Coercive Mind Control and Brainwashing Tactics

The tactics used to create undue psychological and social influence, often by means involving anxiety and stress By Dr. Margaret Singer Global Research, October 27, 2021Psychological Harassment Global Research Editor’s Note This analysis by the late Dr. Margaret Singer is of utmost relevance to an understanding of the Covid Crisis. The  imposition of the killer vaccine coupled with […]

Aggravation of Relations Between Russia and the West: Will it Lead to War?

By South Front Global Research, October 27, 2021South Front 26 October 2021 No matter how many times it has been said that relations between Russia and Western countries can no longer get worse, the news agenda proves us the opposite time and again. On October 24, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer gave an interview to Deutschlandfunk radio in which she […]

The Role of QR Codes: Russia’s Planned Regulation of the Unvaccinated. Australia Leads the Way for “Quarantine Camps”

By Gino Edwards Global Research, October 27, 2021 All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). Visit and follow us on Instagram at @crg_globalresearch. *** When you read the Russian State controlled media, TASS, you begin to see […]

Video. Testimony of South Carolina Nurse: The Covid-19 Hospital Protocols He Was Following Were “Killing His Patients”

A pulmonary nurse of 31 years testified before the South Carolina State Legislature on “therapeutic options” for the alleged COVID-19. By Global Research, October 27, All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). Visit and follow […]

Climate Change: Amplifying Feedbacks from Land and Ocean May Render Emission Reductions Insufficient

Global Research, October 27, 2021 While the world, for very good reasons, is relying on medical research in order to save the lives of millions, the “powers that be” are hardly listening to what climate science is saying about the existential threat to billions posed by global heating. Since 1751 the world has emitted over 1.5 […]

Is Forced Isolation of the Unvaccinated Really the Left’s Answer to the Pandemic?

If Tucker Carlson or Trump called for it, we’d understand it was unhelpful, divisive rhetoric. It’s still that, even when Chomsky’s the one saying it By Jonathan CookGlobal Research, October 27, 2021 How things have changed since Donald Trump came and went as US president. Until then, I was able to identify myself as firmly on […]

The Genie’s Out of the Bottle after Kiev’s Turkish Drones Strike Donbass

By Andrew Korybko Global Research, October 27, 2021 Now that Kiev is in possession of such potentially game-changing offensive weapons that have already been proven to have emboldened its aggression in the ongoing civil war over its eastern region’s future political status, there’s nothing that Ankara can do to restrain its partner. I wrote earlier this […]

Tiffany Dover. Two Dead Students. A Nurse Quits. Is Tennessee Eventually Waking Up?

By John GossGlobal Research, October 26, 2021 Suddenly there has been an re-awakening in the case of “Pfizer-vaccinated” nurse, Tiffany Dover, who was recorded as having died following the injection. Her place of employment, CHI Memorial Hospital, Tennessee, deny that she is dead and told me in a short email: “We have made several statements. Tiffany is […]

What Explains the Unexpected Diplomatic De-Escalation Between Turkey and the West?

By Andrew Korybko Global Research, October 26, 2021 Although both sides are acting like they’ve moved on after last week’s events, their strategists know better than to naively think that everything will go back to how it was before those 10 ambassadors issued their joint statement. Most observers were surprised by Monday’s diplomatic de-escalation between Turkey […]

Canadian Public Health Report Reflects Increased Heart Condition Side Effects for 12-17 Year Old Males as Vaccination Rates Increase

By Sundance Global Research, October 26, 2021The Last Refuge 24 October 2021 Twitter user Brad Pilon has noted some concerning statistics from Canadian Public Health [DATA HERE] regarding adverse events for 12 to 17-year-old males as the vaccination rates increase. Myocarditis has almost doubled from 1 in 10,000 (August) to 1 in 5,000 in two months: Oct 17th 1 in 5,208 […]

FDA Buries Data on Seriously Injured Child in Pfizer’s COVID-19 Clinical Trial

The FDA should not authorize the Pfizer jab for younger children until it conducts a proper trial By Aaron Siri Global Research, October 26, 2021Injecting Freedom 23 October 2021 When Stephanie and Patrick de Garay enrolled their 12-year-old child Maddie and her two brothers in Pfizer’s Covid-19 clinical trial, they believed they were doing the right thing.  […]

Will Biden Start Nuclear War with China over Taiwan?

