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UN sanctions prompt North Korea to threaten nuclear test

By John Chan 
1 February 2013
The UN Security Council last week imposed new sanctions to penalise North Korea for its long-range rocket launch on December 12. Pyongyang reacted by threatening “all-out” actions, indicating that it could conduct a third nuclear test. In 2006 and 2009, North Korea conducted atomic tests after being sanctioned by the UN for similar rocket launches.
The Obama administration exploited the rocket launch to maintain pressure on North Korea as it proceeds with its aggressive “pivot to Asia” that is directed against Pyongyang’s main ally, China. The UN resolution was the result of negotiations between the US and China—in return for China not using its veto, the US agreed not to impose new forms of sanctions.
The UN resolution did, however, expand the existing sanctions regime. Ten new entities have been targeted, including the North Korean space agency responsible for the rocket launch, a North Korean bank, and several banking officials based in China. The resolution also updates lists of banned nuclear and ballistic missile technology.
North Korea has reacted angrily. A National Defence Commission statement declared: “In a new phase of the anti-US struggle, we do not hide that the various satellite and long-range rockets that we will continue to launch, and the high-level nuclear test that we will conduct, are targeted at the US, the sworn enemy of our people.”
While the new UN sanctions are largely symbolic, the US is using the North Korean threat of a nuclear test as a means of exerting pressure on China. Visiting South Korea and Japan last weekend, US special representative on North Korea, Glyn Davies, warned that a nuclear test would effectively end the six-party talks on North Korea that are sponsored by China. “If they go in the direction of testing a nuclear device, they are going to set back the prospect of any diplomatic process going forward,” he said.
China’s foreign ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, called for “the relevant sides” to “remain calm and restrained and earnestly maintain the peace and stability of Northeast Asia.” At the same time, he indirectly criticised North Korea, saying that it should “develop its economy and improve people’s living conditions” rather than a nuclear program.
The isolated Stalinist regime has become heavily dependent on China for trade and economic aid since the collapse of the former Soviet Union.
An editorial in the state-owned Global Times warned Pyongyang: “If North Korea engages in further nuclear tests, China will not hesitate to reduce its assistance.” The newspaper pointed to Beijing’s concerns: “China has a dilemma: there’s no possible way for us to search for a diplomatic balance between North Korea and South Korea, Japan and the US… After putting a lot of effort into amendments for the draft resolution, China also voted for it. It seems that North Korea does not appreciate China’s efforts.”
The Chinese regime fears that the US will use another North Korean nuclear test to expand its military presence in Asia, especially its anti-ballistic missile systems, which are aimed primarily against Beijing, not Pyongyang. It will also enable the Obama administration to further strengthen military ties with US allies, including Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.
An editorial by on Tuesday called for tougher action if North Korea went ahead with the test. “The Obama administration should push the Chinese for a coordinated response,” it declared. “If the Chinese baulk, the US will be justified in cooperating more closely with Japan and South Korea on missile defence, maritime patrols, counter-proliferation initiatives and other strategic efforts that China won’t like.”
Washington would also push for closer trilateral strategic ties between US, South Korea and Japan. An initial attempt collapsed last year after South Korean President Lee Myung-bak at the last minute postponed the signing of a military intelligence sharing agreement with Tokyo. One of the key obstacles has been the ongoing territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea over the Dokdo/ Takeshima islands.
Lee, who ended the previous “Sunshine Policy” of opening up North Korea, held an emergency meeting on Thursday, which warned of “various serious consequences” if North Korea carried out the nuclear test. President-elect Park Geun-hye, who will be inaugurated later this month, indicated that she would still seek to improve relations with North Korea, but warned that a further nuclear test “will not be tolerated.”
The duplicity of Washington’s stance was highlighted by South Korea’s successful launch of its first space rocket this week. This brought no condemnation by the US and its allies. South Korean officials have made no secret of the implications of the launch for the development of long-range ballistic missiles. Last year the US signed a deal with South Korea allowing it to double its existing missile range, to 800 kilometres, enabling it to hit any target in North Korea as well as parts of China.
Speaking to a delegation sent to Beijing by South Korean president-elect Park, Chinese leader Xi Jinping reportedly declared that North Korea’s nuclear programs were “intolerable.” His concern was that tensions on the Korean Peninsula were a major obstacle to better relations with Seoul, including a potential free trade agreement, and could drive South Korea to align more closely with the US.
China also fears that the new right-wing government in Japan could exploit a North Korean nuclear test to bolster its military capacity. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has already announced an increased military budget and plans to modify the country’s so-called pacifist constitution. Last Sunday, Japan launched two intelligence satellites with radar and optical sensors to monitor North Korea’s nuclear and missile activities. These assets could also be used against China.
Abe warned on a TV show that Japan would introduce “quite severe measures” against North Korea if it conducted the nuclear test. Japan already bans port calls by North Korean ships and all trade with North Korea. The Japanese government is reportedly considering stepping up restrictions on money transfers from Japan to North Korea and revoking re-entry permits to Korean residents who travel to North Korea.
The Korean peninsula is just one of the flashpoints that have been inflamed by the Obama administration’s reckless “pivot” to Asia, greatly heightening regional tensions and the danger of open conflict.

