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US Soldier in Syria – ‘Kill ‘em All!’

The Truth About Syria: A Manufactured War Against An Independent Country

Why The US Is Dropping Calls For Assad To Go

Thousands of Civilians in Danger as US-backed Forces Mount Offensives in Iraq and Syria

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Syria: ISIS Terrorist Attacks against Shaer Gas Fields in Homs Province

Video: The ISIS Has Chemical Weapons

Syria, ISIS, and the US-UK Propaganda War

The Battle for Aleppo. Jihadists launched a Full Scale Offensive

Syrians Burn American Flag, Protest against Illegal Presence of US Soldiers

Civilization Returns to Palmyra — While the West Scoffs

Battle for Aleppo: Washington Openly Supports Al Qaeda

Aleppo Doctor Attacks Western Media for Bias, Censorship and Lies

Aleppo Ceasefire: ‘US Ploy to Buy Time for Terrorist Reinforcements’

The Battle for Aleppo, US-NATO Supported Islamist Militants Breach the Ceasefire

Why Obama Prioritizes Ousting Assad over Defeating Syria’s Jihadists

Syria as the Libya of the Levant

Russia Accuses Obama of Supporting Al Qaeda in Syria

Video: Terrorism and the Battle for Aleppo

A Tale Of Two Hospitals: Fabricated Bombing Incident vs. Open Terrorist Targeting Of Facilities In Aleppo?

Syria: Heavy Clashes between Government SAA Forces and ISIS-Al Qaeda

Anglo-American Terrorism: British Government Waging Information Warfare in Support of “Al Qaeda Moderates”

Syria: Escalation, Terrorism and Military Invasion. A Proxy War against Russia and Iran?

The White Helmets – Al Qaeda With A Facelift


‘The White Helmets’, fake ‘Syrian humanitarian group, exposed as an al Qaeda support group headed by a British military man and funded by the US Government. Short documentary by Steve Ezzedine, drawing on research by Vanessa Beeley.

Posted May 02, 2016


As More American Boots Hit the Ground in Syria, U.S. Parses “Boots” and “Ground”

Hillary Clinton Approved Delivering Libya’s Sarin Gas to Syrian Rebels: Seymour Hersh

VIDEO: Syria ‘White Helmets’ Exposed. Propaganda Instrument. Nobel Peace Prize for Al Qaeda?

“Horrified”: Seymour Hersh Reacts to Obama’s Plan to Send 250 More U.S. Special Ops Troops to Syria

Are US Special Forces in Syria Working with Opposition Groups Linked to ISIS and Al Qaeda?

Western Media Break Their Silence on Aleppo with Flagrant Lies, Omissions, Obfuscations

America’s “Anti-Daesh Engagement” in Syria? White House ‘Needs to Come Clean’ on Who US Special Ops Will Train…

Syria: Moscow Rejects Kerry’s New Attempts to Protect Al Qaeda Terrorists

Military Escalation. Obama Announces More Special Forces Troops to Syria. “Training and Assistance to Local [Al Qaeda] Forces”

Video: Syrian Government Forces Advancing Inside ISIS Controlled Territory

Obama to Announce Major US Escalation in Syria

When Will the Saudi Regime Stop Killing Syrians?

Syrian Elections Confirm West’s Worst Fears

“Organized Networks of International terrorism… inside Syria”: Damascus Envoy at Peace Talks Condemns “State Sponsors of Terrorism”

Why the Syrian Peace Talks Broke Down

Post Palmyra Liberation: The Islamic State (ISIS) Still a Threat. Washington Seeks the “Partition of Syria”


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