By Rep. Ron Paul Global Research, October 26, 2021The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity 25 October 2021 President Biden’s “townhall” meeting this past week was a disaster. From his bizarre poses to the incoherent answers, it seemed to confirm America’s worst fears about a president we are told was elected by the most voters ever. […]

Morocco: Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University Committed to Organic Farming and Poverty Alleviation

By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir Global Research, October 26, 2021 Our communities and our world in this time of pandemic, climate challenges, and injustice call upon us to build and design anew programs and infrastructure reaching beyond earlier models in offering outcomes even better than we could once have imagined. The role of higher education has been […]

Biden’s Forest Service Poised to Facilitate Quadrupling of Crude Oil Production in Utah’s Uinta Basin Days Before Glasgow Climate Summit

By Center For Biological Diversity Global Research, October 26, 2021Center for Biological Diversity 22 October 2021 In a massive blow to U.S. efforts to address the climate crisis, the Biden administration is poised to approve a right-of-way through the Ashley National Forest that would take the climate-damaging Uinta Basin Railway one step closer to being built. The […]

Pressure to Dissolve the UN Security Council: Putin Warns of League of Nations Revival. What Are the Implications?

It would do us well to take Putin’s words with full seriousness and avoid staining human history with another world war. By Matthew Ehret-KumpGlobal Research, October 26, 2021Strategic Culture Foundation 24 October 2021 Faced with increasing pressure to dissolve the five member UN Security Council, President Putin warned on October 21: “If we remove the veto right of the […]

The World According to Vladimir Putin

Russian president, in Sochi, lays down the law in favor of conservatism – says the woke West is in decline By Pepe EscobarGlobal Research, October 25, 2021 The plenary session is the traditional highlight of the annual, must-follow Valdai Club discussions – one of Eurasia’s premier intellectual gatherings. Vladimir Putin is a frequent keynote speaker. In Sochi this year, […]

Natural Immunity is More Durable than Vaccine Immunity. Citizens Petition

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) Confronts the CDC By Informed Consent Action Network Global Research, October 25, 2021ICAN 23 October 2021 All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). Visit and follow us on Instagram at @crg_globalresearch. *** When […]

There Is No Escape for Israel from Growing Palestinian Power

We are not afraid, but clearly they are! By Rima Najjar Global Research, October 25, 2021 There is no escape for Israel from growing Palestinian power. If nothing else, the upcoming Conference of the Alternative Palestinian Path in Madrid (Masar Badil in Arabic) will clearly and courageously embody that rising power on the world stage, at a time […]

The COVID-19 Pandemic in a Time of Moral and Spiritual Blackout

By Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null Global Research, October 25, 2021 In a recent opinion essay published on the pharmaceutical industry-friendly MedPage Today, Dr. Matthew Wynia, a medical ethics professor at the University of Colorado School of medicine, propagated an old trope by accusing doctors who advocate cheaper, effective drugs and natural supplements for treating Covid patients as a “cult” […]

Secret Documents Reveal FDA’s Attack on Ivermectin

By Dr. Joseph Mercola Global Research, October 25, 2021Mercola Mainstream media have incorrectly insinuated that ivermectin is purely a veterinary drug that could be dangerous to humans; CNN falsely stated that Joe Rogan took “horse dewormer” Rogan recently interviewed CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, getting him to admit CNN lied The FDA started the […]

Here Lies Colin Powell… Legacy of a War Criminal

By Yvonne RidleyGlobal Research, October 25, 2021Middle East Monitor 23 October 2021 Following his death from Covid-19 earlier this week, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell‘s legacy will be examined by many people for many different reasons. Some will eulogise him as one of America’s top diplomats and presidential advisers. Many more, I suspect, will remember him […]