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The UN Asks for Control Over the World’s Internet

December 07, 2012 “RT” – — Members of the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) have agreed to work towards implementing a standard for the Internet that would allow for eavesdropping on a worldwide scale.
At a conference in Dubai this week, the ITU members decided to adopt the Y.2770 standard for deep packet inspection, a top-secret proposal by way of China that will allow telecom companies across the world to more easily dig through data passed across the Web.
According to the UN, implementing deep-packet inspection, or DPI, on such a global scale will allow authorities to more easily detect the transferring and sharing of copyrighted materials and other protected files by finding a way for administrators to analyze the payload of online transmissions, not just the header data that is normally identified and interpreted.
“It is standard procedure to route packets based on their headers, after all it is the part of the packet that contains information on the packet’s intended destination,” writes The Inquirer’s Lawrence Lati, “but by inspecting the contents of each packet ISPs, governments and anyone else can look at sensitive data. While users can mitigate risks by encrypting data, given enough resources encryption can be foiled.”
Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist widely regarded as the ‘Father of the Internet,’ spoke out against proposed DPI implementation on such a grandiose scale during an address earlier this year at the World Wide Web Consortium.
“Somebody clamps a deep packet inspection thing on your cable which reads every packet and reassembles the web pages, cataloguing them against your name, address and telephone number either to be given to the government when they ask for it or to be sold to the highest bidder – that’s a really serious breach of privacy,” he said.
Blogger Arthur Herman writes this week for Fox News online that the goal of the delegates at the ITU “is to grab control of the World Wide Web away from the United States, and hand it to a UN body of bureaucrats.”
“It’ll be the biggest power grab in the UN’s history, as well as a perversion of its power,” he warns.
The ITU’s secretary general, Dr. Hamadoun I. Toure, has dismissed critics who have called the proposed DPI model invasive, penning an op-ed this week where he insists his organization’s meeting in Dubai poses “no threat to free speech.”
“It is our chance to chart a globally-agreed roadmap to connect the unconnected, while ensuring there is investment to create the infrastructure needed for the exponential growth in voice, video and data traffic,” Dr. Toure claims of the conference, adding that it presents the UN with “a golden opportunity to provide affordable connectivity for all, including the billions of people worldwide who cannot yet go online.”
Despite his explanation, though, some nation-states and big-name businesses remain opposed to the proposal. The ITU’s conference this week has been held behind closed doors, and representatives with online service providers Google, Facebook and Twitter have been barred from attending.
In a report published this week by CNet, tech journalist Declan McCullagh cites a Korean document that describes the confidential Y.2770 standard as being able to identify “embedded digital watermarks in MP3 data,” discover “copyright protected audio content,” find “Jabber messages with Spanish text,” or “identify uploading BitTorrent users.”
On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives unanimously passed a Senate resolution that asks for the American government to oppose any efforts by the United Nations to control the Internet. 
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The UN and the parallel world


