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Rafael Correa’s Moving Farewell to Fidel



‘Fidel will continue to live in the faces of the children who go to school, in the sick whose lives are saved, in the workers who own the fruits of their labors.’

Posted December 03, 2016

Farewell to Fidel

Tariq Ali reflects on the life of Fidel Castro, the revolutionary who stood up to America and won.

Hasta Siempre, Dear Comandante Fidel!

Fidel Castro’s Revolutionary Spirit Inspires the World to Pursue Equity and Justice

No Pasaran, Comandante Fidel!

No pasaran, Comandante Fidel!

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Cuba Will Not Fall!

“Operation Northwoods”: 1962 False Flag directed against Cuba: “Casualty Lists Would Cause a Helpful Wave of Indignation”. Paris, Brussels Terror Attacks, Is it Relevant?

Brother Obama

Overthrow by Pragmatism: Obama’s Cuban Strategy

Bad luck island: How Obama was snubbed in Cuba

Raul Castro did not allow Barack Obama to clap him on the shoulder.
The incident turned out to become just about the main event of the whole journey of the American leader to Cuba.
After the press conference Obama wished to clap his Cuban colleague on the shoulder. However, Raul Castro caught the hand of the American leader and gave a wave in the air.
As we reported, Barack Obama was in Cuba on a state visit. This event has already been called as a historic one. The American leaders have not visited the island for over 80 years. As Obama said, his visit became a symbol of the end of Cold War.


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Reality and Dreams

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