for more direct imperialist intervention. Ankara has also initiated discussion with Washington on the seizure of Syrian territory to create a “buffer zone,” where more such attacks could be prepared.
In Paris, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe announced plans to hold a meeting of the “core members” of the Friends of Syria, i.e., Washington, London, Turkey and the monarchical dictatorships of the Gulf Cooperation Council, to tighten economic sanctions that have already driven unemployment past the 35 percent mark and cut real wages of Syrian workers in half. The aim is, as Richard Nixon said of Chile some 40 years ago, to “make the economy scream,” creating the best conditions for a societal collapse and all out civil war.
There is nothing that Assad could do to alter the positions of these proponents of regime change outside of committing political and physical suicide.
The campaign to topple the Assad government is publicly justified in the name of the “Arab Spring,” “democracy” and “human rights.” Such claims are belied, however, by the utter indifference of the “Friends” to—and indeed support for—the crushing of a mass movement for democracy and human rights on the other end of the Arabian Peninsula.
Amnesty International this week released a scathing report on Bahrain, declaring, “Despite the authorities’ claims to the contrary, state violence against those who oppose the Al Khalifa family rule continues, and in practice not much has changed in the country since the brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters in February and March 2011.” That crackdown saw Saudi troops and tanks stream across the causeway linking Bahrain to the Arabian Peninsula to carry out the military suppression of unarmed protesters.
The report chronicles an aggressive public relations campaign by the US and the Saudi-backed Sunni monarchy, which rules an apartheid-style state that systematically discriminates against the 70 percent Shia majority. In addition to contracting high-priced American PR firms, King Hamad and his regime created the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), which “concluded that the authorities had committed gross human rights violations with impunity, including excessive use of force against
protesters, widespread torture and other ill-treatment of protesters, unfair trials and unlawful killings.”
The King and his retinue duly thanked the commission and, according to the Amnesty report, continued all the crimes that it had documented: unlawful killings, torture, military tribunals and the imprisonment of hundreds of people whose sole crime was to peacefully demonstrate for their rights.
Among these prisoners is Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, a prominent human rights defender who was arrested in April 2011, brutally tortured, and charged, together with 20 other opposition figures, with setting up “terror groups” to bring down the monarchy. He has now been on hunger strike for more than two months and is reportedly near death.
The sham “independent commission,” whose findings have been utterly ignored, proved more than adequate for Washington and the other NATO powers to whitewash the al-Khalifa regime. The decision to go ahead with Formula 1’s Bahrain Grand Prix next weekend amounts to an international seal of approval.
One can only imagine the uproar if Assad in Syria were to try a similar maneuver.
The US is once again supplying ample arms to the royal dictatorship, so that it can continue killing and repressing the masses, a far greater percentage of whom have come into the streets than in Syria. The White House spokesman, meanwhile, cynically urges “all parties to reject violence.”
The reasons for this glaring double standard are obvious. Bahrain hosts the US Fifth Fleet, providing it with a base of operations on the western banks of the Persian Gulf facing Iran and within easy striking distance of the strategic Strait of Hormuz.
Syria, on the other hand, has been targeted as a stepping-stone toward a far more devastating war against Iran, which is seen by US imperialism as an impediment to its drive to assert hegemony over the oil-rich regions of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia. This strategy inevitably draws in China and Russia, which see Washington’s wars and destabilization campaigns as directed at destroying their interests and influence in the Middle East.
All the moral posturing over Syria and attempts to justify intervention in the name of “human rights” and “democracy” are, as Bahrain demonstrates, sheer hypocrisy, designed solely to manipulate public opinion in support of this predatory and dangerous war drive.
Bill Van Auken

‘United States chooses silence on Bahrain crisis’

 ‘United States chooses silence on Bahrain crisis’


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