The UN and the parallel world. 47471.jpeg

Thanks NATO, great rebuilding job
Reading some of the material which emanates from the UNO is like reading of some parallel world, some cloud cuckoo land where fairies live at the end of the garden, where clouds are pink and skies are rosy, a fantasy world created and perpetuated by the mainstream media. But beware of the siren’s song…
Ian Martin, the top UN envoy to Libya, has called on the need to include women in Libyan society as the country is rebuilt. Anyone informed would already have done a double-take in incredulity, the more informed would have gone puce red in rage and the most informed would be banging their fists on the table in outrage.
For those who do not know what I am talking about, settle back on your comfy sofa and I will tell you a bedtime story.
Background music, the sound of the sea, seagulls, waves on beaches…violins…. Once upon a time there was a country called Libya which was ruled by an evil tyrant who did not educate his people, who made them live in tents and who kept his country’s vast wealth for himself. Then one day his people rose up against him. He massacred them by bombing them with aircraft and so NATO went charging in upon a white horse, freed his people, scheduled elections and just a few days ago, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN Support Mission in Libya UNSMIL, Ian Martin, made declarations such as these:
“The new Libya provides a new opportunity for Libyan women to articulate your political, economic and social aspirations”; and “If women have equal opportunities to fulfil their political and socio-economic role, this contributes to development, democracy, nation-building and peace for all Libyans”.
Bullshit! (silence) I said, BULLSHIT! (music stops, embarrassed silence, the audience shuffles, bald pates glistening in embarrassment and hushed female voices to their husbands “Can we go now?”).
The Jamahiriya system of government under Gaddafi was the most participative democratic model of government yet implemented on Earth; Muammar al-Qathafi housed all Libyans for free before he housed his own parents; he used Libya’s wealth to educate his people, for free, to treat them and give them dental care, for free, and he used the wealth to build Libya and make it the most developed country in Africa in terms of human development indices.
He used the money to set up Pan-African humanitarian projects bringing tele-medicine and e-learning to hundreds of millions of people. For free. And he set up schemes to finance future projects freeing Africa from the yoke of debt to western nations. Women’s rights were the best in the region and among the best in the world, there was full participation in Libyan society by women. Why else was Gaddafi set to receive a humanitarian prize from the UNO?
And the only reason that Libya needs to be rebuilt is because NATO destroyed it, they destroyed its electricity supply, roads, water supply, hospitals, schools and public buildings because they wanted to dole out rebuilding contracts to the cronies of the NATO leaders.
If Libya needs rebuilding, Mr. Ian Martin, it is because the UNO stood back and did nothing while its friends in NATO unleashed gangs of armed terrorists against Libyan society. As for women’s rights, I suppose slicing women’s breasts off in the street, as done by the terrorists, is better than the full participation in society they had under Gaddafi?
If Ian Martin believes his words, he is one of those officials caught up in cloud cuckoo land iterating clichés as he goes about his business from air-conditioned office to air-conditioned office shaking hands with corrupt officials and wallowing in his own self-importance.
The hypocrisy of his words make me sick. One final observation: Is the Jamahiriya system of government on the list in the upcoming vote? No? Then the election is rigged and as such it is void.

 Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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When will the UNO stand up and be counted?


When will the UNO stand up and be counted?. 47463.jpeg
As a humanitarian organization, the UNO is second to none, providing food, water, education, healthcare, scientific know-how to communities in need, protecting women and children from violence and exploitation and funding humanitarian schemes across the globe. As a law enforcer and peacekeeper, it is a non-starter.
July 2012 – The UN-backed Action Group on Syria supports a roadmap for peace as the international community agrees on a peaceful transition to a new government (not necessarily a new President – that is a question for Syrians to decide, not Americans, British or French). Rightly, the six-point plan calls for an end to violence. However, how can the Secretary-General or envoys of the UNO seriously and with a straight face, make declarations about international cooperation towards a common goal – peace – when the Axis of Reason, headed by the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China is using diplomatic means to sponsor a solution while on the other side, the FUKUS Axis (France, UK and US) is yet again doing what it can to destabilise a sovereign nation, using terrorists.
What happens next we have seen already in Libya. A mail-order massacre is performed right under the noses of the observers and is blamed on the Government, it matters not who it was in fact perpetrated by, the demonology and the media do the rest to create a casus belli, Russia and China are derided as pariahs because they have sat on the sidelines instead of giving the go-ahead for a terrorist massacre.
And while this bullshit is happening right under its nose, the UNO does nothing and pretends the FUKUS Axis is serious about peace. Sooner or later its Security Council will convene to try to force a military resolution through and sooner or later, if there is no agreement, it will go ahead anyway. The question is, how many more lines in the sand have to be crossed until everyone sees things as they are?
And the way things are is that the western powers are once again using imperialist measures to grab strategic points and siphon off resources, using two sets of weights and measures, yet again sponsoring terrorists and financing humanitarian outrages and they will continue doing so in Syria, they will move on to Iran and then on to Central Asia and guess which two are at the end of the line?
So, if the UNO is serious about what it says, then suppose it started forcing certain of its members to respect its charter, to respect the terms and conditions of the agreements they sign – legally binding agreements – and suppose the UNO itself started acting as if it was a responsible international peace-broker instead of a lackey to the lobbies which finance it, either directly or indirectly? And if this is indeed the case, then UN out of US, or US out of UN.
Suppose the UNO terminated the embarrassing insult to international law and removed the International Criminal Court at The Hague, the court which illegally held Slobodan Milosevic after he was kidnapped against every element of Yugoslav Federal, Serbian national and international law and which accused him of crimes, declared him guilty before the process was finished (declarations by the Prosecutor, in public…) but then since he died before the process was complete, how could he be anything other than innocent before proven guilty, which was not the case?
Finally perhaps the UNO could explain to us why France, for instance, is a permanent member of the Security Council with the right to veto, while Brazil is not, India is not, Indonesia is not. What is France more than them, unless arrogant…or is it then true that it helps to support terrorists and break the UNO’s laws to justify having such a seat, as is France’s case?
The UNO is an excellent humanitarian organization. As a lawmaker and peace-keeper, it is utterly useless and an insult to our collective intelligence.
Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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UNO: The sick man of the world community