White House to “Quickly” Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11 as Deaths and Injuries Continue to Increase Among 12 to 19-Year-Olds Who Received a COVID-19 Shot

By Brian Shilhavy Global Research, October 25, 2021Health Impact News 23 October 2021 It is pretty clear these days that corporate America is now controlling the State Department along with their “health agencies” such as the FDA and the CDC. This week the Biden Administration laid out their plans to quickly vaccinate 28 million children between the […]

A Word from Our Sponsors

Why are fossil fuel companies, their funders, and others with poor environmental credentials, on the list of COP26 conference sponsors? By Bill McGuire Global Research, October 25, 2021Ecologist 22 October 2021 A few days back, I took a peek at the COP26 climate conference website in order to try and track down its official sponsors, because – […]

Can We Avoid a War with China?

The cold war in the Taiwan Strait threatens to turn hot. By John Feffer October 24, 2021 — “Information Clearing House – “FPIF“-  When he was running for office in 2008, Barack Obama wanted to put an end to the war in Iraq in order to focus U.S. troops and resources on the conflict in Afghanistan. This August, […]

Fate Of Anti-War Journalism Lies in Upcoming Assange Hearings

The press still has the power to challenge and prevent U.S. wars. However, this power hangs in the balance in the form of Julian Assange’s fate. By Sam Carliner October 24, 2021 — “Information Clearing House – “Common Dreams “-  Within just a few days, the United States will once again make its case in a UK court that it […]

We Are Ruled By Apes With PR Firms

By Caitlin Johnstone October 24, 2021 — “Information Clearing House –  So yeah basically we’re watching sociopathic oligarchs shore up more and more control over the global population and our electoral systems are rigged to prevent us from doing anything about it and our information systems are stacked to prevent mass-scale direct action against it. You can’t […]

Reason and Passion

By Khalil Gibran October 24, 2021 — “Information Clearing House –  And the priestess spoke again and said: Speak to us of Reason and Passion.And he answered, saying: Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgement wage war against your passion and your appetite. Would that I could be the peacemaker in […]

Will this Conference that Celebrates the Palestinian Revolutionary Struggle Cut Through the Still Deafening Media Static of Israel’s “Narrative?”

By Rima Najjar Global Research, October 24, 2021 Although the world has stood up for Palestine repeatedly through widespread global demonstrations against Israel’s crimes (see The Electronic Intifada’s video clip of May 2021), it still takes a lot of courage for Palestinians to stand up for themselves and declare a clear and unapologetic revolutionary path for their liberation. […]

Child Deaths Are 52% Higher than the 5-year-average Since They Were Offered the COVID-19 Vaccine, after Previously Being 14% Down According to ONS Data

By The Daily Expose Global Research, October 24, 2021The Expose 20 October 2021 New data published by the Office for National Statistics has revealed that the number of children to have died since Chris Whitty advised the Government they should be offered the Covid-19 vaccine is 52% higher than the five-year-average, after previously being 14% down on […]

The Dangers of Human Gene Editing

By Ulson Gunnar Global Research, October 24, 2021New Eastern Outlook and Global Research “Perhaps no technology yet has been poised to change the world so profoundly. All life on Earth, every living organism, now stands the possibility of potentially being “edited” on the most basic genetic level, enhancing or degrading it, but forever changing it.” It […]

Taliban Is the Winner at Moscow Conference

By M. K. Bhadrakumar Global Research, October 24, 2021Indian Punchline 22 October 2021 The Moscow meeting of ten regional states and the Taliban officials on Wednesday has produced an outcome that by far exceeds expectations. The salience of the consensus opinion is four-fold, as reflected in the joint statement issued after the event:  regional recognition that Taliban government is a […]

US: Religious Leaders Urge Biden to End Blockade Against Cuba

By Rev. Prof. Dr. Ioan Sauca, Mr. Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, and et al. Global Research, October 24, 2021teleSUR 22 October 2021 Below, teleSUR English reproduces in full the letter sent by the religious leaders to President Biden. “Dear Mr. President, We write to intercede on behalf of the Cuban people, who are facing a terrible humanitarian situation. After […]

What Are the Truly Verifiable Facts Surrounding COVID-19?

