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Lord Haw-Haw – John Kirby, State Department Spokesperson.
U.S. Department of State – Daily Briefing: Feb.01.2016

Posted February 05, 2016

After an alleged Russian Su-34 fighter incursion into the Turkish airspace, the country’s military command has declared an ‘orange alert’ meaning that Turkish military pilots can open fire on airspace’ violators on their own discretion.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry claimed that Russian Su-34 bomber, despite a multiple warnings in Turkish and Russian languages, strayed into the country’s  airspace for 5 seconds on January 30.

“29 January 2016 at 11.46 hours local time, a SU-34 type Russian aircraft violated Turkish airspace. Before the violation actually took place, Russian plane was warned numerous times by Turkish air radar units  both in English and Russian languages,” stated in a press release.

“There were no violations of Turkish airspace by aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic. Turkish authorities’ statements of an alleged violation of Turkish airspace by a Russian Su-34 jet are naked propaganda,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

Meantime, the USA has urged both sides to calm.

“We are aware of reports and can confirm that yesterday another Russian combat aircraft violated Turkish — and NATO – airspace,” Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright told RIA Novosti in a written statement Saturday. “We call on Russia to respect Turkish airspace and cease activities that risk further heightening instability in the region,” Wright’s statement goes on.

On November 24, after a Russian Su-24 bomber allegedly violated Turkish airspace for 17 seconds, Ankara’s Air Force shut down the jet with two pilots on board. The action has led to the deterioration of countries relations and a number of sanctions, imposed by Russia on Turkey.

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Syria: ISIS and Terrorist Organizations Decimated by Syrian Army and Russian Air Force

Global Research, February 04, 2016


On Feb.3, the Syrian Army and Hezbollah units broken a siege imposed by terrorist organizations in the towns of Nubbul and al-Zahraa. The siege is said to have lasted for 40 months. The success of the operation was grounded on the efficient cooperation between the Russian forces and the Syrian ground forces.

Following the heavy clashes, the Syrian troops also seized the Ma’arasta-Masqan road in Northern Aleppo.

The loyalist forces entered the village of Tayyibah (Teibah). The heavy between the SAA and ISIS are going there. However, there are reports that the Syrian troops are pushing ISIS from the village.

Meanwhile, a senior commander of the Fath al-Halab (Conquest of Aleppo) terrorists group, Major Yasser Abdel Rahim, fled the battle against the Syrian army in Northern Aleppo and took shelter in Turkey. This marks a significant fall of the militants’ morale in the province.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that one of their advisers to the Syrian army has been killed in ISIS shelling while fulfilling his duties with the Syrian army. It’s still unknown where the incident happened, nor the personality of the officer. He will receive an honor from the country, posthumously.

In the ongoing conflict, Syria relies heavily on Russian military equipment. It’s confirmed, there is an unspecified number of military advisers are teaching Syrians how to use Russian weapons. According to the unconfirmed reports and experts’ conclusions, Russian military advisers could be involved in coordination of the Syrian artillery units and coordination between the Syrian ground forces and the Russian Air Force.

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Syria: ISIS Supply Lines Destroyed. Extensive Russian Airforce Operations.1354 Terrorist Facilities Targeted over 7 Day Period

Global Research, February 03, 2016
South Front 2 February 2016

Over the past 7 days, the Russian air grouping in Syria has performed 468 sorties including 24 sorties performed from the Russian territory by Tu-Russian-warplane-400x21622M3 long-range bombers. The Russian warplanes destroyed 1,354 terrorist facilities in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Damascus, Raqqa, Daraa and Deir-ez-Zor.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have cut two main supply lines of ISIS militants in northern Aleppo Province: the Masqan-Aleppo and Haras-Al-Bab roads. The roads were cut in the attacks of the Syrian fighter jets and the army’s artillery units. The Syrian forces also advanced on Mazra’a Al-Malaah from the nearby village of Handarat. The violent clashes are going there. These farms controlled by terrorists lies on the way to the strategic village of Ard Al-Malaah.

On Feb.1, the Russian Defence Ministry officially confirmed that SU35 fighters have been deployed to the Khmeimim airbase in Latakia. Su-35S fighter jets started performing combat missions last week. Previously, the Russian air grouping in Syria had only modernized Su-25 fighter bombers, Su-24M bombers, Su-34 jets and Su-30SM fighter jets providing cover for these planes. Also, the Varyag guided missile cruiser equipped with the Fort system and an S-400 long-range missile defense system deployed in late November are providing air defense of the base.

The decision to deploy the SU35 to Syria is allegedly linked to more Turkish threats to shoot down Russian aircraft. According to Turkey, a Russian SU34 violated Turkish airspace on Jan.29. It was denied by Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry also presented video evidence it says shows Turkish military shelling Syrian territory using heavy artillery positioned close to the border. The video is irrefutable proof that Turkey concentrated a strong military grouping at the Syrian border. This grouping could be used for illegal military intervention to the Arab country.

The top US commander for military operations in Syria and Iraq, Army Lt. General Sean MacFarland, said on Feb.1 that there is a “good potential” that more American and coalition forces will be needed to fight ISIS. In other words, the US-backed forces in Syria show not enough progress amid the advances of the Syrian government forces supported by Russia and Iran. Thus, the US urgently needs some success on the ground to strengthen its attitude in the ongoing negotiations on the solution of the Syrian conflict.

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