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The White Helmets – Al Qaeda With A Facelift


‘The White Helmets’, fake ‘Syrian humanitarian group, exposed as an al Qaeda support group headed by a British military man and funded by the US Government. Short documentary by Steve Ezzedine, drawing on research by Vanessa Beeley.

Posted May 02, 2016


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“Moderate” FSA and Al Qaeda Militants Repel Syria (SAA) Offensive in Aleppo Province

Global Research, April 13, 2016
South Front

Al Nusra and FSA militants repelled the pro-government forces’ offensive on the strategic town of Al-Eis and the al Eis hilltop in the Aleppo province on April 12.

According to ground reports, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah units supported the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in this operation. Pro-militant sources report that from 50 to 70 pro-government soldiers were killed in the clashes. However, these numbers haven’t been confirmed by photos or videos. In turn, the Syrian government forces have reportedly killed over 250 al Nusra militants in Southwestern Aleppo during the past week. The loyalist forces will make another attempt to liberate Al-Eis today.

The SAA and the NDF repelled an attack of al-Nusra and its allies on a strategic highway linking Damascus to Quneitra in Southern Syria. Al-Nusra militants advanced on the al-Salam highway from four directions: Filat al-Azm, al-Khalil Farm, Marmala and al-Mansha al-Sanayeh. However, their attempts failed.

Meanwhile, the Syrian forces cut off another supply line belonged to al-Nusra and Jeish al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta capturing several sites along the Tal Sawwan-Hawsh Al-Farah road. This allowed the SAA to impose a fire control on the road. Now, the Syrian forces are preparing an operation to liberate Tal Kurdi.

Unconfirmed reports argue that the Syrian government is redeploying troops to conduct an operation in the militant-held Jisr Al-Shughour. However, such operation will be hardly possible while the situation remains tense in Aleppo.

Last week, unveri able number of Yazidi Kurdish fighters arrived at a training camp in Sinjar District, west of Mosul to begin military training at a camp run by the PKK-linked Yazidi Protection Forces (YBS). The PKK will reportedly stay in Sinjar until the recapture of all Yazidi areas and Mosul.

ISIS remains operational in the areas northeast and northwest of Ramadi. ISIS attacked and launched indirect fire into residential areas in Ramadi, Khalidiyah, and Habaniyah. Iraq’s security forces also confirm firefights with militants.

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Syria: Major SAA Military Counter-terrorism Operation in Aleppo Province, Support of Russian and Iranian Advisers

Global Research, April 07, 2016
South Front 6 April 2016

On April 5, a Syrian Su-22 fighter-bomber was downed by militants in the village of Tel Eis in Southern Aleppo. Tel Eis has been under control of Al Nusra and Free Syrian Army units which operate in serried ranks in this area. A pilot rejected from the warplane, but he was captured and, according to initial reports, killed by militants. Further reports said that the pilot, Khaled Sa’id of Latakia City, is alive and the work is underway to rescue him.

Following the incident with the Su-22, the loyalist forces supported by Russian warplanes and helicopters conducted a new attempt to liberate Tel Eis and pushed militant groups from the village. Additionally, Russian warplanes conducted air raids on along the Banes-Tal Al-‘Eiss road.

The liberation of al-Eis set a foothold for further advances to cut of M5 highway which links Aleppo with parts of the Idlib governorate and grants access to M4 Highway heading to Latakia.

Pre-military reports indicate that the loyalists are deploying forces – mainly SAA, NDF and Hezbolalh units supported by Iranian and Russian military advisers – to the province of Aleppo to conduct a military operation in the provincial capital. Aleppo’s joint operations room in a statement asked the people to leave the regions where groups that ignore the ceasefire are presented

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