By David Skripac Global Research, October 24, 2021 Incisive and carefully researched article by David Skripac, first published on Global Research on August 14, 2020 *** “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” Those words, uttered by […]

“Shrink the World’s Population”: Secret 2009 Meeting of Billionaires “Good Club”

Is Worldwide Depopulation Part of the Billionaire’s “Great Reset” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, October 24, 2021 For more than ten years, meetings have been held by billionaires described as philanthropists to Reduce the Size of the World’s Population culminating with the 2020-2021 Covid crisis. Recent developments suggest that “Depopulation” is an integral part of the so-called Covid mandates […]

NATO can only respond with harsh statements amid military advancements of Russia & China – Karin Kneissl

NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. © Reuters / Pascal Rossignol NATO’s new masterplan to deter Moscow, including with nuclear weapons, looks like an attempt to stay relevant amid the military advancements of Russia and China, former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl told RT. NATO defense ministers met in Brussels on Thursday, and the bloc revealed […]

The “Killer Vaccine” Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People (link)

The “Killer Vaccine” Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People

U.S Air Transportation in Crisis: Pilots Taking a Bold Stand against “Killer Vaccine”

Southwest Airlines Cancel 2,100 Flights this Past Weekend By Joachim Hagopian Global Research, October 23, 2021 Even mainstream media rags like the Washington Post and world news agencies like UPI carried the bombshell news on October 10, 2021, with the UPI headline “Southwest Airlines Cancel 1,044 Flights.” The worldwide mandate for all airline pilots and air travel industry […]

The Spike Protein Is the Killer – Beware of mRNA “Vaccines”

By Peter Koenig Global Research, October 23, 2021 Beware of the Spike Protein! Beware of mRNA injections! To do so, you have to absolutely avoid taking or being coerced into accepting the mRNA “non-vaccine” – experimental gene therapy. Because that’s what it is. The experiment is you. Already in SARS-1 of 2002 / 2003, the original, […]

The Green Agenda and the Plan to Collapse the Industrial World Economy

How this “Energy Crisis” Is Different from All Others By F. William Engdahl Global Research, October 22, 2021 The price of energy from all sources conventional is exploding globally. Far from accidental, it is a well-orchestrated plan to collapse the industrial world economy that has already been weakened dramatically by almost two years of ridiculous covid […]

Why Defending Nicaragua Is Important

By Stephen Sefton Global Research, October 22, 2021 Since at least the start of the 21st century, if not earlier, two global trends have emerged very clearly. Firstly, increased North American and European aggression overseas has been accompanied by increased economic and political domestic repression in the US itself and its allied countries. This domestic repression has […]

EU Threatens Poland with Retaliations for Its “Direct Challenges” Against the Bloc’s Unity

By Paul Antonopoulos Global Research, October 22, 2021InfoBrics Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was repeatedly criticised on Tuesday during a tense session in the European Parliament in Brussels, with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warning Warsaw that its “direct challenges” against the unity of the bloc would not go unpunished. “Your arguments are not getting better. You’re just […]

PhD Researcher’s Analysis of VAERS Data Reveals 5,427% Increase in Deaths Following COVID Shots Compared to All Vaccines the Past 10 Years

By Brian Shilhavy Global Research, October 22, 2021Health Impact News 21 October 2021 Dr. Jessica Rose has given another presentation based on her analysis of the CDC and FDA VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data. Dr. Jessica Rose has a BSc in Applied Mathematics and completed her MSc in Immunology at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. […]

Germans Increasingly Distrust Official Corona Figures, Fear a Health Dictatorship

