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WATCH: Chilling Video Could Prove ISIS DID Shoot Down Russian Jet, Killing 224 People


November 02, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “Express” – ISLAMIC STATE have released a chilling video, which may be proof that the terror group did shoot down the Russian plane causing it to crash and kill all 224 people on board.

Watch: Video footage purports to show downing of Russin Egypt A321 Airbus 7k9268

Islamic State Plane Attack Claim Could Be Helpful

By Moon Of Alabama

November 02, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “Moon Of Alabama” – Today a Russian civil airliner came down over the Sinai peninsula. All 224 on board of the Airbus A-320 were killed. The Islamic State in Sinai claims to have “brought down” the plane.

That is unlikely. According to flight radar data the plane was flying at 30,000 feet when whatever happened occurred. IS in Sinai has anti-air weapons but those reach no higher than 10,000 feet. It is in principle possible that IS infiltrated the airport at the Egyptian tourist resort Sharm el-Sheikh where the plane was was coming from and smuggled someone on board. But it is unlikely. The usual travel arrangements for Sharm el-Sheikh are group travels where anyone not belonging to a group would be suspicious. Security at Sharm el-Sheikh is usually tight. There is also a report that preliminary investigations point to a technical failure.

But IS claimed responsibility and the fact that it did can be used. How about a salvo of cruise missile on “IS targets” in Syria and Iraq? No one could really complain now if some of those cruise missiles hit IS … or something else …

But whatever. That IS claims to have taken down an airliner shows that it has intent to do such. That is then the end of stupid arguments to work with IS or to let it live and prosper. The claim will also the end to any attempt to give serious air defense weapons to “insurgents” in Syria. The weapons could easily end up in al-Qaeda or IS hands and it is now clear what they would be doing.

ISIS Oil Exports Worth $500 Million a Year ‘Conducted through Turkey’

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The “Islamic State” (ISIS) Counteroffensive in Syria Crushed by Russian SU-24 Fighter Jets

Global Research, October 24, 2015
South Front 22 October 2015

syriamapOn October 21, the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Al-Nusra” and its allies from Jund Al-Aqsa launched a powerful assault on the strategic town of Al-Si’in inside the Hama province. Intense firefights between the militants and the civilian-led “National Defense Forces” (NDF) have been going since yesterday. 

This is likely the first of many attacks on the town of Al-Si’in. The town has become the focal point of their Hama offensive because it is strategically located 30km to the west of the Syrian Government’s only supply route to the Aleppo Governorate: Khanasser Highway. Furthermore, if Al-Si’in is lost to Jabhat Al-Nusra, the aforementioned terrorist group will have access to the two main roads that lead into both the Hama and Al-Salamiyah districts.

According to reports, militants withdrew additional forces from the Al-Ghab Plains front of the volatile battle for Jabal Al-Akrad (Kurdish Mountains) inside the Latakia Governorate northeastern countryside. So, SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence expects a lull there.

Separately, the Syrian Arab Army’s “Cheetah Forces”led by Colonel Shady Isma’eel entered the town of Sheikh Ahmad in the suburbs of the Kuweires Military Airbase after intense firefights against ISIS. The NDF supports the SAA from the recently captured village of Tal Sab’een. This area is located approximately 4km away from the airbase. Thus, despite the adamant ISIS holdout, the SAA has made one more step to lift the siege from the Kuweires Military Airbase.

Elsewhere, ISIS launched an offensive on the Deir Ez-zour Military Airport’s outer parameters, targeting the southeastern gates protected by the SAA. ISIS successfully passed outside perimeter and pushed to the gates. Intense firefights started there.

According to the Arab sources, no more than one hour later, the Russian Air Force’s SU-24 fighter jets came into the Deir Ez-zour province to succor the Syrian Arab Army soldiers at the military airport. This proved extremely effective, as ISIS offensive was brocken due to their lack of cover against the airstrikes. As result, 25 militants were killed and over 40 were injured.

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