UNO: The sick man of the world community. 47190.jpeg
It is difficult to know at times whether the United Nations Organization is one organization or two – one doing an excellent job in defending human rights and culture (UN Women, UNHCR, UNESCO, among others) – and the other rubber-stamping imperialist escapades for the FUKUS lobby (France, UK, US) or pandering to the whims of Washington’s lobbies.
Let us take for example the ICC at The Hague, a kangaroo court which illegally kidnapped Slobodan Milosevic from Serbia against Yugoslav Federal law and against the law of the Republic of Serbia and then declared him guilty even before the case had opened. Let us take the UNO as a law-making and enforcing body. What has the UNO done about the massive human rights crimes and war crimes committed by the NATO/FUKUS Axis in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Libya, now also in Syria?
And now we have a classic quotation which says it all, from the President of the General Assembly, Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, at the opening of a high-level meeting on the role of Member States in mediation: “Mediation is a valuable and effective tool for conflict prevention and the peaceful settlement of disputes, top United Nations officials stressed today, while also highlighting the need to strengthen the world body, which plays a central role in such efforts”.
Well, duh! Isn’t that what the United Nations Security Council was for? Where was that council when Iraq was invaded outside its auspices? Where was that council when the FUKUS three gave guarantees to Russia and China that they would fill in the details later on their mission in Libya and then proceeded to do a spectacular mission creep breaking all the rules in the book?
Why, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office was even backing a terrorist organisation on its own list of proscribed entities.
In fact today’s declaration by Al-Nasser sums up the ludicrous clown-like status the UNO as a lawmaker and law-enforcer has become, or never once managed to be, if we dig more deeply. Mediation is exactly what the UNO was invented for, yet mediation is not its middle name. It has proven useless in preventing the most horrific human rights violations and war crimes by the NATO/FUKUS Axis in recent years, murderous imperialist orgies which have pandered to the caprices of the lobbies which gravitate around the White House, dictating its policies and in turn, the foreign policies of the NATO member states.
So the UNO as a mediator is a joke. And as regards strengthening the body, how can you strengthen a body that is sick to the core, riven with the most debilitating diseases wracking it? How can you strengthen a UNO which purports to represent the world community when it has an obvious bias against Serbs and Africans, when it pretends its ICC is an international court while for example citizens of the USA cannot be tried there?
So what kind of a joke, or circus, is this, and what kind of a clown is the UNO? If the UNO wants to represent the world community, then why in 2012 is the Security Council composed of nations in the northern hemisphere and does not have one representative from Oceania, from Africa, from Latin America?
Let us split the UNO in two and praise its wonderful humanitarian work, let us praise UN Women for its tremendous strides towards gender equality, women’s empowerment and defence of women’s rights, fighting against gender violence, against Female Genital Mutilation, sponsoring girls’ schooling… Let us remember António Guterres for his amazing work in UNHCR helping refugees… Let us praise its enormous strides taken in science, in protecting cultural heritage…
And let a new United Nations Organization rise up which is not controlled by the handful of cliques pulling its strings, an organization which is composed of and represents the peoples from the four corners of the Earth and fundamentally, one which uses the same set of weights and measures in the implementation of international law, which it upholds for all.
If we cannot implement this in 2012, then let history be our witness and let the hypocrisy stop here. Without such a body, the world today is an oyster in the hands of the USA and the lobbies which control Washington. Like it or not, it is what we see. Look at Libya.
Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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