Doubts about official SARS-CoV-2 figures from the German government have increased: Almost half of the country fear an eternal Corona dictatorship. By Free West Media Global Research, October 22, 2021Free West Media A study by the Hans Böckler Foundation, which is part of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), uncovered interesting facts in Germany. Notably, the […]

The Impending Mass Firing of America’s Unvaccinated

By Pedro Gonzalez Global Research, October 22, 2021Chronicles 18 October 2021 Zac Spolar found himself running around in a frenzy amid the COVID-19 surge in December, tending to three or four patients at once and laboring late into the night at a Los Angeles hospital. The hardest part of the job, he said, was having to constantly […]

This Week’s Most Popular Articles

By Global Research News Global Research, October 22, 2021 National Security Alert: Thousands of U.S. Special Forces and Combat Troops Discharged as Total Force ‘Vaccination’ Decimates Military Readiness David DeGraw, October 14 , 2021 57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines and Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations Dr. Roxana Bruno, October […]

The US Empire: Coercion and Consent

By Sudip Bhattacharya October 22, 2021 — “Information Clearing House – “Counterpunch“-  The U.S. military has nearly 800 military bases scattered over 70 countries. China, its most recent competitor, has one. Spending for the U.S. military is about three times the amount Chinese government spends, and is more than the military budgets of Russia, India, the U.K., Saudi Arabia, France, Japan, Germany and China […]

Stronger European defense strategy will also strengthen NATO, French minister tells alliance leaders

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin shakes hands with French Defence Minister Florence Parly as they attend a NATO Defence Ministers meeting in Brussels, Belgium, October 21, 2021 © REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol/Pool The French minister for defense has told NATO leaders not to be afraid of a new European defense scheme, insisting that the initiative, which is […]

Fatal movie: Production accidents that preceded the Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ tragedy

This aerial video image provided by KOAT 7 News, shows Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Officers responding to the scene of a fatal accidental shooting at a Bonanza Creek, Ranch movie set near Santa Fe, N.M. Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021. © KOAT 7 News via AP Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was tragically killed on Thursday after Hollywood […]

Boris’ Bridge Between Scotland and Northern Ireland Cancelled before It Began

By Johanna Ross Global Research, October 21, 2021InfoBrics It was decried as yet another one of Boris Johnson’s hairbrained schemes: a bridge connecting Scotland with Northern Ireland, therefore mainland Britain with the island of Ireland. ‘The world’s most stupid tunnel’ said Dominic Cummings; ‘nothing more than a vanity project’ scoffed the SNP Transport Minister. Critics needn’t have worried: the […]

Video: Is All Hell Breaking Loose in Syria’s North?

By South Front Global Research, October 21, 2021South Front 20 October 2021 In Syria’s north, in Tel Rifaat and Manbij, a new Turkish operation seems all but inevitable against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). As of October 15th, Turkey has been transferring additional special forces and armored vehicles to the border with Syria in the area […]

The Syrian Charity Scam

By Dr. Paul Larudee Global Research, October 21, 2021CovertAction Magazine 20 October 2021 Americans want to feel good about themselves by giving money to charities that claim to be helping the Syrian people. But they are being duped into supporting terrorist forces that have brought misery and violence to the country—while crippling U.S. sanctions accentuate the humanitarian […]

US Sponsored NGOs against Nicaragua’s Sandinista Government: The Truth About Recent Violence in Bosawas

By Stephen Sefton Global Research, October 21, 2021 For several years now a common front in the relentless propaganda war by Western media and NGOs against Nicaragua’s Sandinista government has involved false accusations that the authorities damage or neglect the rights and well being of the country’s Indigenous peoples. In fact, the opposite is the case. […]

History of World War II: 80 Years Ago, The Battle of Moscow

Part I By Shane Quinn Global Research, October 21, 2021 The heavily decorated panzer commander Hasso von Manteuffel knew Adolf Hitler reasonably well, having met him on numerous occasions from the summer of 1943 until the spring of 1945. During their discussions, Manteuffel recognised Hitler’s extensive knowledge of military history but, crucially, the German general discerned also the dictator’s shortcomings […]