A dangerous message’: How the West is enabling Israel’s orgy of violence against Palestinians

By David Hearst August 12, 2022: Information Clearing House -- "Middle East Eye" - There can be no clearer demonstration of the hollowness of western values than in the persistent, cynical and criminal failure to bring Israel to book for its actions. It is increasingly clear that Gaza paid the price for an Israeli military campaign in the West Bank that... Continue Reading →

Contenders for Boris Johnson’s crown stress fealty to Israel

Following Israel’s recent savage attack on Gaza, the last two Tory candidates for PM are out competing each other to offer Israel supportBy Jonathan Cook August 12, 2022: Information Clearing House --As Israel unleashed a surprise wave of air strikes on Gaza last Friday, the two remaining Conservative politicians vying to replace disgraced Prime Minister Boris Johnson publicised letters vowing fealty to Israel. Their... Continue Reading →

The story of when Israel attacked America, and the US government sided with Tel Aviv

RT remembers the story of USS Liberty, an American battleship attacked by Israeli forces in 1967 Robert Inlakesh is a political analyst, journalist and documentary filmmaker currently based in London, UK. He has reported from and lived in the occupied Palestinian territories and currently works with Quds News. Director of ‘Steal of the Century: Trump's Palestine-Israel... Continue Reading →

Russia may bring Israel trouble in Syria easily

Lyuba Lulko Speaking in equivokes with Israel is useless — one needs to tell Israel point blank that Russia will not tolerate arms supplies to Ukraine. If Israel crosses this red line, conclusions on Syria will follow. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with Italian television company Mediaset that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky... Continue Reading →

US Recruits Israel Against Russia

By M. K. Bhadrakumar Global Research, April 26, 2022 Indian Punchline 25 April 2022 Visit and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to repost and share widely Global Research articles. *** For more than one reason, the US President Joe Biden’s call with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday is hugely consequential. This has been Biden’s second phone conversation with Bennett... Continue Reading →

Door Is Closing on an Iran Nuclear Deal

By Philip Giraldi September 14, 2021 -- "Information Clearing House - Critics of the foreign and national security policies of the Joe Biden regime were quick to note that the American soldiers being pulled out of Afghanistan were no doubt a resource that will be committed to a new adventure somewhere else. There was considerable speculation that... Continue Reading →

Joe Biden Bows to Force Majeure

Kneeling before Israelis is latest indication of who rules in Washington By Philip Giraldi July I8, 2021 "Information Clearing House" - - "UNZ" - If one were only limited to viewing or reading the US mainstream media the story of how President Joe Biden went down on his knees to honor two visiting Israelis would never have surfaced. Fortunately,... Continue Reading →

Star of David; Land of Myth

By Stanley L. Cohen June 07, 2021 "Information Clearing House" - - “We stand for justice, truth and the value of a single human being.” With these simple but powerfully inspiring words, a life-time ago, the world held-out hope that at long last international law and accountability would progress from abstra ct, esoteric principle to momentous binding... Continue Reading →

Israel Reports Link Between Rare Cases of Heart Inflammation and COVID-19 Vaccination in Young Men

By Gretchen Vogel and Jennifer Couzin-Frankel Global Research, June 06, 2021Science Magazine 1 June 2021 All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version).  Visit and follow us on Instagram at @crg_globalresearch. *** The COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech appears... Continue Reading →

Israel and its friends demonize critics

By Philip Giraldi May 02, 2021 "Information Clearing House" - - " UNZ" -Several things are happening simultaneously. Most important, Israel has lost the public opinion war in much of the world through its brutality during the recent attack on Gaza and it continues to lose ground even in the wake of a cease fire due to mass arrests... Continue Reading →

Israel’s real character as a xenophobic, apartheid horror of a state.

Zionist Israel has since used the Holocaust as justification for surprise attacks on neighboring Arab states to expand its lebensraum and establish a “Greater Israel” Zionist Murder Con By Paul EdwardsMay 28, 2021 "Information Clearing House" - -  Because Palestinians resisted having their lands and homes stolen by Israelis, its Zionist government inflicted yet another in their... Continue Reading →

American Arms Makers Are Making a Killing Off of Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza

By Jessica Buxbaum Global Research, May 27, 2021MintPress News 20 May 2021 Major arms and aircraft manufacturers — Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon — are reaping massive profits from Israel’s assault on Gaza, and all are expected to see their earnings boom with the quarter-billion-dollar arms deal the Biden administration is trying to push through. As diplomatic... Continue Reading →

The Palestine Litmus Test

By Margaret Kimberley Global Research, May 22, 2021Black Agenda Report 19 May 2021 President Joe Biden continues to proclaim endless support of apartheid Israel, but millions have decided that defense of Palestinian rights and lives is the only civilized response to barbaric aggression. There aren’t many issues which clearly and unequivocally delineate right from wrong. The question of... Continue Reading →

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